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1FunkyMonkey chapter 5 . 12/5
I could not stop laughing for the entire chapter!
Acacia Jules chapter 3 . 3/31've never actually played Slenderman, have you. There's only 1, and he only really appears after you have multiple pages.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
Marvel Heroine Quiz Results
Pepper Potts: You are every playboy boss' favorite secretary ever: calm, cool and collected with the charm of an American princess aka Jackie Kennedy and the allure of Audrey Hepburn. You had shown courage and hope a bajillion times in countless situations, even though everything seems hopeless. And you are not just a professional business woman either-you and your million dollar hubby are fashion icons, a professional psychologist who sought wise advice to other Avengers, and the true backbone of the Avengers. All Hail the Starks!
Natasha Romanoff: Nothing is more elusive and scintillating with your enigmatic, alluring stamina and your tragic past-but you nailed it. From a 17 year old tsudere secret agent newbie, you eventually blossom to a beautiful, mature motherly figure to the other Avengers and is now onto the road of wisdom. People adore you for your kind heart and unbiasedly sassy humor
Sif Alfisdottir: You are the opposite of traditional princesses: you are a warrior, never took any crap from being a damsel in distress and is noted to be the 'man' among your friends. You are tough skinned, queenly and strict, but in reality you are a very caring and passionate woman who held your subjects even higher than you. Unlike Medusalith, you actually do care for the younger ones and patiently give them advice. All Hail the Queen of Asgard!
Nanna Iwaldidottir: You are the 'mother' of your circle of friends: gentle, nurturing and kind, with an insatiable passion for love and arts and always making huge impossible dreams to suffice. You are the archetypal High Queen anyone would love to heed on. In reality, you are every bit as complicated as your mother: you are a woman of love, a rebel princess and social reformer. Moral or immoral, the 100% reincarnation of Cinderella always had a beautiful heart of gold.
Sigyn Iwaldidottir: As the younger sister of such a noble future queen, you are just as awesome. Gentle, sweet and kind, you come off as a bit naïve and innocent about the ways of the world and wanted nothing more than to be as awesome as your sister. But you have a pure, beautiful heart, always willing to help others and more willing to defy the family for love than your sister. Unlike your sister, you are calmer, quieter and more of a behind the scenes home girl. But you are always the helping hand at all times.
Wanda Maximoff: If there is anything alluring about you, is your personality: you are filled with life, filled with bubbling excitement and the child like wonder to see the world, complete with the supernatural allure for men all over the world to be endeared and in love with you. However, you have a dark side: like your brother, you can come off as aloof and elusive, and keeping things to herself, never telling anyone your secrets unless it is your brother, Vision or your BFF. In reality, you are a sweet little girl ready to be loved, and endeared by everyone.
Crystalia Amaquelin: You are the pinnacle of every woman's desires to be like you. Enigmatic, seductive, free spirited and the epitmone of class and elegance, you are filled with scintillating vivacity and dynamic spontaneousity, with the supernatural allure to make anyone in the room in love and enraptured with you, and a mysterious past that all made you the archetypal femme fatale. A hopeless romantic, you are a lover of fine things and will do anything for love. But in reality you are an enigma , and even though you seem to have many layers, people can't resist to get to know you. You are a flower among thorns: you are unyildable in spite of the many sufferings you had faced, and this adds to another of your many layers. In reality, you are a fiercely independent, deep hearted, selfless child monarch whose huge humane soul endeared and aspired everyone around. And you are only so young- you got so much to learn!
Medusalith Amaquelin: the older sister of the child queen above, you are literally everything Crystalia is not. Seductive, scintiallting and a master manipulator, seducer and schemer, you are the archetypal film noir femme fatale and the glamour and spaz on you turned everyone's head in the room. Dominating every scene with your fabulous presence, you are the embodiment of wealth and luxury, and your superlative wealth made even the Starks cringe with jealousy. In reality, you are a sadist, taking pride in your enemies sufferings and knowing your way through a man;s oants. You are still loyal and kind to your friends though: people think you are cold but deep down there is a beautiful, wealthy heart of gold.
Carol Danvers: You are filled with life, bubbliness and literally the life of the party. Unlike your nerdy husband, you are a bright, bold and unbiasedly outspoken woman with dozens of spaz and athleticsm in you. In fact, you are the 'man' amiongst your group of ladyfriends, with Peggy as your big sister BFF. However, you do have a feminine side: liking to keep up wit the latest fashions and is a major runner of Avengers blogs. Quirky, geeky and adorable, you aspire countless feminist to be like you. You go, girl!1
Mary Jane Watson: An archetypal cheerleader you are, your exurbant and vivacious nature aspired and cheered up everyone's moods. You live up to the cheerleader quota to the max: you lifted people's spirts with your wacky humor and somewhat 'goofiness', aspired your peers to follow your road and a huge shout out against negativity. Not only that, you are also extremely anti peer pressure system, and a down to earth girl who cares for even the nerds in the school, making you adored by everyone and even stood up for that stinky ol'bully. Tough talking and no nonsense, you do have a somewhat feminine side: fawning ovee the latest fashions and had insecurities of a normal girl. But everyone know your heart is always gold in the very end.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/15
Marvel Princesses
Sif Alfisdottir: Lady of War
Sif wowed the audience and won the hearts of many by defying social norms and is the princess who is famed for fighting even more badass than men and with her allure to make men in love with her. Sif is not the princess who likes who likes to laze around, nor is she ever going to play the stereotypical medieval role of damsel in distress. She is tough, no nonsense, and despite her stoic demeanor, she is in fact a woman of passion and is even willing to defy society all in the name to get Thor back. She is the embodiment of feminism in Marvel, unlike other Disney princesses. She is a true high Queen, the true love of Thor, and it is no wonder Queen Frigga chose her to be the future wife of Thor since infanthood!
Sigyn Iwaldidottir: The Angel who loved the Devil
Who can love a devil? Only Sigyn, the Goddess of Wisdom can. Sigyn stood out from the others by not being the face of glamour and sensual attraction, nor she is played to be some kind of diva. Her main trait and power is her kindess. As the representator of the kindness in MCU, Sigyn is exceptionally wise, her demeanor is not infected by royalty and even though she is the younger sister of the future queen of Vanaheim, she is down to earth, humble and is even courageous enough to fall for Loki. True, she seemed like a normal girl on the surface, but she is in fact one of the most badass people ever loved. She is not the warrior princess like Sif, but she is undeniably a wisdom princess. She is a lover of animals, is always fretting over her subjects and has the nerve to convince her people to accept Loki for who he is! It is no wonder that the God of Mischeif fell for her so hard since day one. She is literally the elixir in Loki
Crystalia Amaquelin: Mother Nature's daughter
The favorite of many, and also my 1 favorite character. Crystalia is portrayed to be the Golden Girl, the Goddess of Love, the Venus of MCU and also, she is so great, that men all over the galaxy are in love with her. She is also in fact, the embodiment of the sun, one of the most powerful beings in the universe and encompasses all elements of the Inhumans, from tornadoes and earthquakes to toes and insects. Crystalia is only 17 and is known for her tiny height-153! But do not be fooled by her sweet and coquettish demeanor. She is known to be the Queen of Eloquency, her beauty and wisdom outran even Sigyn Iwaldidottir, she bond with the Avengers and created a whole new era in the Inhuman history, she is the face of feminism and she is even one the THREE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN TAKE DOWN THANOS ONE ON ONE! Despite her massive powers, Crystalia is a lot like us than anyone can imagine. She is feisty, makes mistakes, has insecurities and ups and downs of a normal girl and she even encompasses everyone in the Inhuman. Known for her sugar-ice and spice personality, Crystalia is a mystery and many people never really knew what to think of her. Despite that, Crystalia is not a bad person. She is not the prettiest of all land-at least that is what she is portrayed to be, although she is super beautiful-and not the prima donna like her sister. But she was sweet and kind to the others, and even though she houses one of the greatest powers ever, she is alwayd the relatable little child queen that melts even Tony Stark's hearts.
Medusaltih Amaquelin: All Hail the Queen
The older sister of the Goddess of the Sun is everything that she is not. Medusalith is the quintessential lovable alpha bitch. Sensous, rebellious, manipulative...and not so bad once you met her. She is also known to be the Venus of MCU, the Jessica Rabbit, one that made even more men in love with her than her sister. In reality, she is noted to have immense powers, having a heart of cold and is super cynical. Medusalith is the first ever princess to have a mean girl personality. But despite such things, Medusalith is not a bad person. She is shown to be a great friend to her cohorts, respecting their wishes, a super charismatic leader whose tongue and talk down ANYONE, even her own sister and also, hetr wardrobe is legendary. The Amaquelin sisters walk down the lane as the ubiquitous symbols of glamour and class and had many men, women and children in love and dying to be like them. Pietro and Black Bolt are the luckiest men in the world to be able to get them and the sisters can never ask for better!
Snowball chapter 35 . 6/21/2016
I almost killed myself laughing i felt sorry for poor steve
Guest chapter 11 . 6/11/2016
Write a new one with the Maximoff twins, and all the other Avengers in Infinity War(including Crystal Amaquelin)
Their reactions(when PlayingMario kart)
Pietro:No shit this, fuck this, goddamn it AGH!
Wanda:How dare you hurt my brother! CHARGE
Vision:(stays motionless and plays the game)
Crystal:How dare you prevail the Princess of Attilan! I CHARGE THEE!(smashes a kart)
Guest chapter 27 . 6/8/2016
Guest's guest chapter 21 . 6/6/2016
Lightningblade49 chapter 1 . 3/12/2016
I can just tell Thor is going to have the most fun with these games lol.
The GoldenGroups chapter 11 . 10/12/2015
The GoldenGroups chapter 10 . 10/12/2015
Marvel needs to make this fanfic into a movie
The GoldenGroups chapter 8 . 10/12/2015
I am laughidqg so hardf i cant5f tupe rightgtda
The GoldenGroups chapter 4 . 10/12/2015
I died.
The GoldenGroups chapter 2 . 10/12/2015
This is the funniest
I'm dying right now
sezzac155 chapter 20 . 9/26/2015
I have been reading this and have been enjoying it a lot. This was such a good chapter and i can't tell if it's because of your great humor style or that i am just a big Disney song fan either way, i was sort of singing along. XD

I will continue reading this and i will also check some of your other work. Well done.
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