Reviews for The Path to Hell and Redemption
LynDea chapter 75 . 6/27
There were many parts in here where I just started crying. It was beautiful. I love the happy ending. But now I need some Stark family fluff. Please give me some? ? Please? ? I need it! ! In case you can't see them I've added like a billion "?" And "!" to the ends of those sentences. It was an amazing story. So glad I took the time to read it.
usagifriend chapter 58 . 6/21
I do! I understand that reference! -captain america
i have a name chapter 70 . 5/17
can i have a red and green sash..?
Mayflowers123 chapter 75 . 5/4
I get the reference to the actor
Mayflowers123 chapter 58 . 5/4
I got the Sherlock reference to Anderson
Mayflowers123 chapter 52 . 5/4
I feel like JARVIS is the group councillor
Mayflowers123 chapter 45 . 5/4
I cry I sobbed and I'm still am.
dandelion chapter 14 . 5/2
Awww, I love your story. Unfortunately I have to go to work now. Urgh on a Saturday evening. But I get a hug from Loki, so I feel better :)
Ryu chapter 43 . 4/30
Its my first review and its because im crying. Thankyou. Its awesome.
mipk90 chapter 54 . 4/15
Question: is Loki aging anymore? I can't really tell.
mipk90 chapter 31 . 4/13
Oh my god i was literally shaking the whole time i was reading this chapter. I hope you know you're an amazing author with rare talent thats hard to find in fanfiction. Keep up the good work!
mipk90 chapter 18 . 4/12
Funny thing is, I just got back from New York 3 days ago, so i can totally picture everything that's going on right now with Loki. Poor (kinda?) kid
mipk90 chapter 13 . 4/12
You might not read this, but im really curious on what Loki picked up. Besides that, amazing story so far. I never read one as fast as this before. Love the idea too :)
Luce-san chapter 81 . 3/3
Thank you so much for writing this amazing story, I really enjoyed it. I loved how a scene could be portrayed so many different ways by POV switch, and you cut off at the right place so that the next POV would explain what happened. It was incredibly fun reading this, so I'm gonna stalk your favorites to see if there are any stories at least half as good as this one. bye
Luce-san chapter 13 . 3/1
I bet you got a lot of reviews for this chapter. Its very good motivation. XD
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