Reviews for We Are Glass
Prin Pardus chapter 5 . 7/3/2013
omg i was so going to do this while you were at work but then i remembered my stash of metalist episodes? so uh it didn't happen

but i am 100% committed to finishing this before it have to take a shower. promise. because it was really good and made my heart melt a bit. ;-;

man the beginning is just too good, though. the description of the storm (and all the lil signs Brad Pitt ignored coming up to it, silly thing) was perfect and beautiful and lovely and have i mentioned today how jealous i am that you can do that? if so, have it again, ha. the only mistake i noticed was "something" instead of "somewhere," i think, right where they're talking about Brad Pitt and the sewerdwellers and stuff. or at least that's what i'm assuming is supposed to go there, since otherwise the flow doesn't really make sense, haha.

can i take a moment to express some irritation with Brad Pitt? she's always pushing herself so hard and trying to do all the things at once and it's like sloooow down, baby. those queens will be there tomorrow, i promise. and there's like a ton of them anyway. there's only one YOU. and what if you died or something, huh? do you really want Brad Pitt to launch another crusade of revenge like he did when his son died? is that what you want? murdering queens would /so/ not be good for his image, but he might consider it. never can tell with Brad.

(speaking of him you did really well! even though he didn't have many lines, haha. the only thing i'd poke at is he doesn't say "a lot," he'd prolly say something suitably snooty like "quite a bit." but that is really minor and it's just because i tend to pick apart everything when scrutinizing writing clooosely, as this dear one-shot deserved. but he was perfectly scornful and poopheadish and man Brad Pitt really is a dick sometimes. but i'm getting ahead of myself.)

loved the mention of our favorite asshole, Brad Pitt, when she entered the theatre, btw. do you even still like him? you really shouldn't. he's a dick. but he and Brad Pitt have a pretty good hateship going, so i guess i can't murder him any time soon.

(he'll win you over someday, Brad Pitt. i mean if the sun king can, his commander definitely has a shot, right? right?)

almost awed out loud when she was talking about "her boys," tho. like shady said, they're kinda her surrogate sons, and that's just so cute. excited for the Brad Pitt/Brad Pitt conversation i showed you (the one i wrote recently, where she talks about losing her mind and asks our favorite lil tabby to watch out for her son), although i'm afraid it'll weigh on our darling girl even more, taking on responsibility for Brad Pitt once his mom dies. but the three of them (her and her boys) just have such a lovely dynamic, and if they make our girl happy, that's good enough for me.

and aww at the sun king using his soft voice. a sociopath he may be, but even they can form a few close attachments, and he does care about her. ;;

uff, and then the dream. Brad Pitt has a really messed-up subconscious, but that's to be expected with her cray past and fever. i've had some loopy experiences with nyquil, but nothing like that, poor gal. but she fights through the whole thing and it's painful to see the transition from not giving in to hoping to die and then


and she talks about fighting by herself and that so reminds me of Brad Pitt/Brad Pitt in those three one-shots i did, the kinda star-crossed lover ones, where you've got the gal trying to be strong all the time but finally breaking down and the somewhat-douchey dude taking the step up and then they come together and it's lovely. only these two are a little too complex to wrap up in three tiny pieces, haha. but it was just so cute, esp. when his scent is comforting and she clings to him (in her mind) and aww.

(is it bad that fever-induced cuddling is the closest thing we get to fluff?)

and then she wakes up, yay. are you actually gonna make Brad Pitt a character, or is he just a one-off guy? now that you mention it, he does kinda remind me of Brad Pitt (on a site note Brad Pitt/Brad Pitt in the books is weird. like isn't he 16 or something and our warlock buddy is old as helllll even if he looks like a pretty asian boy), albeit with less glitter and hand-waving, haha. together, he and Brad Pitt will be our gal's best friends forever and force her to feel things whether she wants to or not. basically her muses people. i bet they both have excellent singing voices.

i'm tangenting, tho, and almost losing sight of the best part. snuggling. semi-fevery-induced snuggling (during which one is thoroughly asleep), but snuggling all the same. and his heartbeat and aww. baby steps and everything. i think it's funny that she's basically adopted that whole thing and he almost never said it out loud? or maybe he did once or twice in the beginning and i can't remember. either way, it's funny and cute at the same time.

aah. this was just really good, esp. since i kinda bullied you into it (with kindness). although this one had no queen/guard romance, i'll let that slide because it was so lovely all on its own. as always, your command of language is fantastic, and these two are always amazing to watch together. Brad Pitt has her work cut out for her, and i can't wait.

(i might have had a bit too much fun with this review)
(context clues are your friend?)
(fantastic job, grrl. *pretendthere'sahearthere*)
Shadesaurus chapter 5 . 7/2/2013
aaaaaaahhh this was great, man. you're always so rough on yourself; even pieces you don't like are spectacular. like always, your use of italics is just perfect, and your dream sequences are always amazing. ugh and don't even get me started on your figurative language and just vocabulary in general aw man. there's so much variety to it and it really stands out, it's fantastic man.

tbh i don't follow the casifair story line all that strictly but you make their relationship so apparent to the readers that i don't even have to. it's great for slackers like me who're too lazy to read through dozens of posts, ehehe. their tension's so funny, tho. it's like when you're watching those cheesy movies and you're just about on your feet screaming at the protagonist to kiss the damn girl for christ's sake. mebbe that's a bit of an exaggeration for these two, but they're not far off from that. it's p obvious that cas wants to make a move on her, and whether or not his like of alicat or his desire for a legitimate heir is the dominant motivator is tricky to determine.

anyway, i just love the parallel you snuck in there with the "baby steps" thought, cause we see cas thinking that all the time when he makes his sly moves on her. i may have aww'd when she snuggled up to him, as much as i hate-love him. i'm rlly not too sure on how i feel about cas, man. he bounces from morally bereft to a good guy on a dime, which makes it hard to pin down. whenever i think i've decided how i feel about him, i'll see a post that makes me think otherwise. stupid cas and his stupid, diabolically confusing ways.

eeee, and ali. i'm glad that she's getting the attention a character like her deserves. w fetsy she was still a bit of a background character, but now that she's moved in with cas, we get to see her narrative alla time. she's such a sweetie, tho sad, too. bottles up everything inside, doesn't ask for help in dealing with things. she's like mack in that way, tho mackaboo's been less private as of late. aaaaaah, and ali's love for both benny and bottle is the cutest thing ever. that 'my boys' line made me so happy bc she never got to raise her babies, and to think that she considers bott and ben to be her surrogate babies ;asfskfjsa;f. i hope they make her happy.

i really like this alaric guy, whoever he is. has he made a canon appearance back at the forum? i'm the worst admin ever omg.

so while this hardly constitutes as fluff considering all the agony dreams and hissy fits and thunderstorms, it was still really cute, especially considering you had to work with two of the most unfluffy cats to ever be paired together. that def plays a part in why this chapter was so special.

overall this was a really well-written piece and it's just perfect c'mon man u gotta admit it. bow to peer pressure, cause everyone's obviously gonna love it so why dont u?

say no to drugs and yes to praise.
-real actual proverb
Prin Pardus chapter 4 . 2/16/2013
out of all the things i love
this is the thing i love the most
seriously this was *amazing,* completely overwhelming
there were feels that i didn't even know i had
nothing but squeeing and creepy-grinning the whole time
you handled shaq so so so well and i derno why you were worried since you've done it before, but even so
amazing amazing job

i guessed the stories from the one-liners you posted earlier, but it was tricky-tricky (I think I got Twist mixed up with Ali, cause I thought we already knew she had babbies? but I guess that was just my brain) and even then i obvs couldn't predict what would happen
i was skeptical about the fluff stuff too but
100% fluff
100% love
100% jooooy oh man it was just so good

but I guess i should get into deets right hmm

p1: the mackador

i thought this was kinda funny, since we were writing about the same stuff but didn't know it (kinda inevitable, tho, since we had two ends of a delicious ship and adorb kits to use).
Love the deets you plop in there, about 'Miss' Jaci and his shoulders and the green eyes and the loft (which I forgot about) and the line about selling his soul a thousand times over (didn't he say something like that after the choice? can't keep track of my own characters). but there's more than just random details to a character, of course, and you nailed him. you nailed his hesitance and shyness and it was funny how he couldn't quite remember the names, but knew sei didn't like birds. you got his quiet duty down pat, to the point where mack was surprised that he'd deliver midnight goodies to the baboos (which is adorbs in itself). you got it all, and that was amazing.

and then ellie curled up into him at the end. too cute. ;-;

2: the twistinator

this one was the most interesting, i think, if that's the word to use, because we don't see her talking much. i hadn't really noticed it, but she really never does talk to anyone but mackaboo, and with good reason. of course she's scared of shaq; not only does she have her baggage, but she's seen the aftermath of what he's capable of, and that was when he was trying /not/ to kill someone, to make it possible that they could survive if mael wanted. and she's just so tough and strong and mountainy and amazing (wolf's-bitch is hella tight) and I want to see a lot more of her. she can't die k. not happening. :c

how old is she, tho? for some reason i keep seeing her as younger than mack, prolly because she joined after and is newer to the group even though she's not really new at all, so i was a bit surprised by the mack-is-her-daughter thing. it's so sweet, though, and i really want twist to have that opportunity, to be an a-plus momma, because she totally is. and the lil girl-kits are curled up with him and twist gives him her permission and it's so adorable and sweet. twist/mack is so my BROTP. ;-;

3. sleetypoo

eee, mael's. his was obv since we talked about names and the plan of them getting back together but it still warmed my heart so fiercely. the bit about two new ladies bringing him to his knees (but in an amazing way this time) was just too gooood. ;-;

and the other stuff about him being a clanner and being happy and wrenflight (first time i used wren in rp, it was a wrenflight :D) and his name and his happiness and it's everything shaq could have wanted for him. and he did sort of leave shaq behind just like he wanted, joined the clan to live a super-happy life, but he did it because he knows shaq has someone to fall back on too, someone who loves him, someone to be with. and they don't have to all live together because they're a family, they're partners, and that will never ever change

(shady will be nervous around him forever, but even her letting him into the nursery was amazing. and of course she gets the snazzy 'Miss' title too)

and then he gets to go hooome and lady mackaboo is there waiting for him of course with love and I had a sneaking suspicion she might be preggers and that worried me because it would bother him fiercely - he'd be afraid of stone-genes, for one, but also because he's getting old and run-down and the thought of not being able to protect his little ones would scare him to death - but she was just sick for a lil bit so that's allokay. and she's his ray of sunlight, his sunbeam, and i ship this harder than anything ever because they're so alike but still so so good for each other hnnng ;;;-;;;

and those gorgeous perf. it really shows how much they changed from the get-go. shaq and mael were never supposed to be huge; you said at the start you had his rise and fall all planned out, and i was down with that. shaq sold his soul without a qualm, and i didn't think to hope for more. but then mack came, and suddenly there was no time limit on him at all, he could do anything, and i had no idea where to go with him, no idea what to do. and we thought we loved them then but we were so wrong because i am so so so much more attached now than even when they had their first fight. and love's happened and change and they've hit their strides, their turning points, and this isn't just some fluffy au with silly made-up names like thomas. this is in the realm of possibility and it's beautiful and their lives aren't perfect because they just *happened* that way, it's because they worked for it and suffered and struggled and fought and clawed their way to the top and every inch of that makes it so much more delicious.

not to brag, but i think blinding mael was the best suggestion i've ever made here, because it just opened up everything. i think we woulda weaseled our way out somewhere - i'm not sure i coulda gone through with murdering him in the end, ever - but who knows what the cost might have been, and even though it's horrible to say, i'm glad it was just mael's eyes that paid the ticket to freeeedooom.

i think I stopped making sense, and i'm sorry, cause i've kinda strayed away from things, but basically i love love love this one-shot, and i'll prolly read it again every day this week or something. shaq was amazing, mack was amazing, twist was amazing, shady was amazing, mael was - of course - amazing. the fairytale transitions were the perfect reflection of everything they've gone through to get to this moment and it was just perf. i'm not sure i can say it any better than that.

you're incredible. your skills are seriously amazing. you can adapt all these characters, tie them together with your beautiful language, and plop them out in front of us like it ain't no thing. every single piece of yours is fantastic and evokes all these feelings and if there's any author that can make me sniffle, it's you. you are the croolest of mistresses and all that, but it boggles my mind that you can command this sort of fluff too. there is really nothing you can't do, shims, and i think you should know that. any college or business or organization will be hella lucky to have you if you can devote even a tenth of this talent to any other area.

in short: you go, grrl.
Shadesaurus chapter 4 . 2/16/2013
nope nope nope npoen epoandp

can u stop one-upping me all the time (just kidding don't i adore your writing and i am cry right now ok cry u got me i am sniffl ajsdofjif)


idek how many words this is, but gorl you made this fic like people make puzzles: piece by piece till it's this beautiful, beauuuuuuuuuuutiful picture that u stare at and want to cry. ;_;

i'm not even coherent right now
ok, let's try this again.

*take two*

i'm going to take this section by section, from mack, to twist, to mael.

part 1 - mackaboo:

well if that wasn't the most amazing start to a fic, i don't know what was. you started this thing off like a fairytale and then hit us with an 'oh by the way they have had horrible sad lives!'. why i expected anything different, i don't know why.

and you called this fluff. /squiiiiints
(i see you lyin, i haaaatin)
((something something riiiiidin dirteh))

aw man, but then you rolled out the red carpet into this cute little mack telling the jenci babies stories. that was the cutest thing. you portrayed conall perfectly, and mack was just ajsldkfjasf. you have a talent, you cruel mistress in training. you take these characters and make them your own like they're facets of your personality.

aw dude, and the uncle shackle part. ;; i love how surprised you made mack, because she totally would have felt that. she knows he's uncomfortable around bbs, and to think he actually goes out on a limb to start a relationship with them by sneaking them midnight snacks is just adorbs.

and the little tucked up together in a warm ball of fuzzy furs and kittens, and how he doesn't mind that they're touching, and that she's a sunbeeeeam. omf. do you have any idea how much that comparison would amaze her? she wanted to be in the sun for so long, and now she's /embodied/ the sun for somebody. mackintosh would be so, so surprised and just asldkfj. ALLLL the feels. ;;-;;

part 2 - twist:

i honestly didn't expect you to stick in twisty, for whatever reason, but i'm soooo glad you did. we never hear enough from her, and she's honestly one of my favorites outside the big three. she makes me so happy and so sad and i'm trying to figure out how that can be.

dude and that line about how she saw mackerel as her daughter. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

(well i came pretty close to, i mean my mouth was open and i was all akdssdiofiajd SHIM GDI I DO NOT HAVE SPARE FEELINGS IF U BREAK THESE...! *fist shake*)

omg and she's just like. so casual, she doesn't let on a thing that she adores mackerel so intensely. she doesn't let mackerel even knowwwww.

btw, that was a cool curse word you slung in there. wolf's-bitch. very mountainy and stuff. i am gonna stow that away for later use.

and she gives him her blessiiiiiing. well, you know what i mean. "she'll be safe with you, I trust you not to break her." that's as good as you'll get from mama bear twister, methinks.

i just love her so much tho. she's like the mountains she was born in - so strong, so tough, able to weather anything, and although she does come away with damage, in the end she is unbeatable. u best be running when twist wants yo ass, mmmmmmhmm. :III /z snap

part 3 - maelman & crew:

when i saw you asking prin about bb names yesterday, i kneeeeewww nothing good could come.

which is why i am so shocked that shady didn't end up dying of birth complications or the babies weren't stillborn or something super horrific and sad.

and maelman, dude you can just tell he's happy. just the way he speaks, the way he's not hunched up and literally this ball of winter.

i'm so happy that shady has become more comfortable with shackle around her. that's a giant leap from being terrified of him - something totally justified, because he tried to slaughter her - and gah, i just. can't. nope. nopea jnepo afnl

o maaaan, and how you had that little cuddle scene. i almost expected u to hit us with a "oh btw mack's pregnant tata!" which would have been so good and bad because SHAQ IS NOTGOOD WITH BABOOS but then baby shaq and macks omg. ;;;-;;;

gosh, this was just perfect. . T.

(there's something wrong with me tonight, this review is below satisfactory i'm sorry forgive me)

you made it so nice and descriptive but not overly so, and your use of italics always slays me. i'm running out of spare lives, shim. y u do this to me.

tl;dr: this series keeps getting better and better. keep up the good work sister.

ps: if you were in this room i would be trying to freaking strangle you in the hopes i could convey my LOVE&HATE forcefully to the face.
Shadough chapter 4 . 2/16/2013
I'm crying.
Thanks man.
I needed this.
The teardrops on my guitar. ;-;
(ok no i hate dat song)
Shim, once again you have proven that are an excellent writer capable of making the reader fall in love/die inside. Great job. :3
Now back to my crying. ;;-;;
Queen Antlers chapter 2 . 1/22/2013
I'd have to say, that Lightningstripe has quickly become one of my favorite cats on this RP, in this story. His pure purpose and dedication towards those who he loves is just inspiring to me. He thought outside of the box, yet he never thought that much of waiting for her. I'm really, really glad that many of his fellow Starclan cats visited him, questioned him and gave him congrats for this. It shows how much significance he really contains. This chapter, made me cry, I am not sorry to admit and it made me really feel-sy. Lightningstripe is just such a sweetie and asdjgjkh.
SwiftintheSky chapter 3 . 1/16/2013


A masterpiece.

That's all I'm going to say.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/14/2013

That is all
Prin Pardus chapter 2 . 1/1/2013
Thank you for the Christmas gift, muffin. Maybe I'll eventually get Together done and I can pass it off as a late New Year's Eve present? xD

Poor Lightning-baby. In rp he reeked of adorable sweetness, and here it's no different. He's just such a simple, honest, adorable guy. Makes me wonder how Morning managed to wrangle him, and how he saw a lot of things that - quite honestly - aren't there. He's like Cedarwhisker, but twenty times kinder.

He's just so nice and giving. Of course the one thing Morning loves more than flirting is talking about herself, and yet with him I think it went beyond mere vanity. I think it woulda been nice if we'd gotten to do more of that in rp, since I feel lik there are some details about herself that she's squirreled away, and he'd be the one to draw them out of her. Of course he wouldn't want the spotlight on himself, the poor thing. He's a background character even in his own mind.

Eee, dawn's gentle light is the perfect way to describe their coziness. Morning was still possessive and grumpy, but even she had her moments of concern and fretting for someone other than herself, thanks to him. And his romantic gushiness was just so adorbs. I really like the imagery that flows throughout this piece, all bright and light and sunshine-y. There always seems to be some sort of thread flowing through your pieces that ties it all up with a neat little bow, and that idea of sun and light works really well for these two, not just because of their names, but because of their relationship and appearances and shdflksmfe it's just so nice. ;;

"The tom who chose to wait" is certainly a nice title for him. He's certainly not the "Boy Who Lived" - okay, that was horrible. I'll see myself out now. xD

Who was the grumpy StarClanner? Amber eyes aren't enough for my nooby self to know. I missed most of the old drama, sadly. But I'm glad the grumpy StarClanner griped at him, because then we got that lovely sunrise bit and ack, my heart. Lightning, y u have to go and die like that. ;;-;;

"The small tom had become a father today, and he can't even touch his own children." I think that was actually the saddest part. So simple, so understated, just like him, and yet crazy when you think about it. He is literally right on top of his baboos, trying to comfort them and love 'em the only way he can now, and they have no inkling of it. They don't even have a hazy image of what he looks like, besides male and golden. And of course he knows that, but he comes anyway. :c

Eep, and that talk with his kits and the thought of anything happening to her. Ack, ack. You know what would be horrible? If a StarClanner - either out of sympathy or dislike for him - murdered Morning somehow. Dropped a tree on her, or something. Poor sweet Lightning would think it was his fault. D':

And the bit at the end about her finding someone else is just so like him, too. Always thinking about other kitties, about his special lil sunrise, before everything else, even himself. That takes a special kind of character, really. Even Cedar's had plenty of selfish thoughts, but Lightning's just a sweetie through-and-through. He kinda reminds me of a male Beth, from Little Women (complete with dramatic wasting death of ultimate sadness).

And he even follows them all the way through the mountains, baww (although what silly mountains could keep a kitty like him at bay?). He's just so cute ;aljsd;smdfwmr;omlsfd. You're horrible for killing him, I hope you know that. Dreadfulllllll.

But this was a very good Christmas gift, love, and I do wish I had been less writer's-blocky, so I coulda made something for you. Brief might be about the two of them (from Morning's POV, of course), but I haven't decided yet. That aside, this was a really beautiful piece, and a lovely tribute to the most diabetes-inducing character to have ever walked the earth. xD
Shadough chapter 2 . 12/31/2012
Shim, you beautiful, beautiful soul, why do you make me cry so many tears? I hate you for it, but I love you even more for writing so many beautiful pieces of awesomeness. Lightningstripe quickly became my favorite cat of yours, right next to Mael/Sleet. This just... this just make Lightningstripe the best cat ever.

Hm, I wonder if the cats that die in the battle will run into Lightningstripe before they leave? It sounds like it would be interesting.

"Lightningstripe, what are you doing here?"
"For what?"
"Oh... Well bye now! I'll see you in StarClan."
Shadesaurus chapter 2 . 12/31/2012
Have I ever told you how much I adore Lightning? He's such a beautiful character on his own, even without Morning or his future bebehs; albeit, they brought that side of him to life for us. Really, what makes him so special is that he can say so much with so few words. He's left a huge imprint on us for being such a rarely used character. why you gotta make us so feelsy shim :c

I really liked how you portrayed the StarClanners, not as some equally feeling force of disapproval at his choice to remain with the living, but as a mass of individuals that were all capable of thinking differently. Some were in awe of him, some were angry, and then there the confused. It wove a nice web of tangling opinions and emotions, with poor Lightning having to answer to everyone. xD

Lightning's little talk to his children, tho. That takes the cake in this piece. He could've been a wonderful father god dammit Shim. Whyyyy did you kill him. ;-; It triples the sadness factor if you think about how a few of the kits are destined to grow up: Lionkit to become one of the biggest pricks the Clan has ever seen, Lightning's namesake either born with an ugly disfiguration or to be get one eventually, and then little Lightkit who may or may not suffer a fate as terrible as her brothers. ;-; It gets even worse when you realize they prolly wouldn't turn out the same way if they had their loving, well-intentioned father to help guide them in the right direction (we probably wouldn't be so cruel to them as RPers if we knew they still had Lightning). I can only imagine how distraught Lightningstripe will be, watching them grow up without being able to interfere or nudge them ever so slightly into making the right choice. gah

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent

Fantastic job, Shim. Between this and Lord of the Feels (Maelstrom) and all your characters, I just knoooooow that 2013 is going to be a horrible terrible wonderful time.

(To summarize this review in blunt Tumblr speak: aklsdjfkldsf magnificent i am cry ;.;)
Prin Pardus chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
Eep I am excite for this series. Characters everywhere, man. You and Shady always write so marvelously about TC characters, and then I just sit over here too afraid to write about others that don't belong to me. Eheh. xD

Anyway, this was neat. Did not see that ending coming, nono. Ali's pretty hardcore, much more so than we give her credit for. Pretty sure the dude at the end is Shaq, since you said implied Shalifair earlier, but I guess it's whatever we want to be.

Which gives me trouble, because there's so many pairings that could spawn from our big bundle of rogues. Brand/Johnsie vs Brand/Foxy or Brand/Jackal vs Ali/Jackal (I think that would be interesting) versus Ali/Shaq and Shaq/Mack versus Mael/Mack...arg. Makes my head hurt trying to picture how errebody can just be happy. You guys mess my heart all up. :c

Anyway. Ali. Hardcore. Like, seriously. She can be kinda stern in the barn but that's nothing to what we see here. At first things made sense because although selling herself to ensure the safety of her family totally sucks, she's a pretty family-oriented cat, and I can see her doing it. I love how she cycles through different personalities - it's especially interesting how much she's learned from Fett, and it's also interesting how she calls him both Fetter and Stone, so this is obviously post-THE CHOICE - in order to position herself so closely to Castion. And I love love love how you describe him as seeing ordinary at first, until the demons come out to play. It's just very Castion. And the part about mentioning how he's dangerously sane was really good too, because he's the kind of cat that absolutely won't come unglued, but that makes him craaaazy dangerous. It's faboo that you can get so much out of him from some wee thing I wrote. You're amazing. .

But yes, back to Ali. So much sympathy for her, the poor gal, but then she just slashes his throat right outta left field and I'm like waaaat and then like goooo Aliiiii. I think it would be interesting to see what would happen in TP with him dead (power vacuuuum), but most interesting of all was that final sweet part, where she's all cuddled up with Shaq (cuz c'mon, who else is Castion gonna how it out for, fo' 'real...although, really, he should be after Brand and Jax too, since they kinda had a part in it...) and feeling comforted. So cute. It's crazy to think that she would be willing to go through /that/ just to protect him, the cat who doesn't think he deserves to be protected at all...;-;

A thousand respect points for Ali have been earned, oh yes. I cannot WAIT until she gets with the SG. The times that will be haaad.

The language in this piece was excellent, and the title was superb. Lovely work, and I hope you're ready for the pestering that will ensue once we become restless and yearn for more oneshots. You've started down a dark path, love. xD
Shadesaurus chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
Noooooo. D:

You are so cruel, Shimma. A lovable, cruel mistress (ehehe, Jackal lingo) but a cruel mistress nonetheless. Once again, you've blown me away, which is a testament to your writing ability considering this isn't a very long piece compared to your other works. The title, the word choice, how you described things...

"It is only when they meet her eyes do they see the cool, fierce light that lingers like madness in her gaze, just daring someone to approach, the subtlely dangerous look of one who has fought her way to the top by tooth and claw alone. Below her manic glare, her expression is stone."

"Effortless, subtle menace that can be glimpsed in every gesture, an easy ferocity that slips into each word, a contemptuous look that measures, weighs, and finds its object of attention wanting."

Those two lines, aaaaack. Absolutely beautiful. If this fic was a pie, it would be a very delicious pie. *heart*

Whoever Ali is curled up with in the end, she has definitely fulfilled her troth of the 'marriage' (for lack of a better term) to keep him safe. Personally, I'm leaning towards Fettali or Jackali. Shaqfair/Alicle (I'm having a lot of fun with this xD) doesn't seem as likely, since she'll have had a lot of negative input given to her from Fetter before she first meets Shaq.

Not to say he won't redeem himself, since not liking Shackle is pretty much impossible for anything with the slightest sense of humanity. (Which is why Brand and Fox don't count, ha.)

I noticed you neglected to mention Ali getting pregnant. sniff. ;-; On the bright side, Johnsie will get to experience uncle-hood!

Much love, and sweet job as always.
Shadough chapter 1 . 11/11/2012
Holy fuq.
I was so confused, and then it all came together, and I'm dying from the what-the-fuq-I-don't-even-knows.