Reviews for The Love of a Friend
Guest chapter 27 . 7/2
bella should never have given in so was at fought,he is who he is. how could he keep tanya working for him, when he was with bella.
Vtweetymccn chapter 62 . 6/20
Loved how Bella was mad and fired all the men up especially Edward.
Ok the fire crew and I have an idea:
Edward hasn't seen his daughter dance so why doesn't Bella and Zafrina have a charity dance at the club like they do on Halloween and Sofia be in it?
Nannyjojo chapter 62 . 6/1
I have been sobbing.
Edward was pulling a Charlie.
Although he listened eventually.
He will prove himself, he just needed a little shove in the right direction.
Nannyjojo chapter 60 . 6/1
I actually thought that arrest was real until they got to the van then started to try and think who it could be.
Oh Bella is bad.
But I so loved it.
Thanks for the heart failure. lol.
Nannyjojo chapter 59 . 6/1
Wow, that chocked me up.
Of course babs was going to make an appearance when Edward was 2 hours away. lol.
Glad it all worked out.
She is going to have daddy wrapped around her little finger and Carlisle for that matter.
Nannyjojo chapter 58 . 6/1
Bella just seems to fit with everything, she sure was meant to be a Cullen.
Nannyjojo chapter 57 . 6/1
Can't say I really trust Alec right now.
But I do trust Edward and Carlisle, and I am sure there will be very strict stipulations for them to follow.
Nannyjojo chapter 56 . 6/1
Yep, I knew she would be mad.
Hopefully he will learn from this.
Don't piss mama Cullen off, haha.
I think they were all a little scared of Bella just then.
Nannyjojo chapter 55 . 6/1
Oh dear, seems we have a little trouble ahead.
I can see both pov's, yes she would probably worry and that isn't good, but she will to mad when she finds out, not if, but when.
Nannyjojo chapter 54 . 6/1
Oh I so love Edward.
He sure spoils Bella.
This baby is going to be well and truly spoilt too.
Nannyjojo chapter 53 . 6/1
Yep. They were just meant to be together.
Nannyjojo chapter 52 . 6/1
It kills me when the big boss man and his son cry.
But it was worth it.
Nannyjojo chapter 51 . 6/1
I think I fell even more in love with Peter in this chapter.
This chapter tugged at the heart strings.
Nannyjojo chapter 50 . 6/1
Loved it.
I got rather chocked up in this chapter.
Nannyjojo chapter 49 . 6/1
Oh Alec you made yet another fatal error, pointing a gun at Edward.
it isn't just Edward that will protect Bella with his life, but Bella will protect Edward too.
Loved it.
The better guys won.
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