Reviews for Leprechaun Magic
emjalen08 chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
First of all, to greet the most important person in this fic: Bows to George and waves hand. Hi! Thanks for helping me with my crack idea that turned into a real fic awhile back! So glad to see you. Jade-Max is lucky to have you, and may I say, I've always appreciated leprechauns.

Now, on to the story:

"All of us have little tropes, cliches and the like that we use in our stories. Little patterns that creep into our fics." -So true!

And because some thing just have to be quoted to get across how funny they are:

"His heart sank. They were in a Jade_Max fic. Please no." Ha! This line just cracked me up.

Kudos to you for doing some self-examination on your writing. This piece is light humored, and funny. Also, yay for using Kyp. There just isn't enough of him!

Also, I love your ending. Poor Kyp, being seduced by a beautiful woman, lol.