Reviews for Kingdom Hearts III: Dawning War
Guest chapter 79 . 4/5
I really hope you can get past this, although I think the only way to get past writers block is to write. I really think this chapter was good, and that sometimes you just need a short filler. You've come a long way since the 'sequel' and I'd love to see how you end this. Keep writing!
Nintendoes Gamer chapter 79 . 4/4
One of the best bromances in gaming
TerraKH chapter 79 . 4/3
I know you said you struggled with this one, so I'm not going to say a whole lot on it. I'm glad that Sora and Riku made up, though not much else happened. This was definitely one of your shortest chapters in a very long time. I hope the next one comes easier to you, and I hope to see you back on UWS soon, man.
superzbigz chapter 79 . 4/3
Don't worry about not updating in a while! I know that feeling!

Regardless, this was a nice chapter! Riku still feels guilty for the events that he caused, and is still somewhat jealous that Sora is able to have everyone forgive him instantly (even though with the war quickly approaching, I think they'd take anything that'll help them beat Xehanort's forces).

I saw/found a few spelling and grammatical errors here and there, but it was a improvement over the last few chapters!

Again, take your time with this story and go with what you like! You should be able to get this story completed before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out!
Guest chapter 78 . 3/31
I crave the next installment. Please don't be that guy who has like 1000 chapters then discontinues.
ImReallyShort chapter 79 . 4/2
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! An update! Great chapter, though not much really happened this chapter... Can you make the next update a little bit faster please? Thx! :D
Legionary Prime chapter 79 . 4/2
Glad you are still around and I know what you mean about stuff going on, dealing with computer issues right now and money issues. I also stopped working on my KH story for the mean time and on something else, no motivation.

Still, good chapter minus that its a big wall of text with no spaces between some lines, might have been an error
NinjaFang1331 chapter 79 . 4/2
Nice job
superzbigz chapter 78 . 1/10
So the old Sora is back again, with Anti still lingering somewhere among his heart. I really hope that doesn't become a problem during the upcoming war...

And I can't blame Riku for being mad at Sora, he did get his ass handed to him and all... But last part caught my attention the most, the part where he says that not everyone has forgiven him for his past misdeeds...

And I got a few of your references, mostly the guardians of the Galaxy ones. And with this war happening soon, Sora's gonna need all the help he can get against Xehanort's forces...

And now that I've caught up to this story, I'll go ahead and read you Christmas one-shot (even though it's past the season and all, it's the thought/spirit that counts)...
superzbigz chapter 77 . 1/10
The fight between Sora and Anti was good! Showing off how much control the both of them had over Sora's heart.

And how is Zack still alive? Didn't he die? Regardless of that, how did the Calvary show up,and save both Sora and Zack from fighting? Was that all planned?

I guess I'll find out next chapter...
superzbigz chapter 76 . 1/10
Well now, Sora and Don managed to reach Ansem with little trouble, but here's my question; did Sora really kill Ansem?

And the fight between Sora, Donald, and Goofy was a bit one sided, especially considering how powerful Sora has become when they first met each other...

And whaddaya know? The old Sora's still alive and kicking I Anti Sora!

I'm wondering how badly both Soras fighting for control will show? Guess I'll find out next chapter!
superzbigz chapter 75 . 1/10
Leave it to me to die off, again, mostly because I was preoccupied with things (laziness also contributed too)...

Regardless, I'm noticing a lot of Disney characters show up here, Goofy's son (Max), Panchito and José (formed with Donald, makes The Three Caballeros), Horace Horsecollar, and so many more!

And now that the whole castle knows that Sora's a traitor, I'm now wondering how messy things can get...

Guess I'll ll just find out I'm the next chapter...
Lucenthia chapter 78 . 1/2
I really liked this chapter. It was great characterization of Riku. You effectively showed his guilt and frustration towards Sora through well-inserted dialogue.
To improve, maybe add a bit of description to the setting so you don't have loads of one line paragraphs.
Keep it up!
The Unknowing Herald chapter 78 . 12/28/2014
The entire chapter could've gone eitherway. At first I thought that they were forgiving Sora way too quickly and you were just gonna handwave it. Then Riku pointed that out and made taht to be a character moment and that just made the chapter. Really, it took waht seemed a plothole and made it a plotPOINT. Good job.

That being said, for the sake of the readers, fix the formating of the chapter. There's NO spacing.
ImReallyShort chapter 78 . 12/27/2014
Oooooooooooo, nice chapter. Is Riku really jealous? :D
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