Reviews for Fairy Dance of Death
Guest chapter 35 . 20h
Your readers need an upade. Please don't abandon the story!
Nyxeka chapter 1 . 5/23
Hey, I just wanted to say again on my actual account that this is one of the best fanfiction I've ever read.
So much detail ;u;
ty so much for making this
Guest chapter 35 . 5/22
hey, I'm Nyxeka, and I just wanted to say that this is a flippingly well-written story. It's far more than what I would even expect from what would be done if the author of SAO had rewritten SAO and published it. This is talent, and you make an absolutely wonderful author.
Thank you for putting so much time into delivering this finished product, and for giving me such a good read! (I blazed through this over the last few days)
Sileadh chapter 25 . 5/18
Wind! Water! Earth! Fire! I finally figured it out! This Boss is the Avatar!
Guest chapter 35 . 5/12
Please finish the story, don't abandon it. Its amazing !
Guest chapter 35 . 5/10
best girl philia dated PoH? oh no

will PoH morph into a baphomet and turn into a tree in this story
Lenora Jime chapter 35 . 5/5
I think Hel is also one of goddess from norse myths, she's loki's daughter or wife? I'm not sure, it has long time since I read about norse myths. But if she's the daughter then it would explain a relationship between loki and prophet. But I'm not sure about the immortality prophet talks about, is loki offer that to him? the same way how kayaba could still alive on game? but is loki even know that? Ohhh goshh, this's more complex than I thought ! How you make a riddle is remarkable...hahaha :D
The romantic scene of kirito and asuna is very well excuted. Asuna is so forward just like in anime and kirito is still an oblivious-shy boy, both of them very well In-Character. They make a nice break for intense scene before and the up-coming scene too.
Griselda is more awesome here than in anime (I only got see her tomb in anime..hahaha :D) and the little pixie is out of the bag now, I wonder if asuna and kirito would get one soon. Ahh, I'm also thinking if Heimdall is Cardinal's codename or something.
I love how you make each scene related to one another and make the interlude more welcoming, beautiful is the word I could pick for your masterpiece :)
Thank you for your beautiful work, love it and see ya :)
Some Random Dude chapter 31 . 5/3
This is a very well written story so far. I look forward to reading more.
AoiKishi chapter 35 . 4/29
weelll... its still early game.
im a bit coriuos for some point? may i ask? either u answer in PM or next chap.
1. is suguha or sinon play this game?
2. is yui will appear?
3. will jot┼źn or ragnarok arch presented?
4. is dual wielding avaible?
5. is kayaba will became player?
ah. nevermind. i m not forcing u to answer anyway. thanks for awesome and great fic.
Unknown2615 chapter 35 . 4/27
Very, VERY well written story. One of the few that I'm willing to put on my short list of stories I'd recommend to someone who isn't sure what fanfiction is about.

Pacing is flawless, transitions between viewpoints are done at appropriate times and flow with the storytelling. Character interactions are realilistic and make sence in context, no 'I can trust you unconditionally cause reasonz' with this story! Premise is unique and yet done is such a way that I could see it being implemented as the cannon story. Hell you found a way to save Diabel and Sachi without forcing it and still making the experience lifechanging.

The only criticism I can possibly think of is that the racial stereotypes are kinda strong. Not that I don't understand why but maybe have a few undies be bad guys. Maybe have Kirito be caught by a undie patrol if he gets ally status and have them try and kill him or something. Think outside the stereotype.

Finally, though I doubt you need any help coming up with ideas I've had this scene bouncing around in my head and I think it would fit perfectly in this story. It involves someone challenging people to duels to the death for experience while having an ally there to instantly revive the loser. Could be used as a way to get a character over the fear of death/killing. The idea is a lot more fleshed out in my head but that is the gist of it.

Will wait for the next update!
Derp chapter 1 . 4/26
No offense,I like this fanfic so far but the name(lmaf)is Dance of Dearh?LOL
Cerberusx chapter 34 . 4/24
Loving where this is going. Though part of me expected Kirito to stay a solo player and come back like a Vietnam vet. Where he had seenand done horrible things.

Also what lvl is everyone at now? Seems like an important thing.
Ie-maru chapter 35 . 4/21
I love this story so, so much! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
Cerberusx chapter 28 . 4/20
This story is great. I know you said this wasn't a romance story, but that part with Asuna and Kirito where se was holding him was something I'd see in the anime. Love this story a lot. Though I thought I'd see more of Kirito being a solo player and larger time skips. The parts with Klein and Alicia is just perfect.
Tetrachromatic Sparrow chapter 19 . 4/13
Rare drops: Borderlands 2, Cobra.

(Screams at memories.)
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