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The Dark Madness Dragon chapter 43 . 7/2
It was good to see some progress in the story line. (God I haven't written one of these for ages...)

I liked the introduction of Soldat class units, the suicide pill is the perfect thing for the fully devoted not wanting to be captured. I know if I was Hanne, I would be pissed too.

Good chapter over all.
classykazmiller25 chapter 43 . 6/29
Great work, and I am enjoying the way you build up the chapters. Great potion of violence and plot build up. This story is only getting better
classykazmiller25 chapter 42 . 6/11
Been far far too long since I've made contact with you good sir. As usual, amazing writing piece. Gave me chills as I read it. Excellent work brother. Excellent.
DodgeStreaker chapter 42 . 6/10
It's almost upsetting how well it's been forgotten that Corey is an explosives expert and how if you looked at his old bio his main weapon of choice is in fact a grenade launcher
lolrus555 chapter 42 . 5/15
Okay, I'll just say it. I usually don't care at all, and I mean AT ALL, about OCs, but you've done a very good job at endearing me to Shane as well as the other characters of this story. He's a character that gets shit done and is one of the few sensible and likable people in this story's cold and uncaring world. He's right up there with Hank for being my favorite character in this and I seriously hope that he'll be able to rescue him without losing his life in the process.

Annnnnd once again, you've also done an amazing job at making me hate "The Professor's" guts. Seriously, I don't give a shit about whatever tragic or freudian excuse he has for his current being, I really hope Shane's rescue mission ends with the smug bastard losing his composure before dying painfully. I mean, you've done an amazing job at making this guy a completely hate-able antagonist that you wanna see crash and burn. He's completely amoral, tortures the main character, treats people like objects to do with as he pleases, and he has an infuriating god complex. It all leads up to you instinctively hating the guy no matter what.

In any case, like I've said before, you've done a wonderful job at progressing the story further this chapter and it also feels like we're getting closer and closer to the main Madness Combat series with each passing chapter. I'm seriously interested in knowing what the main series will be like with all these characters and how their presence will ultimately change things or our perspective on certain events. So in essence, just keep up the great quality you've been producing with each passing chapter. I can't wait for more!

(Kind of unrelated to the review, but I'm just gonna wonder what Sanford and Deimos' role in the story is gonna be over here. I remember at one point in the story the Higher Powers mentioning them, but it was rather ambiguous as to what their current roles are. If I had to guess, then Sanford is very likely active and against the AAHW (Whether or not he's in the anti-AAHW is another matter entirely) and Deimos is probably still a civilian at this point, probably some kind of prankster teenager or a total slacker, if I had to guess. In any case, I'm going to assume that some way or another Sanford is gonna end up taking Deimos under his wing and they'll end up working with the anti-AAHW if Sanford isn't already.)

(With all this in mind, I'm going to assume that after Hank escapes from The Professor, the story will begin shifting focus to the two of them and start detailing their friendship. Hell, if Sanford really is working for the anti-AAHW, then Deimos will likely be an exception to the squadron rule the organization has going and end up working exclusively under Sanford's tutelage. If that is the case, then that could lead to some fairly interesting potential interactions between Deimos and the remnants of the Madness squadron. But yeah, this was just me gushing a bit, so pay it no mind.)
Drake187 chapter 42 . 5/13
Now this is interesting. As much as he acts the stone cold badass, Hank's still not much more than a kid. It'll be interesting to see how he pulls through this, and more importantly: How his captivity will change him. Calling it now, this is a big part of how he becomes the remorseless murder machine he is today. (at least on a mental level)
Pyrochicken chapter 41 . 3/30
Been reading your work since Final Salvation and i have to say it has only gotten better since. This story really is one of the best fanfics i have ever read and deserves all the attention it gets and more.
Hope that there are more great things to come for this story and series overall.
Guest chapter 41 . 3/30
Will you be able to document the storylines between MD:1 to Abrogation?
When Krinkels( and the Swain) was describing Hank MD:PN Episode 1, he called him a "psychopathic mercenary gunman".

So will you show the transitioning of this unstable youth to the psychopathic, more like sociopathic, gunman?

Also l luv this book so update pls and I'm sorry for your Grandad even if I don't know him doesn't mean I can't pay homage to him.

Also are you muslim?

Guest chapter 12 . 3/27
Can you do it through the madness combat series
lolrus555 chapter 41 . 3/18
Jesus, Hank back-sassing Nikolai this chapter was frickin' awesome! Also, this scientist dude is really starting to piss me off... which is good, because every story needs a good, hate-able antagonist. As for Nikolai's arm, if it's broken beyond repair, or gonna require amputation, then that's likely gonna break the haughty bastard. Which is a shame because the back and forth he Hank were having this chapter, he was kinda starting to grow on me a little! Just a little.

Now, if I had to guess where the story is gonna go now, I'm gonna guess Hank is gonna be taken to where Ryder is, probably gonna get experimented on like he was, and after an uncertain amount of time, (maybe a week, maybe a few months in an ungodly worst-case scenario) the both of them are gonna stage a breakout only to get curbstomped by the scientist. At that point, Hank's gonna take a cue from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and embrace his super-powerful psycho persona, which will allow him to effectively fight back against the scientist, who might go through a mental breakdown throughout the fight due to his plans falling apart.

After escaping, maybe with Ryder sacrificing himself to save him if the scientist suddenly gets his second wind, Hank will realize that the Anti-AAHW is just as bad as the AAHW and decide to wage a one-man war against the organization, starting with the Sheriff, which will begin the Madness Combat series proper.

Well, either that or the Madness squadron is gonna get back together to rescue Hank, still unaware that Ryder is still alive. In any case, whatever happens to Hank now that he's trapped in this weirdo's clutches probably isn't gonna be pleasant, and Ryder likely isn't gonna be in a good state the next time we see him.

All together, I'm really looking forward to see what happens next. Keep up the awesome work, you guys!
Drake187 chapter 41 . 3/18
Fuckin a! The return of the king! Good to see you back. Also, damn good chapter. Now I just gots to know what's in store for our not so noble protagonist.
Mitt T chapter 14 . 3/9
I'll be disappointed if Mikhail doesn't get shot by Jebus at some point. :P
Bloxxerstudios1 chapter 40 . 3/8
This is an absolutely phonemonal story, one gripe though.

The Dickens happened to tricky?

He appeared in chapter 2 or 3 then all a sudden POOF! Vanished! What was he there for like shites and giggles?
Mitt T chapter 11 . 3/8
Maybe one day Hank will go full "Za Warudo".
Nice how you wrote bullet-time into this.
Mitt T chapter 9 . 3/8
Sheesh. Wasn't expecting something this serious from something based on a cartoon centered around shooting the heck out of everything. I like it though.
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