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howmanyisthat chapter 16 . 8/21
I went into the reviews for the last chapter (stupid thing won't let me post two reviews for a chapter) and noticed two things, people complaining about the inclusion of rape and Daphne basically falling for Draco's evil plan here. While like most people, I hate rape, I think you including in this story was a perfect way to actually gain Daphne's compliance from Draco's point of view. It was not only shocking to Daphne but to us as well and I can totally see how being able to get away with that (right under Dumbledore's nose) would be enough to pressure her to do anything they want. It also makes clear that these people are murderers and rapists. It's like people forget that that's what Death Eaters were implied to be doing in Canon (I can't remember if it was ever explicitly stated but I doubt it).
howmanyisthat chapter 15 . 8/21
NOPE! I'M OUT! I've read most of your stories about up to this point, where shit starts going down and then I stop. The characters you make are so realistic that I get drawn in every time and because of that I'm always super scared of what might happen when the bad guys start coming out. I don't want to read about Daphne being forced to trick Harry to save her family right after she just acknowledged her feelings for him. This kind of thing happens in every one of your stories and I'm not saying you should change that or anything but I just don't want to read the really bad downs. Like the teenage drama ups and downs were enough for me but only because of they way you write it. I don't get so invested in the characters in other fanfic writers story so when shit goes down, I'm looking forward to it but here I'm to scared what's gonna happen to read anymore.

tl;dr - your characters are very realistic, which makes me invested in what happens to them, which scares me when trouble arises, which is why I'm stopping here (sorry)

Hope you keep writing though!
brittmtz15 chapter 28 . 8/20
chemiczen chapter 19 . 8/19
You just had to have Daphne hand Harry over to the Death Eaters. I'm pissed at this Daphne now. That's just despicable no matter how you try to justify it in the story.

A few chapters back, I believe you said this story will have a happy ending? There's no way I can ship this back-stabbing Daphne and Harry now, so screw that non-sense happy ending! I say the story ended perfectly right here. Daphne got the ending she deserved.

"The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betayers and mutineers." -Captain Jack Sparrow
chemiczen chapter 8 . 8/19
What's worse than high school teenage drama? VERY SLOW high school teenage drama.

Seriously, if things don't start to pick up next chapter, I'm gonna stop reading from boredom.
Squarekiddo chapter 33 . 8/14
Enjoyed it alot, in the beginning I really felt Tracy would be an awesome choice for Harry honestly, they just clicked really all trough the story, found that relationship amazing.
However this storys Hermione and Tracy is a nice fit, Id also like to applaud you for doing that, I know this is fanfiction and Slash might not be a big deal on many stories, but this was clearly not a slash specific story, it reminds me alot of Legend of Korra that way, and I always found it rather badass how they had the balls to make a Gay couple on a kids show like that.

Of course there were few thins I missed in the story, nothing big really, but just small tidbits, like how Daphne mention early in the story that her epitome of romance were for her significant other to give her a Massage, yet that never happen, I know its rather irrelevant its just those small things Id like to read about in this story, same with Luna really, would have liked more of here, even tho I know that to much Lune isnt good, This storys Luna that is.

Its odd, im sort of glad there wasnt a ' later epilogue' ince what Harry saw when he decided to actually fight, I didnt much like, so I decided to discard that and simply make my own epilogue.

Anyway, like I said, I enjoyed this story, read it in 2 days actually, and yes that very very fast for me, it sort of drags you in, first of you just want to get over that horrible feeling you get with the beginning of chapters - the betrayal - Then after that you just want to know when he takes her back, and thats sort of 75% of the story, and those are 2 very driving points that you just fell you MUST have answers to, I however think it took abit to long for some for the betrayal to happen, I however found it alright.

Good writing I enjoy most of your things good luck to ya.
Squarekiddo chapter 32 . 8/14
Feels abit like forced drama how quickly she lost to Draco, I got the impression she trained alot, and granted we dont know what Draco has been doing, since it was quite unclear, you said he trained with his Aunt, but shes dead, so she cant have trained with her for more then.. a month since she escaped Azkaban, while he was in school, I dont know, always got the impression that Daph was way stronger and faster then Draco.
Squarekiddo chapter 19 . 8/13
WAIT, what kind of an asshole move is this? suddenly you tell us in your A/N that you might NOT make it H/DG? THATS not right, it says Harry P and Dapane, thats most likely why most people read the damn story to begin with, you even promised us there be a happy ending after people bitched about how Daphne acted... WTF dude? im a grown ass man so I dont really rage or flame, but seriously you cant just make us believe we get what we come for and then suddenly make comments about how your thinking about not doing it anymore, thats what a douchebag does, like forced software updates, fucking evil.

Damn windows 8 bullshit.
AD Lewis chapter 33 . 8/4
Absolutely loved reading every chapter of this - that said I've always had a soft spot for Harry/Daphne stories :)
Saissa chapter 9 . 7/18
I'm afraid to say that Tracey and Harry are right. Daphne is JUST like Malfoy - Jumps to conclusions and refusing to Listen
Saissa chapter 8 . 7/18
OMG - Luna - That was HILARIOUS!
OriksGaming chapter 33 . 6/28
Great story, I enjoyed most of it except for the rape part. That wasn't necessary to put in. Also, there were quite a few spelling errors. But all in all, a well written story with a good plot, and a great buildup to the relationship.
OriksGaming chapter 19 . 6/28
Wow, that's a bit dark. Maybe what she deserved but I still really feel sorry for her.
OriksGaming chapter 6 . 6/28
I'm getting super scared by the little scenes in italics at the top. I'm sure the ending will be good, but it won't be fun seeing Daphne betray Harry.
OriksGaming chapter 3 . 6/28
You should have had a contest in the reviews to guess how often Ron wanks. ;)
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