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flowerlover12 chapter 1 . 1/25/2016
for a min I was lost there but I get would bo so funny if seto was in a dress. lol
Nenya85 chapter 7 . 4/7/2015
I like the way you gave us a glimpse of Sugoroku at the mansion. Poor guy! That must have been really embarrassing. I like how he reflects that all this time he assumed everyone else was exaggerating or joking about Seto and Yami – only to realize that he was the only one who wasn’t in the loop on this one.

I love how Kaiba ducks out rather than face Sugoroku, then listens in on the conversation from a safe distance (the big chicken) and I love how both Yami and Sugoroku know what he’s doing but don’t call him on it. I also like how what’s bothering Sugoroku goes beyond having caught them in the kitchen, that he’s also bored and isolated at the mansion and it works that the resolution includes his deciding to help out at the store and travel and connect with people. I also like that the resolution doesn’t spell everything out, but is more about everyone affirming that they want to make this work.

And I see plenty of office sex and limo sex in their future. Poor Isono… I have a feeling that he’ll be taking them for long drives while being very thankful for privacy windows and sound-proofing.
Lady Broken Doll chapter 7 . 4/1/2015
Oh god...

I can't understand why I haven't be following. I really love your work, I think you care so much your fanfics and they become so pretty, You really can make the characters yours and still let them be.

I would wish to could read your work before, since the beggining, but I have really enjoyed reading this beautiful ficverse that you create. It's one of the best that I have read in the fandom -english and spanish-. I hope you continue sharing your beautiful writting with us...

Thank you so much for making these beautiful fanfics!

dragonlady222 chapter 7 . 3/27/2015
I'm glad they compromised. Sugoroku has a lot to look forward to and so do the others.
Nenya85 chapter 6 . 9/9/2014
I was waiting to review until I had something profound to say, then gave up. It’s really sad to see the end of this ficverse, but at the same time I really appreciate the way everything seems to have come full circle. The first stories were light and funny, then as the ficverse moved more to have Seto really struggle with his massive trust and intimacy issues, the stories themselves turned darker and more serious, until things came to a head in many ways in Cost of Living/Sweating Bullets (still my favorites). After that, there was almost a sense of healing through the remaining stories, until this last, light and funny delight.

Along the way, you gave us a bird’s eye, fly on the wall (to mix my animal metaphors) view of Seto both growing up and regaining a bit of his childhood, learning to not just fall in love, but show affection and ultimately accept himself. At Battle City, Kaiba keeps saying he wants to find a true future. Your ficverse took us on that journey with him.
WhiteXTrainer00 chapter 6 . 9/8/2014
Hey I just have to say that I have read the majority of your Kai-baby and Yami-kins stories and I really enjoyed them, in fact it was what got me to pride/scandalshippings in the first place. I am an avid puzzleshipper and now I am also a prideshipper. To be honest Kaiba wasn't my most favorite but then as I watched the series(more than 5 times) and read these fanfics, I see him alot differently and he grew on me. Your stories not only let me know about the characters and their personalities but also taught me a life lesson about family, love, and life itself. I hope you write more stories like this.
I feel sad that this had to end, but like seto said, happy endings is not the end it's just the beginning.
I can't wait to read the next story.
mofalle chapter 6 . 9/8/2014
This was a nice ending to your ficverse. It was a fun wedding. Your attention to detail made it easy for me to imagine it happening. Thank you for writing all these years.
mofalle chapter 4 . 9/8/2014
I've missed reading your fics. They are always well thought out. I love how this ended with Sugoroku. He must have thought he died and went to heaven when he saw the money. Sugoroku is a dirty old man, and it always iritated me how much of that was cut out in the dub.
dragonlady222 chapter 6 . 9/8/2014
I'm glad that they are now safely married. Seto and Yami seem so happy together. I have loved this ficverse from the beginning to the end of this and can't wait for the next story and the epilogue to this one.
Star Fantasy Writer chapter 6 . 9/7/2014
I love your work! i can't believe you have been going on this long. It can't really be this long can it? Really? Oh well. Just means it has helped time go by. Can't wait for whats next to come in your new spinoff!
Nenya85 chapter 5 . 4/11/2014
I really liked the image of Kaiba and Anzu as brother and sister – Yami and Yugi really share a thing for tall, blue-eyed brunettes/brunets, don’t they? And I loved Anzu’s observation that Kaiba liked to assign the family roles himself – it ties in with his offer to Sugoroku later.

I thought it was interesting that although Yugi has gained so much confidence, this sort of threw him and brought out a lot of his doubts – and it was sweet the way everyone reassured him. Anzu getting embarrassed over Sugoroku’s children comment was cute, too.

I really liked the way the offer to have Sugoroku live with them played out. I liked the observation that Yami putting his hand on his arm would usually get him to calm down, but not in this case where he was worried about Sugoroku. I loved the exchange with Yugi about Sugoroku’s welfare, where you’re reminded that for all his gentleness, Yugi can be tough as well when it comes to the people he loves.
dragonlady222 chapter 5 . 4/4/2014
Seto may be abrasive and abrupt but he really has some great ideas. Sugoroku is much loved and wanted. I am sure they would be happy either way. Yugi only wanted to be sure his grandfather was safe and happy whether at the game shop or somewhere else.
Nenya85 chapter 4 . 1/28/2014

I really like Yugi hear – because the chapter starts with Jounouchi and Yami’s idea of what Yugi would want, and I liked it that when we get Yugi’s thoughts he just wants to be with his friends most of all – and is generous enough to be happy because planning the whole thing (not to mention the strip club itself) makes Jounouchi happy. I thought that was very true to Yugi’s kind nature.

I liked Seto and Jounouchi’s argument – while Jounouchi quite correctly considers Kaiba borderline obsessive (I also loved the infamously jealous lover description) it’s also heartfelt and romantic.

And Kaiba being a fish out of water (Why would I want to be grungy?) any time he has to be casual is very funny.
dragonlady222 chapter 4 . 1/25/2014
I love it. Yugi is so nervous about the strippers and Yami found the perfect way to forestall them getting to close to Yugi. Too bad they didn't accept much help from Seto.
Nenya85 chapter 3 . 7/21/2013
I really liked the scene with Yami and Kaiba. Kaiba was trying to be nice to Yugi, he was trying to be helpful, and while it’s not surprising he managed to say the worst things possible I can see him getting angry at being scolded in front of Yugi. But I liked that he’s matured enough not to hang onto his resentment or make a big deal, and to basically have gotten over his anger before Yami came. I also thought the slight note in his voice when he tells Yami that he would never hurt Yugi – and that Yami should know that was perfect. As was his final “thoughts” that being desired was what was priceless. The scene managed both to show how much he’d changed and also that in some way’s he’ll probably always be a little fragile.

The part where Yami asks Kaiba if he wants a play by play and Kaiba says “no” knowing he’s going to get one anyway was cute, because that really is how couples work.

And while I feel a little bad talking about Kaiba during the chapter where Yugi proposes, for sheer intensity and romance, I don’t think anything could match Kaiba vowing to reshape the world if it will make Yami happy.

And to finally bring it back to Yugi, I did like how he thinks that he can’t match Yami’s eloquence; that he loves Anzu and it’s that simple for him. That was so cute and perfectly Yugi.
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