Reviews for The Daughter of Terra
AshK1980 chapter 1 . 11/7/2012
Nice start to what looks to be a really awesome story! Keep up the awesome work!
Richard Ryley chapter 1 . 11/7/2012
Caught two typos:

"Terra looked wide-eyed at armor clad woman who gazed back with concern and love"

at *the* armor clad woman

"And Saturn Knight, she turned to her cousin's wife, "Seems to have a lot more memories"

close the quote after "And Saturn Knight"

In particular, I liked how the discussion of Akane's memories was broken into two parts, one with the other Senshi, and the other in private with Ranma. They really do have a lot in common. And the two lines that point out Ranma and Akane's character traits are reversed in Akana and Kanma (Akana leaving by slamming the door "like a tomboy" and Ranma saying "you're the first guy that made me feel like a girl. Most guys are perverts") was really insightful as well. (I'd already noticed how their names are a combination and reversal)

I also liked the very clear foreshadowing of the main plot. You've also done a very good job of introducing the storyline without requiring the reader to catch up with the original LoD. You build up to making it clear how Michiru was involved in Ranma losing a cure to his curse without taking time away from the more important plot details of Ranma coming so close to death and the "merging" with Akana.
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