Reviews for The Unknown Variable
Arwenien chapter 81 . 6/18
It took me half an hour to go through this story and well, I don't like it. It's basically HP/IM crossover without HP part. The whole idea for the plot was strange and boring in my opinion. Sorry, but I will pass the sequel.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/28
What ever you do, you must never use the Palladium Core outside your chest. Like a belt pack or something with superconducting wires running to a dummy chest plug so that it couldn't poison the body. That would just be wrong.
back2front chapter 45 . 2/7
Ffs whats with these 500 word chapters? Its destroying the flow of the story. There is no reason for it not to be 15 - 20 chapters total. A single scene is being spread over 3 chapters!
Hades Child99 chapter 80 . 1/31
It only took me todays but i finished! I'm ready to read the next chapter!
Hades Child99 chapter 79 . 1/31
Honestly i made a deal with my self that I'd take a shower after this chapter but its never just one chapter...
Hades Child99 chapter 76 . 1/31
It knly took twenty or so chapters since your last, "In a few chapters they should work things out," So glad they are on good terms
Hades Child99 chapter 71 . 1/31
I'm close to tears omg. Honestly if Pen ever ever sees Fati i hope Pen beats her up or something
Hades Child99 chapter 66 . 1/31
Im gonna go off on a whim here but I'm guessing death is Thatos since Thantos is the god of death and hel is the devil
Hades Child99 chapter 65 . 1/31
"I certainly do not"
Me tbh.
Hades Child99 chapter 64 . 1/31
Oh my god. Alright yup I'll just tear up a bit but you onow what I'm fine. Their is still two sequels she's not completely gone I'll be good. Just gotta keep telling my self that
Hades Child99 chapter 63 . 1/31
I don't trus u anymore..."In a few chapters.." or my favorite, "Electra last show.." or somethibg likr that
Hades Child99 chapter 44 . 1/31
Fangirling so hard cause i ship it so much!
Hades Child99 chapter 43 . 1/31
I'll admit Penny is starting to grow me. Even if she could be a little OP so much that i cring. Its an excellent story and worth the read! : )
Hades Child99 chapter 42 . 1/31
I really hate flames so please don't take this as a flame.
Penny is just so OP its strange is their anythibg to balance it out and make her seemed a little more like a regular character and not a mary sue? Why does she get mad so easily? It seems that in fanfictions fem!Harrys have extreme tempers something i find cliche.
Wait...Is she fem!harry?
TheGoldman chapter 48 . 12/5/2015
You've made the rough estimate that Iron Man 2 is a week in length ... apparently, the events of Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and the discovery of Cap's frozen body all take place in the same week. Fury's Big Week.
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