Reviews for Tip of the Spear
ak.katz.abigail chapter 36 . 4/7
Did you just seriously talked in a fanfic about Bacha bazi with such disregard? Do you honestly not know what it stands for? Please research it. I hope it was just a mistake. Please, I beg you to remove the words man loving Thursday. SA is not a cultural thing.
CcyTig chapter 37 . 1/30
Hi, Jen, I just read the Spanish translation of Tip of the Spear and I wanted to thank you for writing it and allowing Pali to translate it. I hope to read more of your stories in the future. Greetings from México.
Muchas gracias!
Lillywhite1 chapter 37 . 1/15
Thanks for writing this wonderful story!
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 4 . 1/8
Such great taste in cars, Captain Masen! I drive a Honda Accord Coupe as well! ;)
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 2 . 1/8
My sister was a Marine stationed at Cherry Point before retiring after her 20 years. She chose to stay close to the base and is still in that area. So I appreciate the subject matter.
Will a certain widow be running into Captain Masen in Hawaii?
EdwardsVampTramp chapter 1 . 1/8
How gut wrenching!
I saw this listed in the 2013 TwiFic Fandom Awards for Favorite Drop Everything Fic and it sounded interesting. :)
twificfan chapter 37 . 12/12/2021
Thank you for your service and for this story!
twificfan chapter 35 . 12/12/2021
I absolutely loved this story. I've been to most of the places that you mentioned (especially Hawaii as I had an agency specializing in all 6 islands) it was a walk down memory lane. I've never been to Japan...yet. It was such a well balanced journey. Thank you!
Pattigirl23 chapter 1 . 10/6/2021
This was a very beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.
divyvicki chapter 1 . 9/6/2021
Thanks so much for sharing your and your family’s experiences. It is helpful to get first hand information!
divyvicki chapter 32 . 9/5/2021
Love that u added this!
divyvicki chapter 31 . 9/5/2021
That is so sad that he has to go away. Why doesn’t she have her parents come and stay with her? Aren’t they retired?
divyvicki chapter 30 . 9/5/2021
I’m glad you had Jasper come to the wedding!
L-Anne Cullen chapter 30 . 8/24/2021
29Dec1995 is the day I graduated boot and was reborn. I love you picked this day. Lol Tell your hubs SF air
L-Anne Cullen chapter 9 . 8/23/2021
On wow. Esme being one of THOSE Officer wives?! Lmao I'm a female Marine and I have delt with a few like her. Thank God not in uniform so I could get a way with being my sarcastic smartass self. Hahaha Most dependas hated me as it was, but you are different bc you write my fav people. Why couldn't you be my Majors wife?! She was a true depeda. Like Key wives club uber birch type lmao
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