Reviews for The Return
brynja.h.jonsdottir chapter 73 . 2/23
Just read this story from beginning and I have to say that it's just wonderful. I hope that you'll continue with it someday.
Guest chapter 73 . 2/17
I can't wait for the proposal! This is great (:
Nobody Too chapter 72 . 2/15
To me, the last scene is just fine.
I was so happy to see a new chapter up this morning!
Guest chapter 72 . 2/15
Yay for some happiness! Keep up the great work!
Bridget Weinstock chapter 72 . 2/15
You have to be kidding about the last scene. You've captured the way the character moves his face so perfectly, and your OCs are easy to visualise as well. (Same with Niamh and Assumpta and Brendan earlier on, of course.)

And this whole subplot is so true to the original, too - Peter's superpower IS people-geometry, figuring how to set everyone on the path where they can help everyone else.
Bridget Weinstock chapter 71 . 2/9
I love how this chapter parallels the end of Series 1, when she's afraid of being driven out of business and they're both afraid of losing each other. This time, though, all the fears and hopes and dreams come spilling out, finally bursting the dam. Pride and shame both finally wash away.

Oh, and Sam. Such a good way to prove to Assumpta that the church and the city are in good hands, even without Peter.

I can't believe this is almost over. It's playing out so perfectly but I'm just not ready to part with it.
Guest chapter 70 . 2/3
Looking forward to the next chapter!
Eninaj chapter 70 . 2/5
Oh no no nooo! How much more can you put them through? The poor things, why do they never just share what's on their minds? Why, why?

I find your scenario totally believable by the way. You're really making us feel what their sacrifices actually mean to them, by giving us. You've breathed real life into Peter's Manchester existence.

Keep going!
Nobody Too chapter 70 . 2/2
Argh! Please update again soon!
Bridget Weinstock chapter 70 . 2/2
Oh, so perfectly heartbreaking! Assumpta's brittle self-esteem rides again. As wrenching as this chapter was, I have total faith you'll see things through - and you'll give them the daylight they need.
Guest chapter 69 . 1/27
I have binge read this whole story in one sitting and I have to say that it's a work of art- I could totally imagine this as a credible storyline, if season 3 ended differently! Well done and I wait with bated breath for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 69 . 1/26
Thanks for this wonderful story!
LMS5XP chapter 69 . 1/26
The most important thing to bear in mind is that writers here are volunteers doing this for any number of reasons, but ultimately because they think they have something worthwhile to say, and not put actual food on the table and money in the pocket. I have suggested in the past that the unreliability is on the part of the readership. Reviews are food for the soul of a writer. Nothing is worse than to a writer than not being read. You have been a dynamo, posting an impressive amount of beautiful writing about two old friends of ours who live through your words. They survive and we benefit spiritually through your (and others) work an dedication. This epic hasn't stopped ( a hiatus, yes, where your life intervened, but no one can call that unreliable) and as I've said I for one am very grateful. I think we all can tolerate lapses in production. The saddest thing is an abandoned story, and there are number of them everywhere. This story lives and breathes we cannot ask for more than that. We just should be better at acknowledging it. Thank you for your time, imagination, perseverance, an possibly carpal tunnel syndrome
Bridget Weinstock chapter 68 . 1/25
Confession: sometimes you don't get a review from me because I feel like any review would need at least three drafts to be worthy. Tonight I'm trying to override that compulsion, so there will be gushing.

Everything here is so crystalline and tense and lovely. You've already demonstrated a million ways you're a talented writer, and here again you've shown another. The details in the kiss are as rich as in the church, and both times someone's going right to the edge of self-control. So elegant and wild, all at once.
PiperSong chapter 66 . 1/22
It's taken me about half a day to get to the final chapter (so far), that's how enraptured I am. This is brilliant, I'm loving it, the plot, the true to the show characters, your ability to form eloquent and grammatically correct sentences (thoroughly underrated skill in fanfic). Thanks so much for sharing your writing, I can't wait to see how it continues!
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