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DeejayMil chapter 1 . 7/30/2016
["Don't tickle me!" he squealed, pulling his hand away from Mycroft's with a grin] - the 'with a grin' almost feels superfluous - a tiny, picky thing, but something that I think would strengthen the writing if it was either removed or built better into the scene (opening scenes/lines are so dreadfully important that the tiny things can make or break them)

[one had to make do with what one had, and he had a brother on hand.] - Mycroft on point right here, wowee. I love it.

[Not for one moment imagining that Mycroft was telling anything other than the truth, Sherlock sat down in front of him again.] - SHERLOCK ON POINT. So trusting of his big brother, awww! I love these two as children, I really, really do.

[Conventional thinking was not this kid's strong point.] - Hmm. Not quite Mycrofty. It starts off really strong, but I think changing 'kid's' even simply to 'child's' would improve this sentence and make it a little less... jarring, almost, I think.

I think Mummy's dialogue is a little... stilted? Almost. I found it hard to picture her from just her dialogue alone, and it removed me slightly from that part of the story.

On the other hand, the description of Sherlock getting dressed was STUNNING. I loved every minute of it, but especially his getting his pants on and having much less trouble with his shirt. I adored that, such bebe. Very cute!

And the ending line of this piece is absolute perfection. That's the kind of wonderful resolution I love to see at the end of one-shots because it summed up the rest of the fic in such a perfect manner. Great work! :D
Otaku and Proud chapter 1 . 6/22/2016
Mummy Holmes is a bitch but at least Mycroft's nice.
wittyying chapter 1 . 5/19/2016
Awww...brotherly love. Your Mycroft is likely better with kids than I am. As much as I love kids, it is nice to be able to hand them back to the parents. I get migraines too and I guess they did not have earplugs back in the day.
Honeydewmelon56 chapter 1 . 5/3/2016
inactive site member chapter 1 . 5/3/2016
The following below is a harmless troll review copy pasted from Encyclopedia Dramatica and is designed to mock Sherlock Holmes than anything the author wrote. Enjoy.

Sherlock is a British television crime drama popular amongst 16 year old girls depicting a contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. The series was first broadcast in 2010 with the second and third seasons following in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The series is notable OTI for generating much butthurt and sadly being the inspiration for countless fanfics, the majority of which are authored by women and feature the characters of Holmes and Watson engaging in lurid homosexual liasons, something which was most certainly not intended by the original author.

The show usually involves hideously deformed actor, Benedict Cumberbatch showing off his s*xy manoeuvres and hilariously over-reaching assumptions that only ever happen to be correct due to the fact that it's a f*cking TV show, a fact many people seem to overlook. Cumbersnatch has generated his own fanbase on the interwebs who refer to themselves as "Cumberb*tches", a name so cringeworthy that even cast members have expressed disgust towards it. The f*ggotry generated by Sherlock has seemingly reached all corners of the internet, gathering more followers and vulnerable boy-crazy bi-curious high school girls who seem to think that they acquire godlike powers of deduction after watching a single episode of the show while at the same time reinforcing their self-claimed asexuality and justifying their loneliness as a reflection of their genius-level intellect.
englishtutor chapter 1 . 2/19/2015
Oh, dear. That last line. My heart breaks. But Mycroft is a sweet big brother.
frankannestein chapter 1 . 10/27/2014
I don't always enjoy children in fiction. I feel like authors tend to treat them heavy-handedly. That is not, however, the case here. I abruptly felt less sympathy for Mummy here. Her speeches are small, and migraines are no joke, but there was just something there . . . something about Mycroft becoming a surrogate parent for Sherlock that didn't sit well with me, even if he didn't see it that way. I like how easily this impression manipulated me as I read.

I adored how Mycroft summed up Sherlock's abilities, too, especially with his little brother putting his own spin on the game. Adorable points!

George J. Valtom chapter 1 . 10/19/2014
Oh my gosh, this story is just adorable. I'm an older brother myself, and this just takes me back to when my brother and I were little, and I'd always try to trick him with tickle games like this. XD Ah, nostalgia...

"He didn't realise that the point of the game was to be tickled, and had decided that the point was to avoid being tickled as much as possible. Trust Sherlock to put his own spin on things." I love how Mycroft, even as a kid, always thinks in such an austere manner. Just the way he words things, you'd expect a full-grown adult. It's so funny!

"Mycroft Linwood Holmes, I am talking to you." Uh-oh, the full name got brought out. It's kind of sad how their mother got really snappy, but at the same time I wouldn't be in the best of spirits if I had a migraine.

Aw, little baby Sherlock trying to put on his clothes. Again, memories, of my own little brother trying to dress himself. I also tried saying "Go ahead and try it yourself", before finally giving in and helping him.

"One of Sherlock's very first words had been quietly." Aw, that's sad. :/ I guess their mother REALLY doesn't like noise.

Well, excellent job here! Anything that can make me go all mushy with memories of my past gets a double thumbs up from me!
clicketykeys chapter 1 . 5/31/2014
Ugh, this is just TOO adorable, really. I love that Mycroft is already being placed in charge of his younger brother, and I love the way he approaches it - he's so patient, but also recognizes Sherlock's unusual abilities and he raises his expectations accordingly. I don't detect a single hint of resentment from Mycroft, which (given his age) is just unbelievably sweet. I want to give him a big ol' hug!

The one thing that surprises me is that "quietly" was "one of Sherlock's first words." I know why you put it in there, and it fits the story, but the word has several sounds that are very challenging. It reminds me of A Wrinkle in Time, when Charles Wallace didn't talk for a long time, but when he did begin talking he was much more advanced than anyone expected. But I've always been uncomfortable with situations like that. How is a child going to be able to produce sounds that he hasn't practiced?

You do a great job of mirroring their relationship from canon; even as an adult, Sherlock has some very childlike traits - his focus on one particular event or issue, his self-absorption, his need to do things right now. Mycroft is the successful, responsible one, who has done quite well for himself. But he still has to keep an eye on his younger brother!
seanaface chapter 1 . 5/12/2014
I love your stories! Make Sherlock 13mos in this story though...mycroft and Sherlock's conversation is a VERY verbally slow 2almost 3year old. Like time for intervention slow. It would be impressive for an under 18 month old
becgate chapter 1 . 4/29/2014
Loved it! !
SiriuslyPeeved chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
I loved this one as much as "Brother." Mycroft's style of "caretaking" later in the brothers' lives makes a lot of sense when you consider this might have been the way the boys grew up. My heart broke for all three characters in this story - for the mother who couldn't connect with her children because of her own emotional problems, to Mycroft left caring for a toddler as a young teenager, and for little Sherlock who has no idea this isn't anything but normal.

I probably over-identify with Sherlock and Mycroft's mother because I know how you can get going down that path without intending to, and having it be so hard to resume true responsibility for your children on the way back out.

Mycroft telling two-year-old Sherlock "you're too old for help" - ouch, my heart. Teaching a toddler to tear apart the process of putting on his own socks and trousers - ouch, my heart again. It makes me wonder how Sherlock gets along while Mycroft is at school - perhaps you cover this in a later installment.

Again you have done a beautiful job mixing brotherly love with the underlying deprivation and neglect of the Holmes boys' childhood. And again, I have to go read something fluffy to cleanse my brain before I write something where everyone dies!
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 1 . 9/11/2013
Hm, from what I read from their characterization in the last fic, it’s important to notice that Mycroft and Sherlock, in spite of being totally different people, are still brothers that care for each other, and I suppose Mycroft has to take the role of surrogate dad.

I think it’s amazing that Sherlock is a prodigy child, capable of understand what is a migraine and being two years old, but not being able to spell it (after all, he’s just a child). But when Mycroft explained that’s better to not make noise when she’s like this makes me wonder if that’s the reason why he’s not talkative in the last fic I read. And, interesting that one of his first words was ‘quietly’. That’s very unusual, I mean, normally people say ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’, but considering their situation, it makes sense that these wouldn’t be his first words.

The writing is excellent, and it’s interesting that you added his (not so) baby talk. I guess I’ll end up watching Sherlock someday to understand how their character development happened.
Rainie Skyes chapter 1 . 9/2/2013
One of Sherlock's very first words had been quietly. - I feel that last sentence sums up the situation perfectly. The interaction between the boys is very touching. Mycroft trying to be so grown up, still so young himself. But a natural parent in a way, his own way. He's teaching Sherlock how to survive. Sad, but very brilliant. Well done.
jack63kids chapter 1 . 8/29/2013
So, when did Mycroft stop being such a delight!? So touching, that he's spending time with his little brother and being so patient, teaching him stuff and letting him make his own mistakes. You can see how Sherlock is learning to use his observational skills already.

'One of Sherlock's very first words had been quietly.' - Aw, that's heart rending! Blinking Mummy!

'rompers' - more likely romper suit in England at that time. Aw, I can just see him.
'Zipper' - just zip in England. Not that is matters, but know you're interested.

And another shot at looking at the rise and fall of the Brothers Holmes. A tragedy in several acts.
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