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Guest chapter 24 . 4/20
Now this is one hell of a nail biter of a chapter, kick ass job!
Guest chapter 38 . 4/4
Oh. My. God... The reapers want the fucking composer.. Although, that would make sense since the composer creates artificial beings from living beings. Also the gonna try and mess with the gravemind! Jesus Christ... I wouldn't be surprised if the flood managed to somehow alter the "Inquisitor"s perception or something, I mean the gravemind bitch slapped a hologram! I'm sure the gravemind could do much worse...
crod42 chapter 35 . 4/2
Wow, Silva! You are the human equivalent of a Prophet. That is quite the accomplishment.
crod42 chapter 22 . 4/2
To Nel: You know, if I stab you, will you promise not only to die, but it will hurt!?

Please, tell me you will kill her off soon! I HATE HER! Other than that, fantastic story.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15
Is it just me or are wet bucket and vid trailer designed for each other? Nelanax x Vik?
dylanbiancamano chapter 38 . 3/9
And so it ends. Ah that was a bit exhausting, it just seemed like an endless fight from start to finish, not saying that's a bad thing, or that I'm pointing fingers, Halo CE was vary much a never ending stream of Chife going from one fire fight to the next, it shows a lot can happen in a 2 days.
And we leave off with the The first steps to the Covinent Civil war, I can tell the Jackles aren't exactly loved among the UNSC, but they're going to be on a ship for a while, some of them might strike up conversations, maybe some exchange of culture. Man, Alestorm would blow the Jackles minds.
Anyway, good story, not without its faults of course, I was half honest about it being a little exhausting, especially in the fight scenes, all the detail in them an the shear density of them, I'm sorry to say at times was a little off putting, but again I contribute that to the design of combat evolved. Just a writing suggestions, perhaps not show everything, or only focused on one person's perspective of the fight, that won't see everything but there experience will make the reader more invested in the humanity of the situation. But ultimately it's up to you, just two cents.
Look forward to the next one.
D.K.N chapter 38 . 2/26
...I just can't help but feel that Inquisitor and Harbinger are setting up to bite off way more they can chew if they're thinking of trying to gain control of the Gravemind.
The Sithspawn chapter 38 . 2/21
Great ending!

Can't wait to see what happens when next; with both storylines! :D

If Shep and crew go back to Reach, have you thought about maybe having Legion finding Six's helmet?
darkfinder chapter 37 . 2/17
fun stuff . wonder how they make it back .
Guest chapter 38 . 2/2
They want the Composers. And the Flood. The poor fools. Please theology me Spark isn't going to try to awaken the Didact. Well, I eagerly await your next works, even more so than I did for this one after the last. Thank you for this, and have the next one up for us soon please!
Guest chapter 37 . 2/2
That guy was determined, you have to give him that. At least he admits his mistake in the end. And now they're friends! And Thel is screwed. Great sequences all around here.
Guest chapter 38 . 1/30
By the void I can't believe it's done. It's been a helluval ride and I loved this story and i candlelit for the next,but you deserve a break. The only thing I would like to see bin the next story is to see shepard be more aggressive with his biotic,to me they felt kinda lackluster. I don't know maybe have him biotic strength train or something. In any case I enjoyed your work as always,take care.
Byzantine2793 chapter 38 . 1/30
Frankly I think that if the reapers ever encounter a gravemind they will discover that they have underestimated it far more than they can comprehend and they are the ones who are going to be getting infected. The flood managed to turn the Forerunners AI's against them after all, but that is reaper arrogance for ya. They don't understand their limits or realize when they are dealing with something much smarter than they are.
God is our hope chapter 38 . 1/29
I must say you have the best story on FF the way you integrate the people of halo and mass effect is the best anyone could ask for.

Know however I would like to give two thoughts to the future of this story.

First an observation on the Didact you should read his ability page on Halopedia. the reason being it give a good understanding of how powerful his mind is to the point that he might be able to overcome Reaper indoctrination, my case for this comes partly from that and the fact that the flood overcame Forerunner AI partly do to their hive mind but also do to them come from a higher tech ter 0 to Forerunner ter 1 and I think we can agree that Forerunners have a higher tech ter then the Reapers do as for how that helps Didact just look a his page on Halopedia and I think you will understand.

Second and this is the big one I do not think that the ONI under Margaret or Osman should or would ever side with TIM. Now before I get shouted down by the people who hate them both understand that I do to I think that Margaret in particular treatment of Halsey is wrong and passing the buck on the spartan-II program to say nothing of the spartan-III's, but her treatment of Halsey and her shutting down of both programs proves my point by 2552 Margaret has come to the conclusion that the mad science just experiment on unwilling human test subjects until you get what you want is the wrong way to do things. Considering Osman's origin's this is doubly true, and while they might entertain the idea at first once both of them found out about where TIM's shock troops came from they would look at him as a threat to humanity. Because while they may use underhanded tactics and assassinations to get what they want, the very fact that both of them purposely went to a all volunteer force with the spartan-IV and did not allow flood samples to be taken from halo 03 as none were on Ivanoff do in part to the events of the Mona Lisa (which i do think due think do to the stated reasons above was a rogue op as it does not fit Margaret's MO at the time) shows that they do not trust or like the mad science way.

That is not to say they are nice people Margaret in particular as seen in the Kilo five trilogy (damn you Karen Traviss for trying to make Halsey a bad guy) is a ruthless operator. But she (unlike TIM who just get turned into a pawn) gets what she wants a weak and disunited Sangheili and a rising humanity with the spartan's going mainstream and the UNSC infinity as well as her own hand picked successor. the point is she is a master manipulator not a pawn

So in conclusion I think to would be better for the story if you did not make the ONI as a whole (I could see Arckerson working with him) go a long with TIM as that has been done to death and is making a very gray organization whose work did save humanity look completely evil when it is not.
anotamous chapter 38 . 1/29
So we finally come to the end, great ride. You finished up quite well, no mistakes worth mentioning, now onto the future. So you plan to make two stories that interact more or less with each other hm, I like that idea, might mean more to read faster, always a good thing. Though you might end up needing three stories (Liara's arc, Shepard's arc, and Thel's arc, Halo 2 is the most massive out of any of the games in terms of story volume) to encompass the sheer amount of story there is in Halo 2. Now thoughts for the future and of the past.

The warthog run was a lot of fun, a great end. For some reason it loses a little bit of the impact when a large group does it, but that is unavoidable I suppose. I know you have repeatedly stated your policy regarding character killing, but I actually thought for a minute that you had killed off Zek and Varvok. I still have no idea how you placed them right next to the Longsword, but I can look past that, as it is not that important. They are off, our heroes are all fine, and Halo has been blown to smithereens.

So Silva got his pride under control, too bad it had to be the Flood that did the removal, so that he would have to die, a heroic sacrifice for a misguided hero, fitting in the end, though I doubt that everyone else would see it that way. Speaking of ODSTs, when you mentioned people liking their portrayal, and wanting to continue doing it, remember, Show Don't Tell. Instead of telling us how good they are, SHOW US, this is something Halo 4 Spartan ops failed to do.

Illusive man, you are still thinking like you can actually do something to the forerunner vessel. The only way yo can harm them is by going after those not behind the hard-light hull that they love. You actually think that you can slip a ship past sensors that can catalog bacteria from another star system away? Also good luck slipping past the blockade force, extremely likely that they set up a system that can detect stealth vessels, and even if you do, there are over a hundred billion stars in the galaxy, good luck finding the right ones, as the Normandy has no idea where the wormhole is, they exited it at FTL speed, then the Nebraska found them, and took them to Reach using its own FTL for who knows how long. The term 'needle in a haystack' does not even BEGIN to describe the problems that Cerberus will have. I admit I like seeing Cerberus loose, as the levels of plot shielding in ME3 became ABSURD and annoyed the hell out of me. Hope they start losing a lot more.

Now the Reapers motives become clearer, they are shooting in the dark for the Composer, I didn't think of that because I assumed that they knew where what they were looking for was. Going after the composer makes sense, as it is much easier to use, far harder to defend against (though organics can be made immune to it, but it is not possible for the Reapers to know that at the moment), and much MUCH quicker in actually harvesting its victims than current methods. Good for you keeping that hidden.

Inky still thinks that the Flood can be tamed hm, though Harbie is skeptical, and for good reason. I have no idea why Inky still thinks that this is a good idea, even after seeing what happened to his husks and huskified flood, but I have two theories.

One, Reaper arrogance is making him think that there is no way for organics to beat him, and he does not know that the Flood are the product of the Precursors, which are neither organic nor synthetic life (with it being debatable that the flood are actually life at all, being constructed from the dead, and not actually able to reproduce), and even if they were organic life, the Precursors were advanced enough to be an outside context problem to the Forerunners, no way the reapers are going to be able to handle the Flood.

The second is that the flood somehow found out about indoctrination, and are using a variant of it on Inky. We know that they can in fact do this (Mendicant Bias' corruption, the Logic Plague) and it fits with their MO of having the ones they are fighting be the reason for their own destruction, or at the very least be the ones to destroy what they hold most dear. Once Inky and all the other Reapers find out about this, it will be far too late for them, and they will be the puppets of those far beyond them, much like Saren and Cerberus were to the Reapers. I actually like this theory best, it has a cruel irony to it. It can also exist alongside theory one, which would make it all the sweeter when the hammer finally falls. But you do not have to do this theory or the previous one, it is just my ideas, and it is your story, so you do what you think is best for your story.

Well, see you on the next story, will add more thoughts when it comes out. Hope to see you soon.
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