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Guest chapter 71 . 8/13
I would just like to let you know that your story is absolutely amazing! I read the whole thing in the past 48 hours because I could just not put it down. I had never seen the show that it was based off of before (I didn't even know it was deadliest catch until I looked it up at around chapter 35), but your writing was so thorough and flawless I didn't need to know that to enjoy the story. It is probably one of my favorite fanfictions I have read on this site, so thank you so much for writing it!
Guest chapter 61 . 6/10
You need to have this story published
Guest chapter 71 . 5/29
i read it 3 times , and each time i feel the same thing , you got a gift girl
queenpearl chapter 1 . 5/18
I'm here to say this is the most heartwarming and beautiful family story I've read in a long time.
Abby chapter 1 . 4/25
One of the best stories I've ever read. Only got better as it went on.
MusicMelis chapter 71 . 3/4
I read this story in just a little over a day and...I completely loved it! I stayed up late to read more chapters, put off going to work for as long as possible and continued as soon as I got home. I was scrolling through fanfictions the other day and stumbled upon this gem. I love it and I love the brothers. I feel connected to all of them! You did an amazing job, thank you for such a great story!
Guest chapter 71 . 8/19/2014
what i'm gonna do now with my life :p one of the most amazing stories i've ever read , if your goal was to make me crie you did a good job doning that :'( best wishes :*
Guest chapter 65 . 8/18/2014
nice work ;) (y)
Guest chapter 61 . 8/16/2014
love it and love you 3 :*
Katja4 chapter 71 . 8/13/2014
I have already read the start of your new story, but knew I had to come back to this one and finally write my promised review. You know the reason I was so quiet for so long, so I hope you'll forgive me for being so late.

This has been an amazing story. There is truly only one other write I have stayed with for such a long time while chapters come out on a more or less monthly basis. But then, good stories are well worth the wait. And this one was good. More than good. It's such a good story that it made me overlook inconsistencies with the show, such as the crab seasons being a bit different in those days, no quota yet (they had the derby style fishing) and Sig not becoming a captain at 18, just to name a few...who cares about details like that? I certainly don't. Instead I took this story as the AU it is. Frankly, you're good enough as a writer to write original fiction, original characters!

Anyway, I thought Sverre was just perfect. Even though you had him change a little, he still stayed true to himself. Lesser authors would have probably been tempted to change him overnight, change him into a mushy, soft hearted man who hugged and kissed and said I love you all the time. And that wouldn't have been Sverre. He is still gruff. He still doesn't always know how to say or do the right thing. But he is also trying very hard to be the kind man he is inside and to show the boys he cares.

I loved the talk about dad making pancakes and Sig telling Edgar they could keep Daisy. Poor Norman, so like his father in his inability at times to see why he does what he does. He just has to push.
the argument between Sig and Norman while picking up Dad's car was so typical. Sig is getting good at knowing how to get Norman to see things his way. His little ploy there was fantastic. Not that Norman would agree. And of course Sig had to try and help Norman too, help dad to see that Norman needed dad's softer side just as much as Edgar does. He had to give dad some alternatives for the strap.

But goodness, when it comes to severity Norman would have been better off taking Sig up on his offer when he came home that night. Sig certainly upped the punishment a little here, the rest of the summer, boxers only...but I think he learned a lot about Norman's temper and alcohol usage and knew his brother needed dad to be really tough on this now or else it would become a real problem.

Absolutely adored Sverre's talk with Edgar. That was just brilliant. He showed a sense of humour too, which was lovely to see. A lot of bridges were built that morning and I think that day started a bond between dad and Edgar that is very special. Sverre came a long way. And he kept the promise he made himself while still on the Bering Sea earlier in the story.

Thought it was very cute that Edgar wanted to get in trouble with Norman. Maybe he'll still get the chance LOL. But not with running away. And thankfully Norman had no intention of running. And I was so relieved when he told Edgar to tell Sig he was going to try. At that point I knew things would be alright. And they were.

Sverre's talk with Norman...goodness...the poor boy's surprise when nothing went the way he was used to. His chance to talk to his dad, to explain what had been going through his mind, why he had done what he did and to apologize. For norm to hear a bit of his dad's history. And with Norman being so open, Sverre could too. And of course it would mean a lot to Norm's parents that they would have a son who'd gone to college. As fishermen to have a 'learned' son would be something to brag about. But for Sverre to actually tell Norm that...I cried for the boy. thing is, we're not mind readers, we need to be told every now and again. It helps hearing it.
Oh and the ring. Norman got his ring. Wonderful way for him to get it, wonderful timing.

I'm glad to hear the strap won't be used anymore. that gives me hope for the next story :-)

Cringed when Norman challenged Sverre over the number of strokes. But then when Sverre changed things up I just didn't know whether to grin or wince for Norman. the old man sure knows how to take his sons by surprise. The 'daddy' was sweet and in this case totally understandable. Poor boy didn't know what to think and was in total panic. But oh my gosh, Sverre's words "there's your seventeen, smart mouth" cracked me up. I just couldn't stop laughing. Again that sense of humour. Hope we'll see that again in the next story. It suits him well.

The epilogue made me sad. They'd only just found each other and then they're apart again. Again a new balance needs to be found. Difficult. But I think they'll manage.
One thing...I wonder if Norman will ever drive that Mustang again LOLOL. Somehow I doubt it.

Well, my review is not up to my usual standards, but I did want to let you know how much I'd enjoyed this. And how special it was to me, especially considering what was and is going on in my own life. Every emotion is so realistic and fitting and so well written that it pulls you right in. I'm looking forward to much, much more from you.

Oh and favourite chapter and moment? I couldn't possibly choose! Maybe I need to there's a thought. A good excuse to re-read the entire story :-) It'll probably be a scene between Norman and Sig, but no idea which one.

Take care,
ifeelmad chapter 71 . 8/7/2014
"And I can see that part of the lying was because you didn't thinkI'd care enough to take your feelings into consideration," Sverre openly confronted his youngest son.


"No, no, no," Sverre put up both hands and shookhis headvigorously, "Don't denyit. I don't blame you for thinking that way."
This is new. All throughout the story, the boys have been guilted for "hurting" their older brother by keeping secrets from or lying to him, because it was supposed to mean that they didn't trust him - what AWFUL brothers! But here, there was no guilt tripping. Just straightforward acknowledgement of their fears and feelings.
Just like the thing where Sverre told Norman how it had hurt him to punish him. Throughout the story, there had been a neverending, exhausting back and forth ping-ponging of guilt and remorse - lil brother feels guilty for misbehaving, big brother feels guilty for punishing, lil brother feels guilty for making him punish, and so on and so forth. But there, in that little scene with Sverre, the guilt came to an end, at last.
Its hard to explain how you feel. The whole scene was heartwarming and left nothing to be desired; the punishment was gr8, too. All of it was beautiful.
Thanks for a fantastic story. HUGS and keep writing.
ifeelmad chapter 70 . 8/7/2014
Haven't read chapter 70 yet, but its been a big breath of relief to get to this part of the story. I've been glowing and smiling as I read. :) even at the part where Sverre intends to lick Edgar. ESPECIALLY at that part, perhaps. Its interesting how something like that, written simply, can touch you and warm your heart and make you smile, while an actual scene of it all - guilt, disappointment - can make you feel cold and miserable inside. The ending part of chapter 69 was the finishing stroke to this picture of warmth.
ifeelmad chapter 69 . 8/7/2014
Despite the other issues, you're still a really gr8 writer. You really should write novels. I mean wow.
ifeelmad chapter 68 . 8/7/2014
Well, the new tension with Dad is a nice break from the constant drama with the boys and a bit of a stress reliever from all the other stuff.
ifeelmad chapter 66 . 8/7/2014
Can't wait to get to the part where their dad comes home so that issue can be resolved. I've skipped a lot of the dialogue and stuff over the last twenty something chapters, partly because I wanted to get to the tension and conflicts, but now I think the conflicts are getting to be too much. Or maybe they're not enough - for me. I don't know. Seems the brothers are always in conflict about something and some of the things they get p*ssed at one another about just dont have enough meaning for me to empathize with them, I guess. The punishments and emotional release and stuff was gr8 in the earlier parts of the story, but now I think I'm also getting sick of the constant guilt, disappointment, lecture and guilt trip, emotional breakdown, guilt and punishment stuff. Sometimes it really does seem overly dramatic. Its all gotten to be very depressing, but I'll read it out to see what the dad does at the end.
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