Reviews for By Faith Alone
Guest chapter 86 . 11/1
Are we getting the alternate ending/epilogue anytime soon. I loved this ending but I would love to see the other ending too
Guest chapter 86 . 9/23
I'm sorry but having Regina and Graham marry is just disgusting. She RAPED him. Why does everyone gloss over that?
Guest chapter 86 . 9/23
Looking forward to the alternate ending and epilogue!
Chocolateninjapanda chapter 77 . 8/29
When the woman is begging for help, you accidently wrote Snow, instead of Red. It was a tiny slip up. Almost missed it. I am not mad. I now writing is hard and you spend a lot of time writing. I just figured I would let you know. Also good chapter. Right amount of action and suspense and feels.
allywolf5 chapter 86 . 7/15
This story is seriously the best I have ever read on fanfiction! As soon as I started reading I couldn't stop. You've reminded me what it feels like to fall in love with amazing characters. Thank you
paupaupi chapter 86 . 6/24
I love this fic, is perfect
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 86 . 6/23
Beautiful ending .

Absolutely perfect
Guest chapter 86 . 6/23
Love the story (except the MM Whale Emma scene) but was hoping Snow and Vharming would adopt an orphan baby
katiek121 chapter 86 . 6/22
I like this ending! It was a good way to end the story, but I am looking forward to the alternate ending!
EmmaAthena2013 chapter 86 . 6/22
So good ... Can't wait for the next chapter!
Naleylover23xo chapter 86 . 6/22
so it has been an amazing ride. You should be so proud of what you have a accomplished. this was a super well thought out story and everyone was always so in character it was truly a joy to read. I am dissapointed emma chose to leave things how they were but hey its not my story, doesn't take away from all the other things i have enjoyed about it. However I have to ask because i never liked connor sorry, especially after what happened, but again not my story. My question is that you did mention way back that there was more to the prophecy and that basically she wouldnt always be with connor and it seemed like that meant she would be with zach who is 10x better and more suited for her in my opinion so what happened with all of that?

thanks again though for such an amazing story-i chose it because of all the family stuff which was so well written
YankeeGirl27 chapter 86 . 6/22
I think this story needs a sequel! Loved it! Thank your for such a great story!
dnmann chapter 86 . 6/22
Good ending. And a second, as well. Great.
Andrea.Cherrypie chapter 86 . 6/22
He married Red. Omg. The feels :') I understand why you didn't include a little Neal. Don't worry about it, it doesn't make this any less wonderful :')
Sara K M chapter 86 . 6/21
Hi there.

Thank you for the epilogue.

I really loved the Snowing kiss you mentioned (even if it WAS just a peck on the cheek, it still counts), and they way you had Emma notice how often they held hands. Thank you.

I liked Emma's trip idea. It makes sense. It's nice that David trusts Conner to protect Emma, if nothing else.
And I'm glad you mentioned they were going "alone." (Although I'm not sure two other teenagers who have been sleeping together since before the story started are the best chaperones, but they're going with guards, too, so I suppose it's okay.)

Interesting that Emma and Conner say they're no way Emma could be pregnant. I'd like to believe that's evidence that they haven't slept together recently, but I'm not sure I believe that. People have a tendency to believe that "using birth control" means you definitely won't get pregnant (which is NOT true. It makes pregnancy less likely but not impossible). On the other hand, I've always believed reliable birth control wasn't available in the Enchanted Forest, so...maybe. I can HOPE they're not still sleeping together, anyway.

I did like the what Emma and Conner mentioned they'd like to name their daughter, if they ever had one in the future. Wonderful.

Regina and Graham as a couple is kind of an...ew for me. I love Regina redeemed, and I'm glad she was in this story (and that Emma counted her as family). But Regina RAPED Graham by using his heart for years. The idea that he could be with her voluntarily, even after she's changed...I don't think that would be possible. Still, minor detail of a great story.

Loved the ending, with Emma thinking of all the people she could depend on to love her, and she loved them.
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