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Sara K M chapter 84 . 3/29
Hi there.

Sorry I didn't see this yet.

Really liked the Daddy Charming conversation.

I have to say, I disagree that Emma got her head - strong nature from Snow. I think both of her parents are equally stubborn. In canon, David has been known to accuse Snow of being more stubborn than he is, so maybe he doesn't want to admit it. But I would think Emma would realize her father is quite stubborn as well. After all, she knows him pretty well by this point.

I do think that David listens to Snow more than she listens to him, though. Of course, they both listen to each other. (If Snow never listened to her husband, it wouldn't be an equal relationship, and Snowing is supposed to be always equal.) But David has more patience than she does, so I DO think it's easier for him to listen.

Glad that David mentioned he didn't want her alone with boys all night anymore. I think he'll watch her more closely after this because of that. Although Emma doesn't seem to regret sleeping with Conner, so I suspect she'll try to sneak around and/or take opportunities that seem available to it again. (People who sleep together without regrets usually want to do it again, no matter how difficult it is.) Still don't like that. Maybe I'm looking at it from more of a parent's view than a teenage view. (I have two young girls, after all.) But then, I never believed in pre - marital sex, so whatever.

All of that doesn't matter if Emma resets the clock, anyway.

I do agree that if Emma reset the clock some of the things that make her "Emma" would still be there. But enough of her traits would disappear that she still wouldn't be the same, and I find it hard to believe David and Snow are okay with that.

I REALLY do like that fact that David and Snow aren't going to tell her what to do or pressure her into what they think is right. I agree that Emma (canon and your Emma) is a person who hates being pressured and forced, simply because she'd never had control of her own life before. It's really
nice that your Snow and David realize this.

Now the decision. It really sounds like she's decided to reset the clock, although I could be reading it wrong. I hope she doesn't. Beyond the whole "Emma wouldn't be Emma" issue, I really think Regina would be a problem all over again if she reset the clock. Would she be able to cast the Curse again? Or would she try to kill Emma? Would she find out about Emma and Conner and use him as blackmail? (She would have no maternal feelings for him in that reality, after all.)
dnmann chapter 52 . 3/28
Amazing writing on a difficult chapter.
Kristin-Kai-Lundy chapter 84 . 3/19
FFS! *flips table* I NEED TO KNOW! Please!

*cries* why you do dis?

Update soon please!
webeonceing13 chapter 84 . 3/18
Oh my goodness. I just spent the past 3 days reading this story and it is so entertaining and jaw dropping. You have an amazing imagination and I love all the little dialogues that have been taken from the show yet still fit into the plot of your story. I really hope you update soon because I don't know what I'll do without this story for a while. Thank you for writing this amazing story. I love the original characters you added too. The whole thing is just great!
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 84 . 3/15
But I need to know!

More soon please
NicoleTheresa1 chapter 84 . 3/15
Great chapter. I hope the next update comes sooner then later.
Franciny chapter 84 . 3/14
Owwww C'MON! I need to knooooooooow! *going to a coma til next chap*
rhiannonmcpaul chapter 84 . 3/14
Please please hurry and update asap... I don't think I can wait any longer lol. :-)
OTHFAN26 chapter 84 . 3/13
Gah with the cliffhanger! Ur killing me! Lol
katiek121 chapter 84 . 3/13
I enjoyed reading the talk between Emma&charming. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Pinky10 chapter 84 . 3/13
Please tell me the next chapter won't be the last!
Kikilia14 chapter 84 . 3/13
Geesh. Cliffhangers just suck! LOL
Andrea.Cherrypie chapter 84 . 3/13
You already know my thoughts on this so apart from telling you I loved it I will say Rumple cracked me up! Even in just 1 line! I loooove how you're portraying him, it's so accurate!
Guest chapter 84 . 3/13
Loved the Emma and Charming conversation but still confused about where he's been when all of the earlier conversations were happening? Maybe you could explain in an A/N.
Guest chapter 84 . 3/13
Can wait for more
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