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Magnive chapter 35 . 1h ago
And Kirito and Asuna are, unsurprisingly, adorable.
Rassilon001 chapter 35 . 5h ago
So, Sigurd is somehow linked to Skarrip, or Loki, or something equally weird.

I don't like this Kumiko character. She seems to be part of the Laughing Coffin clique. Although they're starting to look TAME compared to these Hel worshippers. So there's more than one Norse deity wreaking havoc in the game, whether they're GMs under Kayaba or rogue AIs. Where's the likes of Thor and Verthandi when you need them?

And I know I repeatedly say this but you do wonders to paint the truly bleak situation they're all trapped in, a death world where it's kill or be killed and no one can trust anybody else. The very worst of humanity has risen to the surface with alarming speed. And it's beautiful to read.

Argo is going from a virtual unknown to me to easily my favorite characters thanks to the way you're portraying her in this story. It helps she actually is using her brain and has a strong grasp of the situation. At least, better than most.

Its also truly interesting the more I read how much people seem to think they've figured out clever loopholes in Kayabas rules, or other people are shooting them down for being maybes, when in truth, none of them can know with 100% certainty what is going to happen. They have only Kayabas word to go on, and its flimsy at best. Yet they accept or deny whatever they want because it's the only way they can mentally continue to function in the Death Game.

And you top it off with the cooking with Asuna and Kirito, which was definitely just as sweet as it was in the anime. Very nice.
Gadget boy chapter 35 . 7h ago
I'm soooooooooo happpy that you're alive! I've really loved your story so I hope you keep on going and finish it. And PLEASE give Kirito Yui as a Navigation Pixie, I just love Yui so much. As for SAO in 2022, I'm also hoping that the Nervegear becomes a reality, just scratch the virtual prison and dying in-game means actual death. Hehehehehe...
Edward95 chapter 13 . 10h ago
not bad.
Edward95 chapter 12 . 11h ago
nice work here.
Edward95 chapter 11 . 13h ago
wisdom-of-me chapter 35 . 14h ago
OH MY GODS! I was so excited when I got my notification that FDoD had updated! (I think my family thinks I'm crazy now, though...) And it is huge! You have nothing to worry about when disappearing for a few months means we get something as huge and exciting as this! Plus the adorable Kirisuna. Ahhh... I can just tell that today's gonna be great. It can't be bad when my morning starts like this.
Thank you for writing this, it's my favourite SAO fanfiction!
Drakonflight chapter 35 . 15h ago
Thanks for the update! You're taking this is in an interesting direction - it sounds like we've got game masters playing as both Loki and Hel running around. Frankly I'm wondering which of them we should be more worried about - and how many others there are that are only starting to move. Also, I'm kind of wondering if they're actually people or AIs like Yui.
Edward95 chapter 10 . 17h ago
nice work here
Edward95 chapter 9 . 18h ago
nice work
Bulbajer chapter 35 . 18h ago
I wouldn't be surprised if SAO: Lost Song (the upcoming game) has similarities to your story. They've already announced that Argo will be featured, and it seems like she has a bigger role than she did in Hollow Fragment. Argo fans rejoice, our prayers have been answered!
Keep up the great work.
Edward95 chapter 8 . 20h ago
Triple-Helix chapter 35 . 21h ago
This story combines everything that made the show/light novel compelling and thankfully axes everything that made the show/light novel squicky and weird. The plot is good, the characterization is faithful, the world building has just the right amount of detail and description. You can tell the author really cares about setting the story and building it slowly, getting all the characters right and masterfully juggling a dozen different plot points.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to another chapter.
Edward95 chapter 7 . 22h ago
nice one
Edward95 chapter 6 . 3/26
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