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GolfIsLife23 chapter 12 . 4/30
Ahhh, this story just keeps getting better and better! I'm so glad Matt is finally making some progress! I also love Matt/Mimi together, so I hope this is where you are leading to!
SoraxKairi7 chapter 12 . 4/29
I think if someone has the time to take twenty minutes or so to read this, then they have the time to review, right?

Of course, I always review so that's just me. :)

I'll start with what's fresh: Matt's bitter acceptance! Holy moly I felt bad for him, possibly because I could resonate with him so well. The stages of a break up, so freaking true. Sora was right to take her leave, and of course Tai never understands. Lol. Matt is finally seeing what everyone else has seen from the start, and it took his dysfunctional family dinner to realize it. I like how you took a step back and explained their family lives a little more. Tai being kinda close but kinda far from his family and Matt just sucking it up and trying to deal with it.

I liked the little tidbit about Kari and Tai having this false belief that the other is perfect. Something they accepted on the outside but knew deep down that it wasn't true. Haha.

And now, I am all caught up, which means I need a new chapter. I am just like the rest of faithful readers. I do hope that you update soon and of course, this story is already in my favorites so I will be checking every day for it :D

I wonder what this means for Matt from now on. Maybe he and Mimi will be able to hit it off? One problem: Mimi is a pretty similar name to Megumi. Haha. Also, what will happen with Tai and Sora? I can't wait until he finds out he loves her. She's so damaged, but of course she goes for the one type of person that would probably end up hurting her anyway! I hope Tai is able to prove otherwise, but of course he has a lot to work on!

Please update soon! :D I'm starting to repeat myself lol
SoraxKairi7 chapter 11 . 4/22
Oh? Is this a step in the right direction for Matt?
I still think Megumi is going to come back eventually.

I was right about Sora being cheated on. Yes, ironic indeed that she picked Tai of all people! Tai is so whipped right now. He actually thought Sora would sleep with him. Lol

Not too much to say this time. Great chapter as always!
Kai chapter 12 . 4/20
Great story! I love the addition on Mimi. She will be good for Yamato.
SoraxKairi7 chapter 10 . 4/19
Sora is a lot like me. She doesn't want to get upset and be unfair for unnecessary reasons. She is realistic most of the time and knows that she's clearly not as important as Matt. She may be important in another way, but bros before... well, girls. Haha.

I'll admit, after their fight I was still pretty worked up and I had trouble reading the pink shirt scene. That's how great your writing is; the way you 'show' how the characters are feeling is a talent that I have yet to master, but I will say that I'm learning a lot just by reading this. Maybe one day you can give me some constructive criticism! Lol.

I feel so bad for Matt. He's desperately holding onto the idea that Megumi will return, but yet he knows deep down that it probably won't happen. It's a feeling I knew all too well. He and Tai have such a dysfunctional friendship, yet somehow they always find a way to work it out. If that's not true friendship, then what is?

I shall move on to the next chapter, but I'm still dreading losing the luxury of the 'next' button...

SoraxKairi7 chapter 9 . 4/19
What? The chapter is over already? I'm afraid to catch up; that's part of the reason as to why it's been takin me a minute to read this!

Sora has some serious trust issues, and my guess is because she was cheated on in the past. Then again, any serious girlfriend would question those texts. I was more surprised that Tai trusted her enough to read the message on his phone! Lol. Improvement and he doesn't even realize it!

I think Tai is afraid to tell people he has a girlfriend because of everything that goes with it - not JUST Matt. Kari would bug him, his parents would be thrilled and immediately start talking about marriage and whatnot, and not to mention he would feel even more pressure because of it all. I think that's what he's afraid of. To him, it seems like a huge step.

Gah, this story is so good. I don't want to catch up and have to wait like all the others! Lol
SoraxKairi7 chapter 8 . 4/19
Looks like Tai got a slice of karma in this chapter! You never know who you'll meet, and in his case, it just so happened to be the best friend. Can't say if I feel sorry for him or not. I hope he can eventually gain some sort of redemption with Mimi, however, when she sees how much he really does love Sora. Hehe. But something that bothered me was when Tai said that "Sora is not forever." I think his actions speak otherwise. I like that contradiction. Even though it's only been two months, he's acting as if he wants to keep her around.

He still has a lot to learn about life and love! You've got the balance down perfectly!
aoitsuki77 chapter 12 . 4/14
I love this story. Looking forward to seeing where you take it
SoraxKairi7 chapter 7 . 4/14
I understood Tai's reasons from the get-go as to why he didn't want to bring Sora around Matt, other than the interrogation. Haha. He doesn't want to shove a girlfriend in his face and that's actually very nice of him to do. I guess that's also why Tai didn't mention to Urara that she was his girlfriend, but it looked really bad on his part. He could have at least just given Sora a heads up.

As for Sora, it seems like she's wanting to get closer to Tai now. She's letting her guard down little by little!

Ah, poor TK. I like how you showed his twisting of the wedding band; that's enough to tell us that he's getting cold feet or whatever about the huge life change that's happening, based off of his family history. He may be an optimist on the outside but doubt lingers from an uncertain past.
SoraxKairi7 chapter 6 . 4/14
Well, Matt, if you say this is the end, then certainly, it is, right? Lol. No. I like how you went through all the stages of a break up - grief, anger, numbness, etc. especially when this was someone he was with for half of his life. How could you even start again? I think the way you did it worked out pretty well and I look forward to seeing how Matt progresses from here. Wouldn't it be funny if by the end of this, Matt and Tai switch roles?

It's a possibility but it's not something I would do, considering the predictability of it. I feel like a new arc is about to start! I want to see how Tai handles his new 'relationship' with Sora. She seems like she's been damaged before, hence why she's so cautious. I don't blame her. I like how she kind of plays 'hard to get' instead of just throwing herself at him. It's very fitting and probably one of the main reasons Tai sticks around other than their pretty mutual relationship.

I can't really think of anything to critique at this point either. I get that this story is about Tai and Matt and their life changes, but I also hope to see more romance! :)

I need to catch up!
SoraxKairi7 chapter 5 . 4/14
Tai and Sora's "relationship" is so natural. I really like the mutual-ness of it all!

Matt's going to end up crying so hard about this. Lol. I'm betting that it's a dude

Poor Tai. If I were Sora, I would be mad too, but they never really did establish that they were in a relationship. Glad that Tai was bummed about it though; shows development on his part!
DephsXylex chapter 12 . 4/14
I like Matt finally has realized that Megumi is awful. I do hope we get to see her at some point though. It might be nice to get some perspective on her. I'm sure she'll still be a bitch, but it never hurts to see where someone is coming from.
calisalex chapter 12 . 4/14
At the beginning that felt like a filler chapter just showing the difference in family but Matt finally accepting they broke up and confusing Tai was pretty awesome! Although I hope for an update on how Matt and Mimi are doing, are they actually dating I have to re read chapter 11 ha but good work as always :D hope for 13 soon
hortum chapter 12 . 4/14
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I loved this chapter! Every time I read your stories I feel like I couldn't possibly have any more feels and then you dial it up to real o'clock again and I'm sitting there biting my nails. Is it bad that Tai's still pretty much my favourite character even when I'm cringing at all the lies and rationalizations?
Guest chapter 12 . 4/14
Another awesome chapter! Look forward to more!
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