Reviews for Dreamcatcher
TwinkleTuFf chapter 105 . 8/16
Dang, lady! You got a way with words! Thank you for giving me a slice of heaven right before I have to head off to hell(college) tomorrow! :P
KoreanGal5 chapter 105 . 8/9
That was a nice wrap up. :)
Loved it and hope to read more from you soon. _
Ms.DiamondPassion chapter 105 . 8/3
I never went through such a thorough mind fucking in my life. There were time where I bit some people (understanding friends) in frustration because of ItaHina's romance development and the overall arching plot. Very well written. Not gonna lie it was one hell of ride.
toolazytologin chapter 105 . 7/31
TWINSSS TWINSSS OHMMHGOF i could imagine lil itahina twins running around the village creating chaos. this was such a good read. thank you for writing this.
itchy uchiha chapter 93 . 7/31
no no no no no no oh my god no no no no no no what a twist no no no nonobjsbsjvs
itchy uchiha chapter 52 . 7/31
that's adorable how he believes it's the work of her genjutsu
itchy uchiha chapter 51 . 7/31
so mikoto and itachi are the matchmakers in this relationship, how cute
itchy uchiha chapter 32 . 7/31
itchy uchiha chapter 31 . 7/31
sasuke compared him to jiraiya, i can't breathe. that's hilarious.
itchy uchiha chapter 19 . 7/31
sasuke's so cute in this aw
itchy uchiha chapter 10 . 7/31
the AU just killed me. itachi thinks he's slick
Deviling chapter 105 . 7/30
I loved this story, thank you so much for writing it!
Sun's rays won chapter 105 . 7/12
Wow! Just... wow! You are a poet. I just stumbled upon your story this afternoon and read it from the beginning to the epilogue without a pause, couldn't put it down! The best ItaHina I've ever read! Not only because of the plot but also for the writing style. And the fact that I adore this couple was a bonus. And I absolutely looooove your witty sense of humor! You had me doubled over, laughing, more times than I can count.
Really, I admire you so much!
This was great, congratulations!
alee26606 chapter 105 . 7/7
A final finish :'( I'm sad and happy and sad and also happy :D

It took so long but it was worth it :)I wanted to see the babies! _
Is it funny that I read this chapter from end to the beginning? I dunno why? hehe _

I wanted to cry for some odd reasons when I was reading the 'love part' when they said I love you to each other, it was just so so- I don't know the word but it's a positive one :D
I'm so happy for everyone _! Also, SasuNaru? haha lol :D

thank you very very much for the story! _ I you're one of the best writers that I know of :)
Loads of love and support!
Nerd4ever243 chapter 105 . 7/6
Just- yes, YES! It is so hard to find good ItaHina and now you are finished and I am SO HAPPY AND SAD BECAUSE YAY COMPLETE STORY BUT ALSO AHHH IT IS DONE. ;3; thank your giving us this amazingness.
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