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TehKawaiiOverlord chapter 2 . 3/23/2014
I love these stories, darkly adorable. I have one complaint though; LETS GET SOME ACTION GOIN ON IN HERE. Or just a little ;) I love Pinsty
kabusakuGirl chapter 7 . 3/4/2014
Oh god, this chapter it was amazing. Out of the 7 chapters you've written so far, this and Sleeping Kirsty are my favorites. This chapter drove me to read the original and... Well, let's just say I had a good laugh at the end of the story.

If you ever write another chapter, might I suggest the tale "Bluebeard" for Pinsty-fying? Yes, the title suggests that Pinhead have hair on him, but that could easily be rectified by mentioning the pins on his head instead, since the point of the beard is to signify how strange he looks to the woman he's wooing. The basic story is that Bluebeard is shunned by society for his appearance and every woman Bluebeard has married (the number of which is different depending on the source) disappears shortly after their wedding night, and he once again has to remarry. At a banquet he persuades a young woman to marry him and she goes to live with him in his home. Shortly after, he says he has to leave her alone in the house for a while and gives her a key that will open any door in his home, but tells her not to open one particular door. She promises she won't. He then leaves and after a few days, she gets curious. She opens the door, and finds out exactly what happened to his former wives.

I'll let you read the rest of it on your own, but it is a suggestion that I really want to see with Pinhead and Kirsty.
RomanaTheDarkZoneWitch chapter 6 . 7/14/2013
I love this! After watching Kirsty escape hell for the third time in the movies I thought why does pinhead keep letting her go? I then thought I guess that would be a good way for heaven to win the war with hell, make the leader soft and fall in love. Later I ran into your story and was thrilled! I am not a writer and I am glad I wasn't the only one that thought this. I have read the other fairy tales and love them as well! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the stories!
Nerd91 chapter 7 . 1/21/2013

another very enjoyable entry in the ever growing kirsty/pinhead series of material.

good ending with Kirsty turning somewhat evil in her own way; poor Xipe won't know what hit him when Kirsty seeks her revenge.

Very well done and please add more to 'my sweet persephone'.

L.J-1983 chapter 7 . 1/21/2013
Cool! An update! :D Sorry for tuning in later than planned. Busy, busy, busy. -_-

Ah, The Princess and the Tin Box. Actually, it was I who suggested it for you. ;)

I liked how your Hellraiser'ed it. XD, so weird to imagine Larry being a King. LOL. And King FRANK!? LMAO! Ah, poor Kirsty; of the Princes who came you had to choose the Prince of HELL. D: I LOVED how Pinhead arrived on those demonic horses and donning a black cloak to disguise his ehem...'unique' look. ;) *swoon*

What a very sad ending though. Hmm, I for one would love to see this expanded on as well as the other tales. :)

Good job! Very unique. Hm, perhaps you could - Pinsty-fy The Little Mermaid next. That's a fairy tale. I can see Kirsty as in the titular role; this being turnaround where it's humans and Cenobites - not Mermaids and Humans, and being fascinated with the world of Cenobites and falling in love with Pinhead...That'd be good. ;)

Wonderful update! Can't wait to see more. Especially on your other story. ;) - Laura
anon chapter 7 . 1/18/2013
Yes, that was cheesy. It was also highly entertaining.

Good show!

And, for the love of everything that is unholy, PLEASE update your other story. :)
Silver chapter 7 . 1/17/2013
I like Kristy and the Box. I'm going to read the other chapter now
L.J-1983 chapter 6 . 11/28/2012
Oh how interesting; having Kirsty originate as an angel born from Heaven and sent to be raised amongst humans. It actually makes sense that she would be an angel, she's beautiful to be sure. XD. Damn that Leviathan. Gate crashing baby Kirsty's ceremony. -_-' And how God counteracted the curse seemed to work too. I never imagined that Sleeping Beauty HR style could be like this. It's great. I like the way Pinhead found his Princess, and woke her with the kiss, a true love's first kiss. *swoon* And the fact he had to have her and yet he didn't know why. Good job.

Can't wait to see more Fairy tales, HR Style from you. :D

- Laura
Nerd91 chapter 6 . 11/24/2012

another fine example of your writing. very well done. will this be continued or are we to 'wither on the vine' as it were?

please if anything do not 'make the suffering legendary even in Hell.' after all are we not only human?

good job keep up the good work.

Truly Hopeless chapter 6 . 11/23/2012
How about "the Practical Princess?" That should work for Kirsty or Joey. Anyway, good job, please keep writing these and "My Sweet Persephone."
L.J-1983 chapter 5 . 11/20/2012
XD Your Pinsty version of Cinderella was great. Oh Pinny, u such a romantic! LOL. I like how Pinhead brings back Kirsty's shoe, but he has no idea who she is until he turns up at her house. :) Poor Kirsty. Poor everyone at the party - NOT! ;)

Well done again. I enjoyed it. :) Ooh and also, I've been doing some research into more fairy tales. There's a list on wiki. There's one tale that stands out and it's called 'The Princess and the Tin Box'. I don't know why, but that screams Pinsty. ;) There's loads more too. You must have a look. :) Also, there's 'The Little Mermaid' as well, the actual story so much different to the Disney film version. I can see this as being the other way around; with Kirsty falling for Pinhead and being fascinated with his world and wanted to be apart of it she'd do anything. *shrugs* Well, it might work. Ultimately it's up to you. ;) And of course let's not forget Sleeping Beauty. That might be interesting. :D I somehow see that the needle that pricks Kirsty has Pinhead behind that, as well as him being the handsome Prince who kisses her back to life. ;D

Anyway good job again. Can't wait for more. These are great. :D And incidently, I very much agree with Anom, the last reviewer; you really must make these small drabbles into full stories. That'd be wonderful. :)

- Laura
anon chapter 3 . 11/14/2012
Good work.

Me like!

Any one of these "one shots" would make a cool story if you ever decided you wanted to expand on them.
L.J-1983 chapter 4 . 11/16/2012
Oh wow. Sorry for the late reviewing. Rapunzel for Pinsty sure does work. :) I often wondered myself about Pinhead and Kirsty 'meeting' much earlier on in her life...that seems very legit. Poor Larry. Some demon with pins picked up his baby girl. (Pinny holding a baby is actually a cute image XD) Poor Kirsty too, born to be the wife of the Prince of Hell.

Hmm, I'm out of fairy tales for the time being though. But I'll do some research and a think about it. In the meantime, how about Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty? They'd prove to be very interesting. Besides, I'd love to see Prince Pinny bring back Kirsty's sparkly shoe in a Pinsty Cinderella take, but in a more Gothic and...Hellraiser kind of way. :D

Keep up the good work! :) - Laura
KahnShao chapter 3 . 11/14/2012
nicely done. I love Pinsty fanfics. they would be soo good together.
L.J-1983 chapter 3 . 11/14/2012
Oh wow, Princess and the Frog for Pinsty does work so well. Glad I could suggest it for you. :) I love how you've done this. Indeed she has had to kiss a lot of frogs before she found her Prince. And hmm, I never would have thought that Kirsty was aware of Trevor's plotting and scheming before he handed her the box. That's an interesting idea. Reminds me of something I'm having in one of my stories. :)

Good work anyways btw. I love how you've done it. And contrary to what the previous reviewer thought, I truly do believe you got quite a good mix of everything going on with these drabbles; romance, fantasy...and even horror. Just how grotesque could you go? No. I like how it's going so far. Really. :)

Another idea I thought you could take on board is the story about the Princess in the tower, the one with the long hair. Forget the name of it, but it was recently told in the Disney film Tangled. I can just imagine Pinhead being the both the role of the monster who keeps Kirsty locked away, and the Prince who wants to save her. If that makes sense. XD. Oh and another tale - how about Hunchback of Notre Dam? I don't think that's a fairy tale, but who cares? That'd be good. :) Whatever you plan in future, good luck! I hope they're all Pinsty. :D Or at least some Joey and Elliot. They'd be good. ;)

- Laura
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