Reviews for Fairy Dance of Death
Riku Uzumaki chapter 36 . 7h
I get the feeling that the Salamanders are about to do something incredibly stupid.
ParadoxalPaladin chapter 36 . 12h
This story is one of -if not the- only stories I've ever read on fanfiction that actually make me feel as if I'm reading a book. As book covers love to quote "Unforgettable... a real page turner." You cliff hangers are great, and the characters, plot, and world progression are superb.
On a different note, I recently realized that -as far as I know- there is nothing forcing players to leave once they have infinite flight, meaning they could help with the fight once again, in which case the imps would be number one priority for the new wings as they can fly indoors, and then the other larger races (such as the Undines and Salamanders) would be next in choice, to aid in ease of movement of troops. I don't know if any of this is right, but I just thought of it and decided to ask. Other than that, good luck with writing and life in general!
White Story chapter 36 . 14h
The new mob is the most intresting for me.
Does he deal more damage to higher hp players like 1000hp/100dm, 2000hp/200dm,
or does he deal damage randomly to different players?

I don't know why the salamanders think they will win when they couldn't win before, maybe it is a reason not known to us yet.
GeshronTyler chapter 36 . 7/6
Good to see the "Golden Apple" gang getting recognized for their efforts, and Griselda showing some of her inner fortitude. No doubt exploring the "Frozen Underways" will provide plenty of drama. Interesting that solo players either got lost, or never returned- a rather binary set of fates.

Nice WAFFy opener for Kirito and Asuna, and refreshing in that it didn't devolve into standard "embarassing moment slapstick", leading right into Kirito dramatically rushing off to try to confront Prophet. That conversation between Argo, Sakuya and Thelvin had some nice interpersonal dynamics.

Good to see that Yuuki is doing okay, though her mission is likely to encounter less pleasant events soon... Asuna's excursion into the depths of Nissengrof had an unexpected meezing with Grimlock, of all people. His reaction to the dagger and the smith who made it seems to show that he isn't connected to any unsavory Elements, at least at this point. I for one would be glad if he avoids the fate of the original character. Interesting details about crafting, and the envitonmental mechanics of the winter wonderland. It looks like the campaign against Prophet and his followers might gain stature, assuming Agil and Lizbeth add their efforts and influence.

Those are some worrying developments, in the newly opened levels of Yggdrasil. As I posited in tge SB thread, there might be a connection between killing the Caretakers, and the retribution of the Custodians. It will make things much more tricky if avoiding "collateral damage" becomes an additional factor. The sudden appearance of the mobs leads me to think this might be a case of "true" invisibility/cloaking, though I didn't get the impression if the distinct "decloaking" sound effect. Though, if the mob wasn't attacking...

You end with that nice tension raising report of the appearrance of a major probe by the Salamanders. Now to see if violence is going to break out immediately, or if this is more a (very ) aggressive attempt at negotiating/forcing concessions- "gunboat diplomacy", Alfheim style. How will the "Anti-PK Treaty" affect this turn of events? If a real battle breaks out, will people still hold to the tenets of the agreement, or even be able apply them? How will the NCC react?
wisdom-of-me chapter 36 . 7/6
WHOO! An update! A HUGE update! This chapter was awesome! It's so exciting, I've started feeling like we're about to hit a huge turning point! Idk if we actually will, but that's the feeling the story has. Please keep up the amazing writing, I'll be here waiting! :D
GoldenCyclone4 chapter 36 . 7/5
Heh. You weren't the only one. I was busy with Splatfest!
DarkQuacker chapter 1 . 7/5
In regards to chapter 36, the various plot lines seem to be flowing along very well. To me this is the equivalent to an well thought out book in terms of leaving no stray marks.

In regards to the cold mechanic that is in this world, how exactly does the resistance work? Does it reduce the damage taken when one is too cold? Does it make it so that the user is able to withstand colder temperatures before they start taking damage? What makes certain armor resistant to cold?

Regarding the OHK mob, i hypothesize that perhaps it is race based and the Norn Custodian has a ridiculous damage multiplier against certain races. Other possibilities include damage based on speed stat instead of defense or perhaps it does magic based damage and an hidden magic resist stat is used instead of defense.
GodofDeathandDarkness chapter 36 . 7/5
A new update...I am alive...What a magnificent life! Hallelujah!
Black Bullet reference, for those who didn't catch that.
Seriously though, great job on this story.
Bulbajer chapter 36 . 7/4
Your writing really is novel-quality.
Can't wait for when Asuna meets Liz!
liamash3 chapter 36 . 7/4
Hmm. Wonder what that new mob is about? Willing to bet it's related to the game lore somehow, possibly dealing higher damage to people based on their race rather than stats. Or the game has a hidden stat which tracks your 'karma' meter or whatnot, ticking up or down based on actions you performed in the game world regarding NPC or players...

'Tis a mystery. I'm also expecting the cold underground passages the group with the little fairy thing are about to explore will reveal themselves to be plot-relevant somehow. Possibly leading to Jotunheim, ala canon ALO and the pit you could fall down into the area?
Wolf Repulsor chapter 36 . 7/4
So far this mob seems to lock onto hate and do more or less damage because of it, and if there's no hate it will walk away. Can you clarify if they had the debuff before the new mob came or after?
LordofVermillion chapter 36 . 7/4
Happy 4th of July to you too (although it's a little hard to feel patriotic in light of some recent events)
Glad to see one of my favorite SAO fics being updated again. You've got so many plots lines going I'm impressed you can keep track of them all. Great chapter as always, looking forward to your next update
Guest chapter 36 . 7/4
Thank you. I didn't really celebrate, just was working at a park that did. But Happy 4th to you as well.
Waffliesinyoface chapter 36 . 7/4
I knew Nezha's name sounded familiar. It would make sense that a "legitimate" blacksmith would hate the scammer from Rondo of the Broken Blade, even if he is a nice guy deep down.
P.S. - What MMO did you get sucked into? I recently got back into playing OldSchool-Runescape. Haven't been able to stop playing for weeks.
jayfeather97 chapter 36 . 7/4
Great chapter! (:
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