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Haruhi's Rose chapter 32 . 6/1
So... it seems that I now have a new favorite fanfic author (that would be YOU!) :D I've been reading this incredible labor of love for the past couple of months sometimes getting sidetracked by one-shots and other shorter fics, but always coming back and with great joy, but a heavy heart I finished it this morning! I can't even think of enough words to describe it but breathtaking, incredible, amazing, hilarious, and adorable all come to mind! If only you could be named the official writer for Durarara! and everything you wrote could be canon *swoon*! :D
I don't think I can fully express how AWESOME this story was! I laughed so much and had the best time reading it! I also LOVE that you had so many of the characters in it. Shizuo and Izaya are the best of course, but the magic truly happens when the crazy cast of characters all come together! Your dialogue was absolute perfection as well! Everything was so spot-on, it was incredible! I had figured out the birthday surprise element after a few chapters and was so excited when the big reveal moment came in the story! I was like, "I knew it!", Yeah! How perfect was it that you finished this on Shizu-Chan's birthday as well?! I love it!
I've been in love with this anime for nearly a year and Shizaya it totally my OTP! I just have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (a million times over!) for your amazing writing and for not giving up on this story or this fandom (Trust Me, you were born to write Shizaya! (Oooh and that's also my favorite Drrr! song as well) :P You've got me totally bouncing off the walls right now and fangirling Erika Karisawa style, but I'm SO excited to read your other stories and so happy that you are still writing in this fandom. Also THANK YOU for NOT being normal and giving us this incredible gift instead of a one shot birthday fic! :P :D
Popme35 chapter 4 . 5/11
What I find funny is that Umareshi Midori has dyed red hair when i think Midori means green
ebonypol chapter 32 . 3/25
loved it! this was amazing. one of the best fics out there!
MiyukiNoMai chapter 32 . 3/23
Do you realize how good of a writer you are? You're amazing!
Shirohime's - Shizaya-stories chapter 32 . 2/25
xD Awesome ending tho xDDD haha i loved it xD
neigejaune chapter 32 . 2/15
i think... i think that my feels broke...
Jxzzyra chapter 32 . 2/11
This story is amazing! The fluffy and intimate(?) scenes made me fangirl so hard.
StainedSculpture chapter 32 . 2/4
Wahaha, glad I read the epilogue. Seeing Izaya and Namie playing dress up was so much fun. Their banter was funny. I imagine what shizuo would looked like, and how I love it thank you very much for your hard work all this time.
PerlaNemesis chapter 32 . 2/3
I'm going to miss this story. It really was enjoyable to read!
Vixie96 chapter 32 . 1/31
What a great ending to this epic story! I guess we can't really expect Izaya and Shizuo to have a normal date, and it's just like them to have a fight in the middle of their date!
I just want you to know that I really love your writing, the plots to all of your stories are incredibly interesting. And whenever I'm feeling down or just need I fresh dose of fluff, I like to go back and reread Lies and Truth as well as this story. So thank you for writing this wonderful stories -
CheshireCutie chapter 2 . 1/29
Omg...this is the first time I've ever found Vorona cute. Cotten candy, how adorable of her! Loving this so far,thank you!
Guest chapter 32 . 1/29
Thank you thank you thank you forever author San this is one of my favorite stories of all the times, and I was hopping for the end, is sad that is over but I love it anyway. Good luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIZUCHAN!
Caravn chapter 32 . 1/28
I think this was the first story I've read about two years ago on this website
Through I found this site on cheer coincidence
Since then I have so much fun reading all kinds of stories
That's why its ending is so special to me
And you did a great job
I wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into your work
I really appreciate it!
Wish you a good day and luck for your future xoxoxo
Famelia Ly chapter 32 . 1/28
Awwww I'm so happy with this ending! Super happy! x3 It was an incredible story, and I'm so glad you were able to finish it after so long! I looooved iiiiit~
I hope you're doing well ZS! x) Take care~ ;D
unknown chapter 32 . 1/28
Beautiful! Happy birthday shizu-chan! -
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