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Guest chapter 36 . 8/26
Please update
curlylizard97 chapter 30 . 8/25
Wow it's been a while since I last read this story. I stopped to take a break after I finished the first act but that break went on far longer than expected. Because of that I had to do a total redo and read this story from the beginning to jog my memory a bit. Thankfully I'm back and I'm ready to start the third act. Lots of questions arose on the second act though. Surprises as well. For example the appearance of Loki. I can't wait to start the next act so looking forward to it.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 32 . 8/23
hmm, i get the feeling that Prophet is her brother or something
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 9 . 8/22
95% of this fic so far has been canon from what i can recall, kinda disappointed
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 8 . 8/22
damn, Kirito just lost his "sword"...
Zivyx chapter 36 . 8/19
Yoshihara's friend got wet over PoH's dark past? EEWWWW.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/15
Great story overall. Nice characters and interesting plot. It can even be said that this fanfic has surpassed the original. You do take quite a time to update but because of the quality of your writing that is expected and acceptable. Don't abandon the story and definitely keep writing in general. You really have talent. Good luck.
PrincessArien chapter 36 . 8/3
I am immensely sad that I no longer have any more of this fantastic story to read as I've reached the current end :( You're doing a wonderful job so far, I'm loving every minute of this story, I care about just about all of the characters and you make them all so interesting (though I do hope we'll get to see some the older points of view at some point...I feel pretty confident in assuming that some of the cast are probably more Act specific and mostly had a large chunks of PoV due to their importance to that story arc). The politics and intrigue are all really well developed and though out, you've truly got me hooked. I look forward immensely to your next update, keep up the absolutely fantastic work :D
PrincessArien chapter 30 . 8/3
What?! ...what?! *WHAT*?! Just what the heck is going on here D: I have absolutely no clue what's going on anymore, I mean, I'm glad that Sakuya is now leading the Sylph's...but whaaaaaaat?! What in the name of the Nine Realms is going on here...I don't know whether to think this is some sort of glitch in the game, something Kayaba planned and coded in, or something *ACTUALLY* supernatural going on...all I'm left with a whole lot of questions I can't possibly answer or even hope to guess the answers to. I'm feeling as broken as Sakuya right now.

And on another front, Laughing Coffin's days are numbered now that they're going to be having Kirito, Asuna, and Yuuki directly hunting them down, and I'm sure that at least one faction will be joining in on the "fun". I know the Cait Sith certainly would once they hear about it, since Argo and Alicia seem to be some of the character most staunchly in alignment with the same kind of goals that Kirito winds up setting for himself, and they're one of the more powerful factions and heavily involved in all of the politics throughout the whole "game"...*sigh*, it's going to be really sad reaching the current end of this story arc, keep up the good work :D
PrincessArien chapter 27 . 8/3
Ok, I can let out a breath now, things with Laughing Coffin ended far better than they ever could have, any time someone engages them without an overwhelming number of fighters who can safely take them on (and even then), it's always going to be a loss...but with only the one casualty to the children, and killing Xaxa (good fucking riddance to that dickbag, sack of monstrous, bastard shit...sorry, pardon the language), this a tragic win. I don't even want to know *what* Laughing Coffin wanted out of this whole deal and what they hope to gain from whatever it is they've stolen (most likely all of Sasha's notes, research, and work), or what untold horrors they'll cause now that they do have it...I can only hope that the rest of them will fell the scorching, purging, damning fires of Justice and its other side *Vengeance* soon enough as they're sent into the unforgiving, icy embrace of the Death they seem to worship. Death can be kind and caring to those that deserve it, but for the likes of Laughing Coffin...Hell itself would be a far kinder and more caring place than Death...

The way you pull at my emotions man, such a good handle on how to write a story, this whole thing has only been getting better and better with each new chapter and the further you progress it down each arc...I can only hope the resolution on the Clearing group's end against that Jotun boss goes even half as well as this event's conclusion. Keep up the fantastic work.
PrincessArien chapter 25 . 8/3
...the only emotion I have right now is repeating "oh shit!" over and over again, I'm literally going out of my mind with the tension you've been building up the last few chapters. Out of all the side stories and parallel points of view going on now, I absolutely *KNOW* beyond a shadow of a doubt that at *LEAST* one of them is *not* going to end well *at all*, not in the least. You're going to give us a very deep, emotional, audience gut-punch right to the feels one way or another...someone is definitely going to die, I have no idea how cruel you actually are as an author (given the tone so far, I'd like to think that you're a fairly benevolent god to your writing world and the entities living within it), but if you're really harsh, then it'll probably wind up being Laughing Coffin (I'm sure that's who it is, given XaXa's presence) slaughtering at least some of the group of kids in the sewers...and if you're especially evil, Sasha is going to die too...gods, I'm just so worried and a nervous wreck right now, only one choice but to move forward...whatever may come our way...
PrincessArien chapter 14 . 8/2
Since it's come up again...on the subject of clearing the World Tree and it possibly resetting after a race gets through it, there's a far more obvious loophole to get either *all* players out at once, or at least really darn close to it. Kayaba's little speech also doesn't really say anything about a player having to reach the exit under their own flight power. All you'd need to do is have whatever factions get named as having the full power of flight carry out those who can't fly for that long or far. With races like the Imps and Pooka who are *really* low in number...and possibly the Spriggans, it'd work like a charm...

Waah, the Moonlit Black Cats...if (in troper speak), they're "Doomed by Canon", then I know what will be coming up soon :'( Though maybe they have a better chance here due to the setting, since you *did* mention that most of them are in Clearer groups, so it'd probably either take an awful lot of enemies on a comparable level to them to see a fullscale wipeout of the whole entire guild, or a handful of high level, high powered enemies...on another note, it's interesting just how you're handling the tamer PKers like Titan's Hand in this, obviously they'd need a vastly different approach, and even if they're not afraid to kill someone, it's at least somewhat of a point in their favor that it's more of a last resort and...even if it *is* something they really don't have any choice but to accept. I'm curious to see what will happen with Laughing Coffin when they inevitably show up as they're one of the more defining aspects of the setting, scratch that, without Laughing Coffin, you literally *can't* have any of the story arcs that take place after the Fairy Dance story arc...
PrincessArien chapter 9 . 8/2
I'd forgotten that Yuuki came from a Christian background (I'm going to assume Catholic based off the name of her special Sword Skill and the namesake of the Mother's Rosario story arc), and besides being the right thing to do morally, it's really a good thing from a practical and pragmatic (at least for the audience and all our outside knowledge) thing to do as well as Yuuki is one if not *THE* best gamer in the whole entire series. I'm curious to know though, and since I was likewise reminded of it in this chapter, was the person with her that she lost her sister? It would be the option that'd make the most sense as I'm not sure she'd have met any of the other members of the Sleeping Knights by this point in the timeline (even if it *is* an AU and thus not completely bound by canon). I'm loving this more and more with each new chapter I read, you write all of the characters so well.
PrincessArien chapter 4 . 8/1
...of course Argo would be playing all sides, or at least manipulating things to suit her own ends, whatever that may wind up being. She wouldn't be a very effective information broker if she didn't I suppose, still, she a slippery one, that one.

Also, just a random line of supposition, but given the fairly broad strokes of casting the Salamanders as the villain faction and being a race heavily filled with people willing to be PKers and so on, I get the feeling that Laughing Coffin will probably be getting their start there, and depending on how things wind up going, might even be an unofficially sanctioned group within the Sallies }_}
PrincessArien chapter 3 . 8/1
I know that a lot of the characters (like Argo) have larger parts in the actual novels for the series rather than the anime (the only SAO media I've experienced so far), but I'm glad to see that you're heavily using lots of characters, no matter how small their actual part was in the series. Especially Diabel, I always thought he would have been a pretty awesome guy had he survived, he's a good fit for the leader of a race. I also think it's cool that you're bringing in some of the characters from the Fairy Dance arc like Eugine and Mortimer, and Alicia. You've got a really awesome and well-developed AU here, I'm really excited to see where it ends up going in the end and just what roles everyone is going to fulfill or what races you'll be assigning to them, I also can't wait to see what characters from other arcs you might decide to throw in as well. You've certainly won me as a fan of this story, keep up the good work :D
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