Reviews for Fairy Dance of Death
HJP4Life chapter 32 . 16h
Wow.. things are getting interesting now haha.
AzathothTheGreat chapter 37 . 11/28
Those damn salamanders. They starting another war, eh? That'll be interesting to watch. Seriously, Catsy, you are a genuine genius. I hope you never stop writing. This is like, one of my favorite fanfictions. Stay gold, catsy. Stay gold.
depper57 chapter 37 . 11/26
This story is brilliant. I have been power reading it this week when I can and don't want to stop! I am very happy to have found you and that you are still updating. I am looking forward to reading more.
HJP4Life chapter 31 . 11/25
Act 3 huh? Well done with the intro to it. I really enjoy the diversity in your writing, mixing it up with more than just kirito and asuna and bringing in different lines but for shadowing back to the Norse idea that everyone is coming to realize.
Lenora Jime chapter 38 . 11/23
What made me sad while read this was that finally the fight between Griselda and Grimlock occurred. You had wrote it really well even in Griselda’ POV, you could make the anger that Grimlock had justified. I couldn’t blame one without the other, they were just going through a transition to accept the new them and if they could talk it nicely, I do think they could work. It’s breaking to see them broke apart like this.
Oh, I certainly look forward to read Mortimer' POV. He looked like a sly fox, I wondered what game he constructed. He even dragged Coper into this so I thought he would somehow play little dirty? and then Corvatz seemed a narrow minded dude or might be larper? or is it laper?...hahaha sorry I forgot the term XD I supposed it was because he stuck with too a bunch of uniformed group in rairu and then the game pressure didnt make it better for him if any it had done worse just like what it did to Sigurd, Vassago or any other radical and racist group. Ohh well whatever they made this fic much more lively and heated it more...hahha XD
Thanks for amazing ride and see ya :)
Ezrealus chapter 13 . 11/22
I absolutely adore how you brought back that memorable scene from SAO in a different universe. It's really amazing how the core characters and such from the SAO arc have stayed mostly intact even in this AU. Keep writing!
Lenora Jime chapter 37 . 11/22
Ohh god for a moment there I thought Hel could kill player, like what happened to skarrip that suddenly being a NPC. But seriously I love this surprise, the talks with Hel made me think something drastic...The plot is so awesome like always, the crazy-lunatic-helpless-murder Vassago, I think he's a real sick to take a game creature as a face value. He's just another hypocrisy. But what Kirito said to Hel at the last part is so inspiring..hahha Love him here XD
So the real script would be Philia subtituted Yoshihara while the latter framing and Coper and his friends mission was to kill Yoshihara. Could be the order from Vassago? I wondered.
Then next, I intrigued about what Grimlock made. He sounded like a jenius and I loved it... hahaha though I didnt understand what hell he talked about XD Ohh well, I just wondered if his creation would lead to something big.
Another surprise, finally after left wondering for some chapters, tetsuo made an appearance…hahha XD it seemed he didn’t resign like he thought he would after corvatz took the rein. Heathcliff said that the forest is belong to no one but he treated it like it’s salamander territory. Given that fact, it only fair that both faction could farming there together and just ignoring each other presence as a resort. But of course pride on the way… hahha XD
Ahh, you're just as brilliant as always, I love it. Thanks a bunch for this fastastic fic and sorry for late review. See ya :)
GodofDeathandDarkness chapter 38 . 11/21
Excellent as always. Can't really say anything else except that. Absolutely amazing.
SongoftheEra chapter 38 . 11/20
Hey, this is really good, as always! (Just a bit of a gripe from me, you've been kinda forgetting to put up these chapters on Ao3. I'm fine with reading it here, but I seriously prefer Archive's layout and formatting.
Guest chapter 38 . 11/17
This is really amazing :) I love the way that you've written each character so that they all have individual, distinct 'voices', in a way that doesn't seem forced or ooc from the original content. You've expended on SAO so well, it's so much more interesting to read this than the actual light novels! (though I'm sure you've gotten that comment quite a bit). Thanks so much for being such an amazing writer!
zachary2 chapter 38 . 11/15
Awesome job and I'm glad that your able to write quality work even though you don't have too much time. Good character development and some good depth to the "Prophet" issue.
HJP4Life chapter 30 . 11/14
Nice job with the 2nd act! Love the development between kirito and asuna, looking forward to act 3.
Guest chapter 11 . 11/14
If you kill yukki...
HawtChickenWingz chapter 38 . 11/13
This is arguably the most complete fanfiction I have ever read. I honestly believe that this could be sold as a book in itself; a feat which is worthy of commendation. You have done a great job with this story, and in my honest opinion, I believe that this has surpassed the original story by far. This just has so much depth and the story and its characters are so intricate that I find it hard to believe at times that it isn't real.

However, I think this needs to be updated slightly more frequently. The length of each chapter is amazing, and the amount of information about what each character is doing is astounding, but I fear that this may not be finished any time soon. It's already been about 3 years, and so far it doesn't appear to be finishing in the recent chapters to come...

If you ever publish anything though, I would definitely buy it. I hope that you will never lose your passion for writing; you are a unique talent! Unbelievable how this doesn't have more reviews. Marvellous stuff. Thank you for this grand story thus far, and I look forward to your next update!
Zeraf1237 chapter 23 . 11/12
Ugghh i wanna know what Alicia said to Klein! I am loving that ship! They are so cute together.
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