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Jorssen 2 chapter 32 . 5h
I like Inyon, she's a hilarious character. Especially with her comments about King Vegeta. The one where she said that she was going to punch him so hard in the face that it literally comes out from his ass.
guitarlover56784 chapter 60 . 4/22
Okay, sure I can bring people back from the DEAD but it will be taxing for me to fix the planet? How exactly does that work out?
guitarlover56784 chapter 46 . 4/20
I totally agree, I always thought tien was a baddass lol. He was one of my favorites as well
Saich chapter 71 . 4/8
Love the story man.. I don't know where you've been but.. Im really missing your story man This one and Reign!
Drew86419 chapter 21 . 4/9
I dislike people who say power levels are not important, I for one unlike many people in the past and in the future, want to have a scale so I can keep up with how strong they are now, or the amount of power they have, compared to how strong they eventually will be, or compared to old foes. I've seen a author give them a rating from 1-10 for the current saga they are in and how sometimes their number would get lower as the others got more powerful. This does nothing to show comparisons between the new levels of power to the old foes. Why can't people just use the damn system already in place.
RockLobster8994 chapter 65 . 4/8
According to data books broly is actually stronger than kid buu
Deanna Saber chapter 71 . 4/2
Hi. I honestly love your fanfic. Referring to one of your previous responses concerning Bringer of Death, I honestly prefer your story to it. :P I find that Bringer of Death has too much happening at once for me, while the action and drama i sexually spread out in yours. I have been trying to read Bringer of Death, but to no avail...

One thing I am curious about is how you calculated your power lvls near the beginning of the fic (which may be a bit difficult for you, especially as it was a while ago). You see, I'm planning a DBZ fanfic with an OC android alongside the plot, and I fear that power lvls would be requested, and I'll then be, well... fucked. :)
Reichenfaust chapter 71 . 3/29
Love this story. Especially how you came by the idea, reading Red Son, amazing.

I like the small differences, that led to major plot divergence. Such as chiatzou being nabbed by Tao, the rra surviving, which led to the powerful emperor able to control many androids, and a sprawling red ribbon northern empire. Very cool. The integration of Wheelo and Kochin to speed up Cells development was spectacular.

Garlic is going to wake up Majin Buu? Or be part of some magical cabal with Babidi? Lemme guess, that bugger from the Hirudegarn movie will be there too. Still, that's cool and different, a magical cabal.

I love your utilizing the complete cast. It makes me happy to them not get lost in the scramble, and not get reduced to jokes. Everyone has good techniques, a good story, and has developed well. I love how you have utilized everyone. And despite liking Vegeta, the way you had King Piccolo kill him was wicked, especially the one liner that came after.

"Kids these days just don't know how to be evil" he grumped.

Looking forward to more.
ec-direwolf chapter 50 . 3/21
wow what an interesting take on Cell, he seems so remorseful and kind (in a way)
dragonfox123 chapter 71 . 3/17
Great chapter
mgevans chapter 71 . 3/16
Please update again this story is amazing.
Commander M chapter 23 . 3/6
Mr. Arkham, if you continue updating this again, I want you answer my 3 Raditz what if:
if Raditz never came to Earth in Guardian.
if Raditz became the first Super Saiyan instead of Kakarot.
if Raditz survive the ambushed of Android 13,14, and 15 instead of Gohan and Tanip and travel into the past.
Biabara chapter 35 . 3/6
C18 and C17's real names are Lapis and Lazuli. At least in the original Anime of DBZ, those names are canon.
Biabara chapter 13 . 3/6
"Kaio wha-"
Never gets old :'D
Queen Yanmi chapter 71 . 2/27
I like it so far. Occasionally I see grammarical issues, but its a new story in an old universe and it puts more things into perspective, and it certainly shows just how much chaos had been caused in the original than was focused on. Truely, nightmare fuel whenever I think of it, that the chaos and anarchy that came with the lost of the Royal Cold family makes me shiver or how more people died of Goku's good intentions than of this universe's Kakarot.
Though I can mourn the loss of what would have previously conspired (the loss of the current Piccolo, for one, and the untimely loss of the old Trunks as well), It is certainly a fitting universe.

But there is a couple things that come to mind with questions.
# What of Tarble, Vegeta's little brother? Or has he been replaced with the miss onion lady?
# ...So, Emperor Pilaf? What's up with him?
# Any thoughts on the Majiin race?
# You know, Word of God says that Tien is infact descendant from aliens. Makes you wonder just how touched Earth really is...

Can't quite think of anymore. But in the mean time, I await your next chapter.
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