Reviews for An Affair to Remember
HadeCharon93 chapter 1 . 3/5
I hope that you come back to it, this story is amazing, I love dark themes, and Holly Molly Aang is bad, at some point I have hated aang but I'm okay with it, in fact I need more! (hehehe sorry I don't mean to sound demanding, but in a way it's true) it's so well written and the plot is incredible, please continue with your fics!
Viva Azulaang
Pmaso chapter 20 . 1/28
Ohhhh shit this is dark asf and my ass just keeps wanting more. It’s both horrifying and intriguing to read! Ah update u have me hooked
Adrimore chapter 1 . 1/6
Omg this story is too much and Azula is totally a masochist in this, and I really REALLY HATE AANG In this story cause it's too dark even for him, Also I have so many questions like where are Ty Lee and Mai now? and how was it that if Ozai's face was burned by Azula how's no one commenting on it? How come Azula didn't tell anyone that the reason she did what she did in Ba Sing Se was because not only was she brainwashed and tortured but also had this dark spirit around her the whole time, it's not like it would have won her some sympathy from the group but at least it would have assured them she's on the Avatar's side she wants to defeat Ozai, also she'd been passed like a rag doll the entire story and she was always stronger than that
Also the timeline it's confusing given the fact that it's totally not mentioned also everyone's ages cause the only age mentioned are Aang's whose 16 and Toph who is 12 (canonically Azula and Katara had the same age and the same for Aang and Toph while Sokka was a year older with Mai and Suki and Zuko who was 2 years older than his sister) So Idk If you kept that and everyone would be the same years older than Aang since he's 16 so the rest would be 18,19 and 20 respectively and then Toph who was kept at 12, also Aang is still to young to be that inmersed in sex, I'm not complaining I'm just pointing it out, anyways when I read it I just Imagine him being much older cause for me at least it's more comfortable that way lol

Anyways the story it's great I just read it all today cause I just noticed and since I loved the story "Of God's and men" and "A double edge sword" I thought I would give this one a try and I wasn't disappointed since you write Azulaang incredibly good only that this story is far more darker than the others
KingRamses chapter 20 . 11/23/2017
I hope you come back because this story is awesome
atir chapter 20 . 10/3/2017
Please continue this..! It is amazing...I can't handle a life without know how this story ends...Please I love it ...please, please finish it. T-T...God bless you with inspiration to finish it. Thanks for writing this excelent story.
pedram sol.lahig 77 chapter 20 . 9/25/2017
I wish you could end this incredible story.
Anon chapter 20 . 6/29/2017
Some interesting ideas played out in this, but it seemed as though you lost the thread a few times. Perhaps it became too long? Not sure how much of Aang's behavior reflected his darker side, the spirit latched on to him, or hormones, but I think the uncertainty contributed some to the slightly confused approach.

I'm also not sure about Azula and her motivations. Seems as though there were a bit too many secrets; at some point, more would have been said, more exchanged between the two and within the group.

A very different Aang, however, which does lead in some fascinating directions. I assume you are done with this, but would have liked to have seen how you ended it.

Thanks for the hard work!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/17/2017
It's been so long since you've updated this story! Please keep this story going.
It's written beautifully and just amazing to read
parrotbottom chapter 20 . 6/16/2017
I can't say anything more than that I am waiting, rather impatiently I may add, for an update. Your writing is impressing me and huge deal and the Azulaaang ship is one I readily grasp for. I feed upon it and am in dire need of more. Please do update soon. Cheers.
blaquerein chapter 20 . 6/7/2017
You should come back to this story. It's good and complicated. I'd like to know where you were going with it.
Meazm chapter 20 . 4/23/2017
Great story ! This time aang is hunted by spirit. Nice chapter!
SeekingYue chapter 1 . 3/28/2017
I can't type a full review now but I just had to say that this story has me completely in love with your writing, your characterization, and just your entire flow. I admit it I was trying to find a decent Azula fic (after running out of zucest and not being in the mood for sokkla) and I clicked on this story on a whim. I wasn't expecting much, and even by the end of the first chapter I was dubious because although my first impression was good that doesn't always end well. Stories can easily decline in quality as a reader goes on. Yours hasn't done that at all and as I read more I realized with growing dread that it wasn't tagged complete and I was getting closer to chapter 20.

Now that I'm done I will no doubt reread it, because the twists you've incorporated into your tale are truly surprising in the best way. I love your characterization of Aang most of all. I've found myself empathizing with him many times throughout the story and although I enjoy his gentle nature in the show as well as many fics he is in, I find myself getting chills at his darker side. In the best way of course. You write him very, very well and I'm always on the edge of my seat when he's in a scene.

I've been anticipating a scene where we find out the context of Azula and his first love making scene- or at least the first time they showed attraction towards one another. But alas it hasn't happened. I know there has to be a proper place for everything though so I'm willing to wait. I've read some of the comments before this and I admit I'm a little peeved at how demanding and/or pensive some of them are. This is a fanfiction and the decisions of the author should be respected. If it was complete (wink, nudge) I could understand more but it's like people want to force a writer to incorporate things and change their style. I like the tale you've woven especially because it came from your own mind and creativity- having that influenced can always turn for the worse. So I hope that you write because of your inspiration, and not just to please. Because I fell in love with this story expecting one thing, getting surprised over and over, and loving how depressed or happy or excited or dreadful it makes me feel. (Hell, Zutara was once my OTP as a kid- now I just can't enjoy Katara anymore. Yet you have me actually tolerating her in this story- what type of magic is this?)

You've put a lot of life into this and I want to thank you for it, and let you know I truly appreciate you sharing this with your readers. It's really made my day. You've ruined me though, since I am now spoiled and held other fics to your standard. I'm usually the type to keep an eye out for misspellings and grammar errors but I couldn't even do that because I was too enraptured with what was going to happen next. I'm still worried about Aang's vision of Ozai taking the baby- specially since he's still alive and recovering. I'm worried for Azula as well and how long she'll be able to take this. Reading The Search has really gotten me even more attached to her character and I can't help but wonder if Ursa hadn't basically slapped Ozai in the face with her wishing Zuko was the son of a past lover, would their family be as torn up as it was now. With the way it's affected the siblings, I really can't help but admire how complex their relationship is. Add in how Azula thrives on control because it's the only thing she has makes it a really interesting thing to watch as Aang finds himself growing more and more in need of her (To the point where he buys her furs even though it goes against his beliefs- he's too far gone to let her go.) Either way this comment has gone on long enough, I just couldn't go without leaving one! Once again I thank you for writing such an amazing story in your free time. 3
jackiepriinzee.perezz chapter 1 . 2/14/2017
I have a question for you : why you can write a story so amazing like "A dobled edged sword" but you just forgive this what es totally perfect? When are you plaining to come here and continue?
themergitonian chapter 20 . 1/28/2017
It's been years but PLEASE update this story. I can't wait to find out how it ends
Dusty chapter 1 . 12/6/2016
Beautiful. This is one of the few Azula-centric stories where the concept of actually holding her accountable for her actions is at least played with. Most stories starring her usually bend over backwards to try and enforce the concept that it's not anyone's place to judge her; that the only thing we should be doing is worshipping and/or pitying her. But you make it clear in your story that she's not above reproach, she does have to answer for her actions, and neither her talent, royal blood, or alleged "cleverness" can change that.

It helps that the other characters keep putting Toph in check whenever she starts winding up the usual "What the hell, hero" speeches that I usually hear from her in Azula themed fanfics. Her sailing in to call out the Gaang on their misdeeds always seemed to come out of left field in these kind of stories, and only exist to highlight how "wonderful" a character the author thinks she is. She had her own series of missteps in ATLA, and she was downright awful in Legend of Korra. I'm honestly a little sick of how people tend to idolize her.
So thank you for writing this, and I hope you find the time someday to finish it.
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