Reviews for Ship and Anchor
Rydia Pryde chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
Wow. Just, wow. Great writing, your descriptions are wonderful, I can really picture exactly what you are describing. I also think you captured the spirit of the characters really well :)
Bebedora chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
Very nice!

Your descriptions of destroyed Esthar and all the death/destruction were incredible. Very vivid.

The relationship between Squall and Rinoa was perfect: loving, yet flawed...and Squall's persistent awkwardness with the opposite sex. You nailed it.

RadiantKeybladeFantasy chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
...Holy. Crap. That was AMAZING writing! So inspiring and it totally got me emotional. There is just so much to say about this, it could end up being the longest review in the history of , lol.

You did so great with every part! It was a perfect blend of romance, suspense, tragedy, and comedy. I was a little confused at first when reading, but I quickly caught on to it. I was in tears at the thought of Laguna and the others all dying - especially by Rinoa. I felt for them, her, and Squall. I love how you portrayed those parts so emotionally and tragically. I loved it - and I'm not usually a fan of tragedy, really. I was SO relieved that was a dream, you have no idea, lol. I hate to imagine Squall and Rinoa being forced into that position, but it definitely gives their promise at the flower fields more depth, you know? I could totally picture it while reading - the whole story, every scene, played out in my mind - it was perfect to a tee!XD I especially love how you had their thoughts echo the words of their promise during the dreams of Rinoa going crazy with/from power. All of the SquallxRinoa segments were well written, but those especially! The way you take their relationship and portray it in a more profound and emotional way - I love it! I'm jealous of it, lol.

The segments with Zell and Christine/Library Girl are certainly of no exception, of course. I was laughing so much when she tackled Zell and practically threatened him. I can totally imagine Zell reacting that way! ROFL!XD It's cute how you hinted at a slight attraction between Nida and Xu, too, and I wish we could have gotten more of Quistis and Seifer (whoever doesn't know that's Seifer...yeah, they're slower than me, lol). I had the same reaction of laughter with the Laguna parts, too, unsurprisingly. It was hilarious how, whatever Squall was thinking...Laguna would use that as his excuse right after. That was perfect!XD It's also great to see Cid and Edea. I'd like to work them into one of my stories sometimes. Maybe my next one.D

Aye, okay...this review is getting far too long. I just loved this too much to not touch on as much of it as I could. I did warn you, lol. Seriously though, one last thing...this story was just perfect all-around, and I can see why it took you so long to write it. I did not expect something like this - especially of this caliber. I think this is by far the BEST writing you have done yet! You really should keep this style in mind. I was completely blown away! Probably the best writing I've seen yet on this site!D Ahh, Squall and Rinoa...definitely the best and most perfect relationship. Totally ideal. They'll always hold number one in my mind, especially after reading this.

Thanks SO much for an awesome, epic story! A great birthday present! It was a nice touch having them celebrate Squall's birthday as well - and an even better touch that they're You really know how to surprise. Please keep up this impeccable work! I look forward to more writing like this from you. Not necessarily tragic, lol, just...this kind of writing, you know? Am I confusing you? Sorry.

I could go on and on some more. I just won't feel I've said enough, but I really need to stop now. Definitely got to be the longest review ever by now, huh? lol. Thanks again! I loved this so much!XD