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lolrus555 chapter 52 . 2/27
Uh... just an FYI that guest review was from me. Don't know why it didn't list me as such ._.
Guest chapter 52 . 2/25
God. Fucking. Damn. Where to freaking start? Only two chapters but shit, the shit has hit the fan. Now, I guess I'll start off by noting I think I know what caused the immortality the Professor seeked so desperately; simply put, when he did that... uh... thing to Ryder last chapter, where he patched up his wound with that stuff, it was mentioned that it formed some sort of link between the two of them. If this is indeed the case and I'm correct, then it's quite ironic that the very link the Professor made a point of expressing his disdain for appeared to be the very thing that allowed him to achieve his goal, however briefly it may've been.

Additionally, I gotta say that after multiple chapters of dealing with his shit, it was satisfying to finally see the Professor get what was coming to him. It was just great seeing him steadily lose his composure and made humble as the heroes slowly but surely manage to wear him down and put a strain on his resources during the fight with him. All together, I was overall satisfied with seeing the Professor finally get his just-deserts and get taken down. My only gripe had to have been his reaction to Aaron killing Ryder, the apparent source of his immortality. While a part of me does genuinely like how he his final moments were in pure scientific awe at what he was witnessing, a part of me felt it was a missed opportunity, and this next part isn't even my hatred of the guy talking. Instead of just watching in awe, I imagine his reaction should've been more akin to horror as he watches the source of his immortality, the goal he's spent god knows how long and threw away his humanity to achieve, being bloodily ripped away from him. 'STOP! STOP IT YOU LITTLE SHIT! THIS ISN'T FAIR! THIS ISN'T FAIR!' I think something like that would've been a good allusion to his overall childish and bratty personality and how he seems to be stuck in the past because of this 'Anna' girl.

Also, I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I think I noticed some DBZ and JJBA references in the latest chapter, what with the professor steadily losing his composure as the good guys steadily put more and more dents in his armor and actually managing to hurt him ala Freeza, to the horror felt when he suddenly reveals he isn't dead before fatally wounding one ally and killing another, to, my personal favorite, his gleefully scratching pieces of his face off as he revels in the euphoria of his new power ala DIO. All things considered though, I think you guys did a great job at capturing the dread of that scene. Just when it looks like the formidable bad guy is dead and not a moment too soon, right when the heroes are heavily injured and running on fumes, we just get a 'By the way; not dead. K thnx die!' and you just feel the same dread, anger, horror, and helplessness Hank likely feels in that very same moment. It took everything he had with Nikolai tag-teaming it and Eli and Hina providing cover to take the bastard down, only for him to reveal he's finally achieved his immortality and his previous fatigue is all but forgotten. It's just so easy to feel what Hank's likely feeling in that moment.

Ah god, everything got so fucked at the end though. Just when it looked like we were actually going to come out of this with no causalities and actually get Ryder back to his senses, it's like god just decided to piss over everyone present. This grim state of affairs DOES raise a lot of questions though. At least from a reader perspective. Ever since this story has focused on Hank working for the Anti-AAHW, it feels like this entire arc had the professor as it's overarching antagonist. Now that he's dead, it feels like Hank's situation is on the verge of undergoing a major change, and it isn't helped by the fact that Nikolai's dead and, worst-case scenario, the rest of Hank's squadron's dead too. Maybe we're on the verge of seeing the beginning of the series proper? Aside from still getting the chance to hang out with cool-guy Shane, Hank really has no other reasons to keep taking orders from the Anti-AAHW.

I also gotta say that I liked how things were handled with Aaron's character. I'm not going to pretend this absolves him of his betrayal, but him nutting up, helping the others, and topping it off by putting Ryder out of his misery, subsequently saving Hank, felt like a great redeeming action on his part. Plus, him getting his shit kicked in in the other chapter and apparently getting one of his eyes lodged out of it's socked (shudder) is adequate punishment in my book.

But uh... yeah! After the fucking bombshells that got dropped in these last two chapters, it really leaves me interested in the fallout and what's going to happen next. The end of the latest chapter just gives off the vibe of loss, but at the same time, at least from the reader's perspective, that things are really going to open up from this point forward, y'know? I like it.
Irongole chapter 52 . 2/20
Absolutely amazing, love the action and there really couldn’t have been a better fight then this. The brutality of a small fight was quite astonishing, but with the death of one Antagonist it raises the question. What’s next?
Cheorkee rememberer gamer98 chapter 51 . 2/20
You know I have two theories on the scientist's origins before he became what he was and both of them involve him being a member of Antithesis one where he was a normal agent with 574's team before being captured and brainwashed by the AAHW. And the other where he was planted as a sleeper agent in 574's team which involved the battle that killed a few of 574's comrades from his team including the woman who was the lover for his rival. I base this due to all the way back around season 1 to season 2 where Mikhail is having all these induced flashbacks from the fact his body cannot die. In one of them he remembers the faces of a team he was a part of before an incident happened involving a few of them killed. My first theory is that the professor was one of the men from Mikhail's squad who was captured by the AAHW and forced to see his lover die in front of him before he was effectively brainwashed by the organization. This would explain why he is not only proficient in terms of combat ability but would also explain how he knows the structure of Antithesis along with how he knows 574's real name. The second involves him being planted as a sleeper agent for the AAHW on Mikhail's squad whose programming manifested itself causing the incident which took the lives of some of 574's comrades. In both cases the AAHW most likely used powerful drugs and psychological techniques to turn the professor into what he became hence why he can't remember where he earned his skills from. As for the promise he made to Anna it's most likely one of two things he either made the promise to her before her death and they induced something to manifest her persona into his consciousness. Or they manifested her persona into his consciousness while also planting a false idea that he made a promise to her that he would go beyond being mortal.

Granted there are a lot of flaws to these two theories but they are better than nothing. Of course you might reveal something more concrete later. That being said this was one hell of an intense fight and it looks like the Professor, Ryder and Nikolai didn't last long enough to see PN2 release fully. Add them to the count of people who have died waiting for the game to come out. (Morbid joke I know) Anyways keep up the good work also nice work on the Final Salvation rewrite I especially enjoy all the humor revolving around Deimos being thirsty for Cathy and Sanford trying not to choke him.
Cheorkee rememberer gamer98 chapter 48 . 1/4
While I'm still hoping that the professor dies preferably by Ryder I have come to terms that it might not happen just yet. Speaking of which I have a theory of where this story will eventually end and you can call me crazy or not on this. Basically the whole reason why Hank is training is to eventually take on the Auditor but before he can do that he will need to take on his lackeys Sheriff Beorg and of course his bodyguard Christoff. Does this mean the story will end on a cliffhanger where Hank accepts the mission to assassinate Beorg starting the Madness series as we know it?
Cheorkee rememberer gamer98 chapter 50 . 1/4
Hello my friend it has been a while since I have last reviewed allow me to fix that. First off your Joseph Mengele OC is working out pretty well. HEIL! The professor and everything. But onto more serious talk it looks like Aaron is about to be killed by his brother hopefully that is not the case. Also I do not believe you have covered how and why exactly the Soldat's blood is yellow instead of red does it have something to do with the Improbability Drive or is it something the AAHW discovered in their course of experimenting on innocent civilians? Anyways I am eagerly awaiting the next update as always. Happy late New Year!
Marvin Childers1 chapter 3 . 11/7/2017
Hank Wimbleton is what his name is suppost to be, for example the AAHW, 'agency against hank wimbleton'
Marvin Childers1 chapter 2 . 11/7/2017
The AAHW battling Hank, is the 'Agency Agenst Hank Wimbleton'
Is this the original AAHW, Agency Agenst Human Warfare?
lolrus555 chapter 50 . 8/30/2017
Wow... I don't even know where to begin. These last couple of chapters were just fucking crazy. First off, I just wanna say that I take back everything I said about Nikolai in the past. He was certainly a douchebag in the past and well... he still is even now, but I've come to see that he isn't heartless, he has some fucking honor, and having him intervene and save Hank's skin from that asswipe professor has more than redeemed him in my eyes. These past couple of chapters have honestly endeared me to the guy and I give you all kudos for accomplishing this.

Additionally, you really threw me for a loop with Aaron's motivations here. At first, I honestly figured that Aaron was trying to go on some kind of suicide mission to either rescue Ryder, kill the professor in the most painful way imaginable, or some combination of both, but of course, his third-person narration about Hank and how he was the 'least guilty' clearly set off some red flags. And of course, when everything becomes clear to see and Hank's holding Aaron at gunpoint demanding answers, it just feels awful. While I wasn't exactly 'AARON'S NUMBAH OONE FANBOI' or anything like that, I still had no problems with the character and felt for him about losing Ryder and seeing the awful fate that befell his family thanks to the AAHW and of course, everyone's favorite monster, regardless of his aloof and fairly cold demeanor after that ill-fated mission that separated him from his brother. With that in mind, it was both sad and disappointing to see Aaron willingly throw Hank under the bus for the sake of seeing his brother again. And not get back, literally just SEE him again. Like... I don't know if Aaron was just that desperate or didn't notice the Professor using exact words or some shit when they made that deal, but if he knowingly tried to sell out Hank for the sake of just SEEING his brother again, then... man, that's just awful. Honestly, I felt this was perfectly summed up when Hank compared the look in Aaron's eyes to the look of that girl who left him out to dry after he saved her from Marvin: After everything he did for him, everything they went through when they were the Madness Sqaudrin, Aaron was still willing to put the flimsy-ass promise of this sketchy-ass mad scientist over the safety of one of his squad mates.

...Despite everything he did though, it was both sad and pitiful to see what the Professor made Ryder do to Aaron. It's clear to see that Ryder was a clear mental and emotional crutch for Aaron despite their previous arguments, as evidenced by his words this chapter, so it was anything but pleasant seeing you describe Aaron's screams of pain devolving to crying and whimpering after the Professor made Aaron fuck up his face. And it was only worse when he was ordered to repeatedly kick him while he was down.

It was impressive. As a whole, you did a good job of making me both somewhat sympathize with Aaron for his past and showing just how much he needed Ryder while still making me completely agree with Nikolai and find great satisfaction in hearing him angrily chew Aaron out for his blatant betrayal, as well as hearing a few simple words from Hank that had a clear effect on him. (And once again, you seriously did a great job with Nikolai. I'm impressed with how you guys managed to make me go from hating his guts to genuinely liking him. Maybe it has something to do with how he lost barely any of his spirit or gusto despite losing his dominant arm.)

And the Professor... Oh ho HO, that fucking monster. Seriously... I honestly don't think I've ever experienced another form of media that's featured such an intensely hateable antagonist that I want to see fail, crash, burn, and suffer as much as I do this guy. Every single word he speaks is just oozing with condescension, smug superiority, and such a callous, monstrous disregard for human life. And that's not even going into his actions and what we've learned he did to Ryder and Aaron when they were fucking kids.

If you don't have it planned already, then PLEASE, I implore you, make sure his downfall in this story is painful and satisfying. The protagonists taking him down needs to be something that tears apart his fucked up philosophy before his very eyes and completely ruins his life's work, leaving him in the same, pathetic emotional state he's left so many others in. It'd be perfectly fitting for his downfall to involve him being left in a frotting, furious state just like how he left Nikolai in during this chapter, as well as pathetically leaving him at someone's mercy. I'm sorry for always going off on a furious tangent about the professor whenever I bring him up, it's just that you've done such a good job setting him up as a hateable antagonist, and I just feel that it wouldn't be a good pay-off for the readers if he didn't truly go through a veritable conga-line of humiliation before his defeat, y'know?

Also, many interesting things were revealed this chapter, chief among them, the true ramifications of Hank's potential overuse of bullet time. It was likely mentioned before, but the way it was worded just made me realize it's weight 'SURVIVAL OR SANITY?' This IS a fanfiction about MADNESS COMBAT, and sooner or later, the events of the main series are going to be shown on this fanfiction. With that in mind, I can't help but wonder if bullet-time's negative effects will have an important impact on the events of Madness Combat proper.

Speaking of the main story, I know I've said it before, but I'm seriously looking forward to when we eventually reach the canon events of Madness Combat, potentially starting with a simple day in the park that went so horribly arwy thanks to a goddamn boom box. With how well-written this story is, I'm seriously looking forward to more appearances from Jebus, who I truly liked for his honorable nature in previous chapters. With you guys actually giving Hank and Jebus characters, it's gonna be great to see you guys write out their rivalry of death here. They kill each other constantly, but there never seems to be any animosity unlike Hank's deal with Tricky, and signs of clear respect between the two of them.

Now that I'm done gushing, let me just say that I'm truly looking forward to seeing you guys combine the genuinely interesting lore you've set up here with the canon events of Madness Combat. It's gonna be truly wonderful seeing all the characters you've created so far interact with the canon characters as they are in the main series, and I'm also really gonna enjoy seeing the sheriff's death. Oh yeah, I haven't forgotten about that hillbilly boy, not by a damn sight. It's gonna be great seeing Hank get medieval on his ass with that 12 gauge.

But yeah, I truly apologize for not leaving any review for a while, it's just that this story has so many divergent storylines, most of which focusing on OCs (which I don't mind. These OCs are actually fucking and I'm well-aware it's necessary for a series like Madness Combat), and it can just all come off as a bit intimidating remembering where I left off, sometimes remembering who's supposed to be who, or at least remembering what they were doing last. But I still fucking adore this story. It seriously deserves the crap-ton of reviews and follows that most shitty Naruto/Pokemon/Harry Pothead fanfictions get within a goddamn day. I love this story, I love the amazing work you guys do, and I truly can't wait for more. Shine on you crazy diamonds, shine on...

(Also, I'm well aware I haven't mentioned this before, so I'll bring it up now. I honestly really liked the whole system you set up with Accelerants. I always found it to be an interesting concept how you added these pills into the Madness world that can, over the slow but steady course of time, grant anyone who constantly takes them superhuman reflexes and abilities. It all sounded like something that could honestly fit into the Madness world and fits with how in Madness Combat proper, there was no plausible explanation for why Hank, Sanford, and Deimos were near-superhuman badasses that could perform such incredible feats compared to the grunts, agents, and such. Granted, the Accelerants might have nothing to do with that, but I just wanted to say that I felt the Accelerants are a neat concept you have there. Additionally, I've really liked all the world-building that you've done with this story. I'll go into it in a later review, but the world of Madness Combat feels much more fleshed out here while still staying true to it's demented canon.)
One Eye Demon chapter 50 . 8/28/2017
Pfft, Nik gives one hell of a speech. I'm not surprised if he's secretly a professional orator in his free time. I wonder what terms of endearment he gives to the higher ups?
One Eye Demon chapter 49 . 8/12/2017
Oh yeah. Bring it Aaron. You're about to fight a dude that's capable of soloing a hell spawn clown and a single building. I doubt you're going to win the fight. Hey, in a side note. Who would win. Hank in his full glory or Good 'ol Nik in his prime?
Cheorkee rememberer gamer98 chapter 49 . 8/12/2017
YEAH NEW CHAPTER! For a second I thought you had fled to Mexico or something and was worried about not seeing this updated. Am I the only one who thinks that before the Madness Squadron broke apart they did things like prank each other during their off time? I can totally see Aaron call Eli Jason or Ryder hiding something of Hank's. Maybe you could do a series of one-shots around that sometime?

Nice to see the whole Recko and Shane romance becoming a thing. Also nice to see Eli and Hinna finally getting together. Also before I forget #Numbers for PN3. Also Hector did nothing wrong!
Guest chapter 48 . 6/25/2017
Is the professor the same from kelzads animations?
One Eye Demon chapter 48 . 6/20/2017
I am LOVIN' the backstories! It gave me more reasons to like Aaron and his sad upbringing. I'd love to see other characters tragic past, especially a certain sarcasticly annyoying prisoner of Anti-A.A.H.W :3
One Eye Demon chapter 47 . 5/16/2017
I really liked the chapter. Really put a perspective of Nik's ol' life. get it? perspective. pft.
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