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unknown chapter 28 . 8/23
Please please please post more
StainedSculpture chapter 28 . 8/19
Kyaaaaah~ what are you doing, dear author?! you gave me nosebleed #ugghh but I like it. so, never mind then. haha. just can you explain to me what varona's last line means? I don't understand it. thank you very much for the update. I really enjoy this chapter
natsuki23 chapter 28 . 8/16
Kyaa~! Izayan in denial is sooooooooooo cute! Looking forward to the update, I bet it will be even cuter! Please update soon!
lolgurl chapter 28 . 8/14
My GOODNESS! You updated! Hahaha. Thank you so much! :'D I hope you update this till the end :) Wish you lots of motivation ;) I really love this story :D Iza-chan, stop denying your feelings for Shizu-chan :D
SchwarzShifter chapter 28 . 8/11
Hahaha that is so adorable! You know I've been up reading this for almost four hours now? It didn't feel like it at all, they passed by like water, but it's almost two in the morning. I love theeeeem oh my god when Izaya stabbed Shizuo and they were running and Shizu-chan was so heartbroken, I almost died, but I'm glad they got to be adorable again. I love them!
Guest chapter 28 . 8/9
I'm not good with English-, but I don't think Shizuo and Izaya return to their I'm-going-to-kill-you behavior against each other, I am sure that the events during the date have completely changed the views of each on the other, I think they both had developed some deep feelings for the other. Izaya is being a tsundere, he admits he loathed Shizuo for make him feel emotions that he doesn't understand -like an innocent kid in his puberty- maybe is fear or because he is too much stubborn, but Shizuo is obviously more experimental in the matter, and is hard to believe in 'Shizuo the kind of guy who let things go easily', he is sure and he knows Izaya is not a delicate woman since their first meet, and they had reached a point of confidence where none of them would be comfortable in that way towards another person but to each other.
Shizuo is a faithful, honorable and caring man, he is genuine in his actions -since he's a man of actions, not words- and he has demonstrated that special side to Izaya, that side that probably they both didn't even know they had. SO, I doubt Shizuo let Izaya go, not easily, no way, sure Izaya will no allowed to be catched either that easy because he's a tsundere in denial, but eventually he will let himself get caught, yeah, though I'm pretty sure he already did, So, no matter if at the end of this fanfic they don't stay together, they will, they're destined to be together, Shizuo kisses are that powerful (I'm completely sure I learned this from you, because I never thought in that way before read TOTW).
A not caring Shizuo about issues involving that 'special person' is against his principles, unfortunately I can't say the same for Izaya, you know him better lol, and this is why I don't want their relationship end with an 'it never happened' at the end. Is not fair, I have a feeling their bond is too strong to want to be broken now. After Shizuo's birthday they will stay together, I don't know in what terms but they will, isn't it author-san? right? right?
TrunksIzayaBossKadoDRRRotaku chapter 28 . 8/4
Really good! I love this.
TrunksIzayaBossKadoDRRRotaku chapter 24 . 8/3
Kyaaaaa, Shizaya! Shizayaaaa! Everyone's been amazingly in character! I love it so much. On to the next few chaptersss! You are an amazing writer.
Guest chapter 28 . 8/2
AHAHA the missunderstanding! My god so awkward ahahaha.

Oh I've missed this story. It's so cute, funny and sweet and everyone is perfectly in character! Can't wait for the next update x3
Matsoine chapter 28 . 8/2
Thank you for updating again, sometimes I think you have left the story ... Anyway, I enjoyed it very much, I really do love an embarrassed Izaya ;)

Love Matsoine :3
Fumis chapter 28 . 8/1
I laughed so hard, omg.

Vorona just calling Izaya 'flea' and 'tsundere' in front of him and him just glaring at her, ahh, I adore her.

I read in tumblr you were thinking about an scene with the three of them, and Izaya not being jealous of Vorona this time; I'm looking forward it!

I love the way things are going now and I don't expect something like Shizuo and Izaya getting married at the end haha! But they're being so adorable (like teens on a date actually), that even if things remain the same and nothing really changes after this date, I would still be able to say I love your fic!

Looking forward Lies and Truth! Don't push yourself too hard, take care! A big hug!
SnowbirdInTheSky chapter 28 . 8/1
Hahaha I think Shizuo has a little too much fun embarrassing Izaya. (Can't blame him though, I think most people would)

Also: "Shizuo used his other hand to take it out of his hand and drop it, not caring where it fell"

...I feel like there will be a news story the next morning "Pedestrian injured by mysterious falling knife".

Maybe you should pay a little more attention to dangerous stuff like that, huh Shizuo? XD

...Wait, the knife's got both of their prints on it oh shoot... XD

Ah, great chapter as always. Though I'll echo Izaya's thoughts: I have no idea what Shizuo's thinking here lol. I liked Izaya's mini-standoff with Vorona, for a moment I thought they were about to fight but I'm glad they're getting along. Can't wait to read the rest!
pineapple girl chapter 28 . 8/1
Dear God, you are so amazing, please, please continue with this beautiful story, I just don't want that Shizuos birthday reach to an end. That would mean no boyfriends, I mean, no boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. Pleasee I want Izaya to be hiiss BOYfriend.
Azure chapter 28 . 8/1
Thanks for the update , the chapter was enjoyable and not to mention funny . Somehow whenever I am done with reading a chapter from this story it manages to put a smile on my face . Anyway I can ' t wait for the next update . :)
Sakusha Saelbu chapter 28 . 8/1
This was amazing! I really liked this chapter. Poor Izaya being in denial about his feelings and unable to regain his precious control. XD
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