Reviews for Point of No Return
pixie.casey chapter 24 . 3/27
Loving this story!
Normally I hate reading stories with cheating but I can't help feel a bit sorry for Edward. He knew not telling her was wrong but was afraid to lose her if he told her the truth. Hope they get back together soon!
UpYourCupcake chapter 24 . 3/11
I hope Bella doesn't forgive him, but I guess that's the way this story is going. I don't think he should get off that easily. He's a liar and manipulator and I thought Bella would have more backbone.
roxnroll chapter 24 . 2/23
Thank you for the chapter! I think that this talk is long overdue. Looking forward to more!
lilmstran chapter 24 . 2/22
loved it
keep going
can't wait to read more
Chilly Howdy chapter 24 . 2/20
Oh wow Girlfriend!

Just wowzers! Well he laid it all bare and now its out there! Can't wait to see what Bella has to say...

Awww congratulations to Rose and Emmett! Kayla sounds like a beautiful name...

I wonder if there will be any little Masen's in the future? because I am sure that Bella will forgive Dumbward sooner or later?

Thanks for the wonderful update :)

See you next one

Chilly x
EnchantedbyTwilight chapter 24 . 2/19
I found this in the Cheater's rec group and LOVE it. Well written, angsty, perfection.

can't wait for more!
pipelynn chapter 24 . 2/19
I want them together, but on her terms and for him to stop kicking himself at some point!
stupidlamb2010 chapter 24 . 2/19
Get them back together
LizziePaige chapter 24 . 2/18
I hope she still has more to say than that! She's allowed him to gave all the power so far in this conversation.
lee21761 chapter 24 . 2/18
I think they should get back together...after a lot of work and pleading on his part
Guest chapter 23 . 2/18
He's just writing letters now and screwing them up, he hasn't done any work so he could see her now and not blow off an important client tomorrow.
He was always blowing her off before and now he can't make a sensible decision and see her when he has time.
They are both screwy and don't make sense.
But I have heard the one that breaks first looses the power so he must know that deep down that is why he let her call first and lets her wait to meet him.
Guest chapter 23 . 2/18
Why did he chase after her and upset her if he didn't think he deserved another chance?
Why doesn't he sent others to the office (sending a memo to id the courier of course), if he doesn't think he deserves another chance?
Guest chapter 22 . 2/18
Boy, opening up that hidden doorway, I don't think it's hidden or a doorway, it's a wide open chasm.
Guest chapter 22 . 2/18
why has she got cheap liquor?
Guest chapter 22 . 2/18
Why didn't she break down and stumble around on January 10th when he came into the office that was just two day ago?
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