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Rockster chapter 20 . 5/31/2016
Not bad! I love how you write Geo in a way that he is 'darker' than his actual game counterpart and put some elements from the anime itself. I really enjoyed Omega-Xis' character, he just too hyperactive and somehow more hyperactive than his game and anime counterpart or the fact that he likes art, even more surprised that he is not completely against to help humans like in the game where he just wants to battle the FM-ians at the first place. However this role was taken by Geo most of the time. I do like Bud's personalities in here, helping his friends, steping up to bullies and really he always head charged into things like Taurus or a bull but of course with a good purpose (I still hate the fact that the game treats him as a guy who loves to eat a lot in every cutscene even he is in danger too, thanks for not putting this trait in here). Sonia, oh geez you make her look good like she's very tough and determined, and I'm not expecting she's attending to Geo's school at all. And I felt that you had make her personalities way better than the anime and she fights way better than the game. Luna... all I could say is that you manage to capture every important aspects of her as well as make her somehow way better than the anime and more bearable than the first game. Zack... I don't really know much to say as he never really had a huge impact in the game as much as others in the first game or the anime. I can say you make him better by giving him some minor backgrounds and a bit action, I guess? I swear Sonia's stupid Manager can just go die in the underworld, he is so annoying in Star Force series that I'm curious (and a bit surprised) as to why no FM-ian want to use him to destroy the Earth. Maybe you can imply some of his insanity for money in here to become 'evil' or something? I'm curious as to why Bob Copper hadn't appear yet in here tho. I try to get used for Geo's (sorta new) personality, man Geo is still doesn't want to form Brotherband and befriend with Sonia unlike the game and the anime. Seeing how you write Omega-Xis, man now I like him more than before.
Even though there are a few spelling or grammar errors in the past chapters, they are not that serious. However, there are a few mistakes that bug me when I was reading this story. For example:
It is called 'Battle Card' in Star Force series, not 'Battle Chip'. Battle Chips are from the Battle Network or EXE series. It is even stated in the beginning of the game and anime. Despite I know what you meant but seriously that bugs me a lot.
In Star Force, the viruses that appear in chapter 3 is called 'Mettenna', not 'Mettaur' as it is from Battle Network.
We don't really have 'Area Steal' or 'Area Grab' anymore in Star Force, instead we have 'Area Eater'. But I know what you meant and I don't force you to change it. If you want to put the mechanic from the anime where Mega Man can change his frequency to avoid enermies' attacks, sure why not.

Anyway, I don't mind Geo is like the way you write him, I'm Ok with it and yeah the battles are more intense(and deadly) and I like it. It just that it is a bit odd(emphasis on the word 'bit') that you make the EM Wave Beings and Viruses when being damaged, they will act similar to the Rockman EXE anime with the whole 'data leaking out of their body or something like that' but I don't mind it too much. If this review hurts your feeling, I'm sorry and yeah I have not meaning to hurt your feelings. I personally enjoyed reading most of the story and it is interesting to see Geo had another personality that doesn't had in game or anime, heck he is more negative and head-strong, and sometimes cocky too. Omega-Xis is the character that I enjoyed the most and really I enjoyed Bud more than the game version of him too!
Anyway, pretty awesome story.
ABS0LUTE chapter 20 . 5/26/2016
The story was really worth the wait, on how you manage storyline was very moving. Especially when Luna show her loyalty to her friends and how Sonia shows her fellings to Geo. I hope that you don't give up in this story because some of the story that I'm reading stop midway when its beginning get really good, but over all the story was very good.
Kuroyuki no Ryu chapter 20 . 5/24/2016
It made my day to see that you had updated this. It's my favorite mega man story.
I liked seeing Geo have to think about these things, prephaps soon he'll realize that it's worth having people around who you c an trust and care about, since even if one hurts you they won't all.
Cyan Quartz chapter 20 . 5/23/2016
There's symbolism in the light?
Either the ghost of Dr. Light shone through in that moment, and blessed Sonia with the abilty to be a Silver Fox when she's older- Not a literal silver fox, I mean a good looking elderly person, because let's face it, Doctor Light is like an adorable grandpa Mario; and I say that he's adorable while in full realization of me being a dude- Or literally any other meaning, lights kind of a generic symbol. It takes up like, HALF, tops, of morality; several meanings with knowledge, chasing away that 'evil dark', etcetera etcetera.
Also ohmygodI'mscreamingrightnowthiswassounexpectedandwowiewhatalongtimeit'sbeenbutthat'sokyeah?
ParadoxicOrder8 chapter 19 . 2/29/2016
I have read this entire story while sick and it has been a pretty good read so far. However I do have to point out something that I think you will find good to note. Since Viruses, and EM Wave Changed people are made of EM Waves that makes there attacks and all around stats FTL in nature since they are FTL at base in everything.

This is shown multiple times during the games and Anime, for the games it's most prominent when Geo (as Megaman) has to go to Sagittarius A (Otherwise known as the super massive blackhole in the center of the RL Milky Way) during the after story mission in the 3rd Megaman gamea in order to save Planet FM from being sucked into it. He had to get there before the Blackhole defenses of the planet was overwhelmed.

He had to get there in a short time (Less then a day/week) Assuming it took him less then a day:
Sagittarius A is 26,000 light years away from us.
1 light year 63241.077 AU
SOL 173.144633 AU per day
63241.077 * 26,000 1,644,268,002 AU

Not only that but Megaman and Solo were capable of fighting in Sagittarius A without any problems whatsoever.

I would also say that you should expand the cards selection that Geo uses since him using the Sword and Cannon cards all the time with Area Steal occasionally gets tiresome to read after a while. I can't wait until the next chapter!
ABS0LUTE chapter 19 . 2/26/2016
Very emotional in the new chapter but hey your the author here, overall the story development for Geo was very good and nice touch in the ending by the way keep it up and take your time.
Cyan Quartz chapter 19 . 2/22/2016
So your introducing the concept of Brother Bonds now, huh? I wonder how you'll fully portray them.
My heart near leapt out of my throat when I saw you updated the story, I always loved reading this. I've actually re-read it twice before, cause it's so good. Not many people detail everything quite like you do.
ThatFanFicGuy chapter 18 . 1/3/2016
It occurs to me, I never did write a follow up review when I finished reading the last chapter. I do think Geo has developed. He went from Solo levels of hating people, down to just a tad bit worse than his canon levels at the beginning of Starforce. He's still selfish, but in a way I can understand, and I'm glad he's slowly growing to actually like some of the people around him, even if he doesn't want to think of them as friends. I'm glad you took time to read my previous review, and that you didn't take any offense at my score. A lot of people are used to game review scores nowadays, where a 7 means "barely above garbage," instead of what it should mean, great, but not perfect. I don't review often because I'm always afraid someone can't take criticism, and I'm glad you that you can.
As for your poll, I did vote. Chose that he'd "co-operate with others" and "become happier" because I do want that for him. "friendship and bonds" seems muuuuch father off. Though, there is one thing I don't want to see(if it's what you want to write, write it, never give in just because someone thinks that they're entitled to a different story. I think entitled people are slowly killing storytelling), and that would be a superiority complex-ed, more strategic Geo. It would probably put his character closer to Gary-Sue territory if he had both. One is fine, especially if he's training, he can get more strategic. Or, if he gets the Starforce power, he can get a superiority complex from the raise in power(not the bests examples, but I'm sleepy, sue me). But as someone who used to read a lot of Harry Potter fanfics, both at the same time tend to kill a good character, especially if it's taking him farther from his canon personality(I only bring up HP, because it is RAMPANT in that fandom, where Harry is nearly always a Godmode-Stu with both those traits being his defining ones). The reason your Geo is so good, is he's an extreme of his canon personality. It's a departure from who we know him as, but a believable one.
Keep on writing, I'm enjoying the story very much. I'm hoping for another quick update.
Cyan Quartz chapter 18 . 1/2/2016
So, do geo's battle chips just recharge? Like, instead of being destroyed upon use when Mega eats them, do they just somehow come back to existence? I guess not, I think you made it out to be that he has a large stache of them at his house. Which begs the question of if he'll run out, and need to get more.
I know he has them in the firstplace, because they're like civilian defences against viruses, probably cheaper and less mistaken for real weapons that those police grade 'deletion guns'. I suppose area steal gives the chips a bigger radius of effect, and Recovery chips probably repair damage to virally damaged machines, which sounds like a miracle, intantly repairing ANY type of damage a virus does, but then for living viruses, they're rather simple, choosing to bash crud rather than corrupt data and mislead protocols.
I forget, are they breaking and deleting data when they attack, or directly denting and destroying hardware? Like steel and such?
crymblade chapter 18 . 1/2/2016
Surprised you didn't have anything particularly bad happen to the bullies.
Guest chapter 17 . 12/30/2015
Another amazing chapter. It's seems Geo is kind of like Marty ( from Back to the Future) in the way he lost it when the jammer ( I think) teased him. Where's Sonia when you need her!?
ThatFanFicGuy chapter 6 . 12/29/2015
I see your characterization of Geo as both a blessing, and a curse. It's a good thing because he's very different from other Geos, which makes him more memorable, and more unique. You do something with him that most fic writers, as well as the games themselves seem to forget: That he's a kid. He's going to be selfish, and immature, and hypocritical, and he won't even notice or care because he's so wrapped up in himself and his own problems.
However, there is a downside. His character is changing too slowly. At this point, he should realize Sonia isn't nearly as bad as he originally thought. He selfishly believes that no one can hurt like he hurts, and uses that to justify his actions and opinions towards people, but by now he should change at least a little. He thinks of Sonia as someone annoying because she's happy, then learns that she's lost a parent as well. He then rolls his eyes and says it's because she has her fans to lean on while he had only his Mom(who he, frankly, treats horribly), then he learns that she doesn't really have friends, only people who hero worship her, and that she doesn't really have anyone to lean on after all. And that doesn't really change his opinion of her, when it should. That should have been a bigger moment in him changing, and other than a sentence where he was slightly surprised, not much else happened. It was very underplayed.
Your Geo at this point doesn't strike me as someone who CAN change at this point. He's so self absorbed and unsympathetic to others, that when I imagine if someone sat him down and explained that other people have been hurt more than he has, and that Sonia may even be one of them, he'd just find an excuse to make it so he has it worse, so he can try to justify himself.
And that, too me, is the biggest flaw with this fic. His change should be slow, but not this slow. It's by no means killing this fic, but it does bring it down a few notches when all I want to do is smack the kid after 6 chapters of his constant whining about how no one has it as bad as him.
Other than that, I do enjoy the changes you've made. Sonia going to the same school used to be an old trope you'd see way back when Starforce was more popular, but has been out of fics long enough that it's nice to see it again. You've changed the plot up enough to make it much more interesting to read than the paint by numbers recreation most people go with when rewriting Starforce, too. Overall, I'd say it was worth the read up to this point, a good 7 and a half out of 10, and I intend to keep checking out the following chapters.
Cyan Quartz chapter 17 . 12/28/2015
I was thinking that DA RULES thing was a reference! Fairly Odd Parents.
When I was talking about Geo's mom and dad last chapter, I was joking.
pworld12 chapter 16 . 12/25/2015
Wow that's all I have to say. I love your story and I really don't have any complaints with it I do have some minor suggestions though. I think that the rivalry between Luna and Sonia over Geo is such a unused yet amazing thing to explore and I believe now would be the time for Sonia to develop stronger feelings for Geo after all he did help her go through the whole harp note ordeal. I also am hoping to see harp note help out and train with Megaman more because of how great it would be for Geo to be constantly annoyed by Sonia and it would most likely make Geo a more open character like you have hinted at. I also believe that Mega and Lyra would be great comidic relief for this story like Zack and Bud. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas
Cyan Quartz chapter 16 . 12/24/2015
Well, with how Geo's perspective seems to usually be put in place instead of normal narrating, with Geo summing up the situation, thinking upon his surroundings, I assumed he was the thinking type. As for Mega, everyone knows he's brash. Like a lot of main characters are, Cept he's more about fending for himself, and getting to the objective, well, objectively. Y'know, like a dog who see 's a bone get thrown, he's gonna charge for it, even though he might end up over shooting it and slamming into the wall.
Zack, Bud, and Luna are hard to tell with, they're not usually one's I'd expect to see much change from, though I got the feeling that Zack was trying to impress his peers with his vocabulary from this chapter, cause It seemed a little more stiff than usual, even for him.
I mean, his vocabulary is usually like that, I'm not criticizing how you write him.
As for Sonia, well my info on this series is only covered by some anime episodes and most of the second game, so maybe I'm just not in the know, but I assume her cheerfulness is a bit of a front.
Not completely, she's not secretly a completely dull emo on the inside or anything, but that she just pushes herself to be cheerful, and so that became her default personality.
Geo's mom, however, has gone from a master poet, spitting perfectly sculpted rhymes like water, to the morning papers obituaries, a little upbeat side note on an entirely unbelievable grim situation.
I have not seen much improvement from Geo's dad, he's been dead for 15 chapters, and Zacks little venture, and he has had absolutely NO character development. His dialogue is practically nonexistent, he's an unexpressive robot, He's never there to see his son off to school... He's LITERALLY the most boring corpse I've ever seen. He'd be better off if you just snuffed him from the story.
Maybe have a piano fall on his ashes floating in space. Space cleaners will rule it an accident!
Ok, ok, I'm done now. Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Boxing Day/24th Of December.
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