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Hidden50 chapter 48 . 7/2/2019
Hi, thanks for updating (:



We can't go it alone, not like last time—not for something this big."

it - in (?)

Rei slowly pressed at one of the doors with the fingertips of both hands; he knuckles bowed with the light resistance as she carefully worked it open without making noise.

he - her
W1ckedF1ction chapter 48 . 7/1/2019
Always a pleasure to see your updates pop up in my notifications. Been a fan of this series since the first chapter. Quite alot of action this chapter. Looking forward to the next.
Evergone the Great chapter 1 . 6/30/2019
I'm adding this story to my favorites.
Guest chapter 27 . 6/29/2019
edit- equally lame was the "if we do this raid the warlike faction will take over the salamanders again, but it was inevitable that we do this one because...really weak reasons" last chapter. that whole plotline was just silly fake drama. (especially since we've got the same leader buying into argo's conspiracy to strand their faction in sao bizarrely worried about rare drops and racing the other factions to the boss for minor prestige. (that said at least it's less of a cliche than killing the kid for minor shock value))
Guest chapter 27 . 6/29/2019
lame. those kids were all abnormally high finesse/skill mages (if not high level), they died way too easily. and the whole thing with robert's remain light was shit tier cheap drama. "hero arrives seconds too late" "oh no, i had only one res spell and used it on the most recent death, stare in horror." lame.

hard for this chapter not to feel like bad writing, your weakest yet by a wide margin
foursail chapter 48 . 6/29/2019
Thanks so much!
Ethan Kironus chapter 48 . 6/29/2019
This story has a MASSIVE scope. Comparing it to Lord of The Rings is not a stretch. And really. Rei and Yuuki are the ones under arrest?
Eberhardt chapter 48 . 6/28/2019
Annnnnd I still give 0 shits about Yuuki or her story. Haaaah.
KarismaticKoala chapter 48 . 6/28/2019
Oh no, she’s been caught too hasn’t she...

I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter! Wow, it’s really coming together so finely. Great work as always! (Pls keep writing for the benefit of the greater good )
Wraith Five chapter 48 . 6/28/2019
Okay, really enjoyed this chapter. The restaurant scene was nice, and I'm excited to see what happens with Veldt later. The first Yuuki scene pretty much confirmed what I'd been guessing for a while now (the beginning of her third scene told me the how), even if I linked the wrong cause to the effect she noticed. I liked the second Kirito scene, but I have the feeling *that* guy is coming back later... As for Kirito's last scene, I was expecting a twist on the boss fight, but nothing like THAT.

Can't wait for the next one!
Wraith Five
Guest chapter 48 . 6/27/2019
Wow. What a nail biter! Escape Crystal to the rescue! I think. I hope. Eek. :x And where indeed does an escape teleport dump you when fleeing a city? One would presume the gate, but that’s not very conducive to actually escaping. Nearest boundary?

The slow dawning of the truth behind the iron maidens— that the same spells they used to get in were keeping others imprisoned... very chilling.

Nice subtle touch on Kirito not recognizing our English word for it when stepping into the loom of fate. Sounds like a completely fascinating place for a good fight, too. Except a good fight would be really bad right now with the boss’s survival being the ticket to pulling off their auest and seeing the light of day once more.

Another excellent read. Thank you :)
Beyor chapter 48 . 6/27/2019
This chapter hit me like a brick wall. Not sure why, but I just had that depressing feeling like after a good manga/anime/series ends and you just feel empty. In other words, loved the chapter and can't wait for the next one.
Swarthyness chapter 48 . 6/27/2019
Wow ... that's really all I can say about this chapter. Even after all the hints and suspicions, you still managed surprise me(and Yuuki) with the real nature of what was going on in the dungeon. The level of planning and cold blooded organization that went into the whole operation was just chilling. I wonder how Eugene and Mortimer will react when they also learn the truth, and if there will be a group effort to take these guys out like there was for Laughing Coffin in SAO.

I also loved the development on the Kirito side of things. It is very interesting how you have incorporated the characters from Norse mythology and their personalities into ALO. I.E. Loki working to disrupt the game, and the Norns trying to preserve the tapestry. It really feels like ALO is spinning out of control, but also working exactly how it was intended. I can't wait to see how all these story lines play out, and you never cease to amaze me in how you keep all of them straight and weave them all together. You are an excellent writer, and I cannot wait for the next chapter.
Aiko is Wraith chapter 48 . 6/27/2019
What are you planning to do with Philia? I doubt she's going to return this Act. What are you going to do with my wife Rain? Hoefull she's either a Leprechaun or Puca.
Red Glasses chapter 48 . 6/27/2019
Chidori (Yoshino) from the Persona series? Because she's placeholder Puca persona (I just browsed your general website) in name until she gets a description. Puca because she's a craftswoman as best described from the racial traits section.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate (キャッスルヴァニア ロード オブ シャドウ 宿命の魔鏡, Kyassuruvu~ania: Rōdo obu Shadō - Shukumei no ma Kagami)

The world of Alfheim seems a little bit too constricted and a bit lacking in variety. It is just one whole of big Pangea. I wish there was more effort in constructing of the world map. I mean to say is that I wish there are a lush of wondersighting in landforms, rather implying the map could use some water. grand river, a peninsula, a number of islands and swamps too. It would be nice if you can introduce a landmark that goes along with both the story and the subtlety of Norse lore.
I had a good read right around the ending of Act 2-for some reason I imagine there's a whole landform with architecture that fit accordingly in the place of origin erecting 100 or so meters just around a mile away from the scene and there the great cosmos alit the night sky and anywhere it touches.
I find the Spriggan territory the most interesting.

I should have mentioned it last chapter, butbit was nice to see Ducker being a shut-in, the least worst-best situation to be in, instead of being imprisoned with the other of the Imps.

Ghost in the machine...Ghost in the Shell! Construct Androids on the go! Or corpselight used as battery to power up androids! Nyahah!

Yuuki should be your resident Christian advocate for weebos for a Christian server. Speaking of God's flower girl, of course I had Erica Lindbeck as my headcanon voice if there're ever words come out from the lips of an angel.

It's bad enough already that I am more invested in the Poison Wells quest than the liberation of human child trafficking.

I don't even know why Yuuki was brought along at this point. I guess it's best to leave it to Yuuki being a master stealth, amped with Imp racial stats, and a master swordswoman. In other words, she's bread to Rei's butter. Perhaps those were Rei's attempt to contest Yuuki's youthful and innocent nature and her heart of a musketeer. Rei knows her brave blade and yet she's so willing thus far to prod Yuuki's actions and she's a twelve year old. I don't know. It's just she's too young but she's not stopping her. No one is. It's because she's strong prodigal that her good nature will never do her wrong. People can see that, but they are supposed to know better but to get her involved. What do people see in her that they are willing to confide in her. She's so clever, sure. But letting a twelve year old be is just an awe wonder. They are believing in a girl still in blooming yet to be tainted with the wrongs of the world that maligns innocent youth. Ideals that is no more than childish wish. The naivety any pure from something such simple can will themselves onwards, anyone older cannot and otherwise call it impossible. Like an act itself is but an act for a manchild, to an adult or from teen age from whose either wisdom knew enough for wear. To Yuuki's approach on things, I would see better, say better. I could never ever say things she so easily simply said impromptly. Just what do they see in her. Why does no one doubt her, and tell her the bitter truth and approach the malicious and malevolent beings in a much better alternative, rather than one no other a pure themselves illicitly say it better from their very own mouths. How can one be so righteous. Why is no one stopping her yet?

Geez, what did I say about which part is better? This one was gruesome. I'm not proud of being right of what they did to them. Because, the worst part is reading it.

Mutilated. Hah. I guess Gitou is s- I forgot he's actually dead dead for good. Why am I not worried they will be caught? Because usually, no matter in respects of the narrative universe grants them, an opposing someone will eventually just walk in and cheer it's July the 15th.

Fuck, I thought he's going to be back for the next arc. And now she's mentioned him like he's Jack the Ripper, they're all fucked fucked. It was nice knowing you Haruhi. Sing your memento mori. That's his signature song, that's for sure. Maybe I should have him pinned for everything dastardly disasters that's happening in the place. It's always him when it comes full circle. Komm, süßer Prophet der Hölle. Komm, süßer Prophet der Hölle. Komm, süßer Prophet der Hölle. You know, カツイ, I would be fine with this cliffhanger. I don't mind death awaits their fate the next 3 months.

While Rei is shit scared silly, Haruhi faces no threats apprehended by the Devil. Why would even Hel allow torture? And since Haruhi is here, everything is rigged to actually go well-she's Jesus's flower maiden. Fear no evil, scrunch a brave face as her wont; as she cant.

Thank god, we don't get to hear his bullshit. "Nyahah! Durdur yer 'nder arest! Ashah!" Cocksuckers. If you had let them get captured, the story would basically be over, so thank god. Seriously, it's game over if it's game over. Yuuki is literally Kirito. What would you do if you send the God unto the tomb?

I'm fine with this ending, it ended on a good note that'll be worth the wait. I hope in the months till the next chapter they will have Argo be known of this be hammered in their heads. She's the world most single-handledly determinant.

Really important, Yuuki's scenes were. It makes up for the time she hasn't get to have one herself these past arcs. That- forget it. The moments she did Asuna and Kirito last two chapters ago were already worth it. Yuuki's worth it. And worth more if she's meet up with OG AIDS Sleeping Knights Squad. At this pace, I expected you to complete this fic by around 170s and amounting 2.2 million words in total! I expect this Act will finish around between beginning of June until you're determined to have Brash Griselda killed. For a title named Fairy Dance of Death, none of the characters written by Reki Kawahara have yet to meet their peril by order of debut. Speaking this out of concern for the chronology, The Black Cats haven't been wiped, yet. Thanks to their spatial divide, their gathering idiocy would have had assisted their untimely doom if it weren't for their spatial divide undue to their racial origin. And in their stead was Robert. I don't doubt Griselda would de anytime soon, if ever. Unless if Liquid Snake who Grimlock met in his assistance to break him out of his slump would sprout a new death schedule for Griz. You can never be too suspicious of a edge-bearded ponytail guy if he ain't here for exploiting just business. I'm liking their storyline, Griz and especially Lyolko. It didn't help much with the setting they're in. It makes the experience so individualistic, like Wind to the main rosters; Key-kun, Argonaut (aw, I was gonna ask you about that. They're Greek myths ):), and Tsunade - like Wind to their Fire. Yoruko's I liked most especially. Glad we can have such a derpy character.

I don't know about you approaching the 'final chapters to this Act'. Usually, it would take so much long until you patch up what follows: Argo segment, Yuuki to Argo segment, Argo goes batshit cray-cray (Doubt), Argo to Sakuya, Sakuya to Sigurd to Eugene, NCC brewing up batshit, fucking PoH segment, Loki-Hel maybe segment. Imagine how much more, because this is a very big deal. Shit like this, it brings more politics and conspiracy and fucking PoH brewed bullshit. Next to Anakin Anakiing the kids, this is next to no batshit fat fucking chance it ain't to the whole world. This is a very big thing that would take time to bring a conclusion to. Hell, maybe you'll case-close it in the next Act if you ever be. I'm starting to doubt my implications so I'll end here. On the other hand, more hands to work on if Aiko's alive. Or if ever she's actually the fucking Wraith. We've been in this curious subplot or what else plot I would rather call because this is Yuuki's finally-for too long that I'm convinced the plot points introduced or the buildup will be brought over in the next Act then have her return to the frontlines and now here we are we've come full circle. I don't know how will you conclude this Act but there will be plentiful of patching up. I don't how you're going to do about it concurrently. For as how much big this is, at best the Kirito and Asuna will intercede. At not best, we'll come full circle with the Sylph and Mortimer. For as how much big this is, this is bigger than personal. There is a lot more to dig up with. Meh, she can do well without. She's well enough with Argo the backseat gamer, the suspicious Kumiko, the the Suirei, Coper being Coper. Kirito is missing too much that I'm starting to call irrelevant to the world because this is bigger because it's political.

My favorite character for the moment is Argo, I love her shiteating grin in her proposal to Sasha. Her and then Yoruko for her most recent global interaction. She dugged up a Ducker and had a goofy conversation. What else I cannot enough for me love already? I love characters who talk to other characters who are in no way affiliated with each other, but thanks to Ms. Worldwide, we have spontaneously spectacular scenes like this. I can rest easy with a good ending like this. Will be seeing you.

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