Reviews for You Don't Want Me the Way I Want You
Hazenator chapter 1 . 10/17/2013
I underestimated the "graphic" part but holy mother of Christ that was amazing. 3
Beizanten chapter 1 . 10/2/2013
so hot beautiful and sweet!
Post U Later chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
OMG That Was Amazing! & Not Just The Sex Scene... Though That Was FANTASTIC! The Ending Was So Sweet! Tony & Steve Are Perfect Together! XD

& I Absolutely Love Drunk Tony, He's So Cute. X3
dotx3 chapter 1 . 9/7/2013
Sooo good!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/22/2013
You can't smell vodka.
DrawWerewolves chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
"So, now he was a billionaire, liar, slut and a snarky douche." That is the most accurate summary of Tony Stark I have ever seen. Congrats
Fi Suki Saki chapter 1 . 6/8/2013
Oh... haha... yeah...

That was indeed hard sex... haha...


...I see...
Kats1997 chapter 1 . 6/1/2013
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Songlian chapter 1 . 5/20/2013
This was totally awesome, sweet, and very hot! I liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/18/2013
This was my favorite story ... Great job! :)
FallenCastiel chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
*applaud* That was... was. I can't find a word to describe it.
BlackFalling chapter 1 . 2/15/2013
This was PERFECT! I loved it so so much! you definitely need to keep writing!
sinfulangel101 chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
THAT WAS AMAZING! UNF, I'm in LOVE with your stuff it's absolutely amazing!
OrlandosLover2009 chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
Anything Steve and Tony Im down for that. Loved this very hoooot
foofightersrockdavegrolismygod chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
HI, i like your story :} very tony stark to be drunk of his ass when he makes his move lol. have you though about contuining this? about how the others react? more couples? bruce joins tony and steve? lol
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