Reviews for So Fell the Angels
milleniumrain16 chapter 3 . 8/11
Literally everything I wanted in a story, love the slow build. Please please never stop
minstorai chapter 47 . 8/5
Omfg, "Just how I'd imagined it, luv. Handcuffs and all" I fucking squealed when Crowley came to bail her out, ugh I was wishing and hoping and my dreams came true, I love how you write these two! I enjoyed the shit out of Tab's visceral reaction to Crowley's presence. That invitation to Hell was fantastic "The darkness in you is wasted on him. Think of everything the two of us could do together in Hell" And holy fuck,"What's the matter, luv,can't quite...get it up?" was Crowley screwing over Tab like that on the phone intense or what
You write the best reunions "What? Is she like my replacement?" and love how you figured step Bra of the escape plan into the conversation. Ok, "Don't make promises of a good time you don't intend to keep" now I can't decide between Crowley and Tab and Meg and Tab I absolutely love how Tab rescued Meg! The dialog you write's priceless
minstorai chapter 46 . 8/5
Ahhh I'm slumping in relief the whole Chase jig's up, that was painful, but Castiel showing up as proof was the best thing ever! Their fights are fucking amazing too cause between "Oh, excuse me while I gag" and "Well, when you put our lives like that, I sleeping with an angel actually seems pretty mundane" you seriously nail it
And I was cracking up at their reactions to "dead-angel-walking" taking off his belt! "So you were dead-kinda like they're about to be," I knew you'd make her meeting the Campbells fabulous and the whole boyfriend confusion was so entertaining!
I just love how you write them/theirdynamic/their banter, "My name is still Sam, you know" shit I was really loving that nickname
minstorai chapter 43 . 8/5
Wow, outstanding work with the finale! So if she's not holed up in Heaven in a prison cell or something, and not in Hell, then maybe she's in Purgatory, gaahh this was so good!
minstorai chapter 41 . 8/5
"After what I-I didn't have my hand anywhere near your shirt," your portrayal of Crowley's flawless!
I love how Tab can see the hell-hounds and her and Dean fighting back to back oh dude, and their talk after was even better!
minstorai chapter 40 . 8/5
Lmfao"And despite Dean's insistences that it's him," that was pure gold, forget it, Tab being in Casa Erotica with Gabriel was absolutely perfect!
minstorai chapter 38 . 8/5
Both Cas and Tab were so drunk, I'm surprised they didn't cough up her whole damnation story in front of her brothers- oh and you did such a wonderful job writing Tab's fear of the whole damnation thing
minstorai chapter 37 . 8/5
Tab's heaven was the sweetest thing until it wasn't, that is
And holy shit, next time she dies, she's going to hell?! Insane twist! I hope she picks the Winchester option of Azrael's offer
minstorai chapter 22 . 8/4
Holy fucking shit, Sam's base reaction to Tab's scent was just genius, amazing work!
minstorai chapter 18 . 8/4
"Yeah, well. We're full up on siblings in this family," that was hilarious! This chapter totally blind-sided me with how amazing it was, especially that fight and Tabitha getting the siren
minstorai chapter 2 . 8/3
Wow, I really like your writing, she was having sex with a demon was some twist, stellar job!
CrazyRapunzel chapter 1 . 7/25
First of all: all the things you said in the comment were EXACTLY what i've been thinking about the other fics out there.
You must have probably updated this part some centuries ago, but I already really like it. Your writing style, your characterization and the OC are really good.
curious for the rest!
Ace chapter 3 . 6/20
I quite like this story so far. Its easy identifying with Tab for me :) I'm not so sure about the characterisation of Cases though, he just seems a little off...
SpookyKat8706 chapter 47 . 5/27
I love this story! I feel like you have really nailed the characterization, and Tabitha is well-written. I have said to my husband several times while watching Supernatural that those boys need a sister to bang their heads together sometimes. Can't wait for the next chapter!
LittleSparkle chapter 47 . 5/11
This is literally the best Castiel x oc fanfiction there is. I can't believe I spent about a week of my life reading 570k words but I can tell you it was worth it. Please continue!
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