Reviews for Silent Ponderings
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
Good Lord, this is so sad, so very emotional. It's an amazing story and the little tweaks just made it be absolutely perfect! I love everything about it: how you stayed so true to the characters, how their actions and choices influence each other without them knowing, how the young lad from the hidden realm does care and at the same time seems so detached from everything - as if he were a higher being almost. Really, there's so many awesome little details in this fic, like when the weather seems to always reflect Maeve's feelings. And what a tragedy that Maeve's hesitating and insecurity is what ultimately has Sinbad give in to the offers he gets - she thinks he wouldn't wait for her, but he would if only he knew she cared. It never really occured to me but now that you point that out it's so very realistic and really fits both of them.
And the ending... my gosh, only seldomnly have I read something this sad and at the same time beautiful.

Honestly, you created an awesome little piece of work here. Beautifully written and incredibly touching. Thank you so much for sharing. Aww, and you're most welcome. You deserve everything and more. *big bug hugs*

Really hope you will continue writing. With love, TK :D
MJ chapter 1 . 11/14/2012
Wow. That's so sad! The images you paint in so few words... It's really beautiful. It's almost like Maeve's standing there on that beach getting a little more hollow with every thing she sees until she has no choice but to stop watching. And poor Sinbad becoming so self-destructive because he doesn't know where to turn, not realizing that by destroying himself like that he is destroying her as well.
Well done. I loved reading it.