Reviews for Ponies and Tailed Beasts
HyperA1985 chapter 110 . 3/30
I am looking forward to chapter 111 and I hope Naruto has sex with Pinkie Pie.
stankyledeansam chapter 110 . 3/28
Woah what a fight
Leafeon12 chapter 110 . 3/28
Wait a minute are the rest of the main 5 alicorns?! I don't know what to say I'm speechless I don't know if I like or not? Oh by the way great chapter I really love it how in the end Grogar was finally defeated! :D
StrongGuy159 chapter 110 . 3/28
Cool chapter continue please.
HyperA1985 chapter 109 . 3/10
I am looking forward to chapter 110 and I hope Naruto awakens his bloodline.
JensenDaniels32 chapter 25 . 1/21
Lame. A prank war between Naruto and Discord would've been better, as well as original.
princessbinas chapter 109 . 1/11
Poor Deidara! He witnessed someone being crapped out!
StrongGuy159 chapter 109 . 1/11
Cool chapter continue please.
Lucifer chapter 108 . 12/29/2016
When will you continue this
Guest chapter 108 . 11/20/2016
To be frankly honest this story lost its meaning throughout the years that went by everything felt mediocre and to much characters that includes the bijuus and the ninjas you went a long road to do this and I aprecciate but now this story is dying in my part no offense but it's an ok/mediocre story so I hope you finish it whenever you update!
spidershadow chapter 108 . 10/21/2016
nice job dude amazing I love it but can I ask you do you think spike can still help out I mean I want spike exactly like Naruto like maybe have spike help Naruto but spike can also have sage of the sixth path powers because why because spike and Naruto are basically link since they both have kurama not just that but spike has same personality and some characteristics as Naruto and also do you think its possible to have Naruto and spike fight sasuke in Naruto vs sasuke final battle because I really want to see badly injured like Naruto and sasuke was and want to know how spike would think if he loses his arm like Naruto because Naruto spike deserve better they deserve to be together because spike is similar to Naruto a little plus I want to see how would everyone think when spike Naruto and sasuke lose there arms plz
Warrior Emperor Z 1991 chapter 108 . 10/14/2016
Watch episodes 476 to 479 of naruto Shippuden online or at Hulu because I want read your version of it
Emperor-Aurora chapter 1 . 9/13/2016
Go fuck yourself still Kishimoto lover.
stankyledeansam chapter 108 . 8/22/2016
oh dear poor mane 6
StrongGuy159 chapter 108 . 8/22/2016
Cool chapter continue please.
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