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Anon chapter 16 . 5/26/2016
Hello there,
I would first like to say that though I am new to your writing, I have fallen deeply in love with it.
You are an outstanding writer and you inspire me with every word. Your style and techniques are amazing and a joy to read.
I would like to thank you very deeply for parting with us with a beautiful last note that filled us in on what we wanted to know. I appreciate how much effort that took, as a fellow writer.
This was a beautiful story, and you are still a beautiful writer. I hope that you find what you are looking for.
Many thanks,
DragonClaw827 chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
I appreciate that you tried to conclude the story and not leave us hanging. I also appreciate that you dedicated some of your time to write this. "This" as in the story in general and this note. Thank you for the adventure I had when reading this.
Kat Katrinna chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
Hello, thank you for taking time to write this, I'll at least know my precious otp lived happily overseas...
I'm sad to see such a good writer go, but, what has to be done, has to be done.
Good luck in whatever you're doing, I hope you can make it!
Thank you for writing these awesome fanfictions! c':
Have a good day! :''D
Daughter of the Wise One chapter 14 . 5/24/2016
Sorry for the double response Mags, but I just realized that my email address didn't go through thanks to FFN's lovely, lovely URL-bending magicks. Here it is again, with spaces between, like, everything: daughter of the wise one iCloud . com. Use it if you want :)

While I'm here again, I wanted to thank you SO MUCH again for adding this ending chapter. It's incredible to think that you probably could've written a Les Mis length tale about a tsun tsun Brit and a dorky American. You should be super proud, even if life made it impossible for you to finish. I actually started reading this back in the winter-ish of my freshman year, so now, at the end of my senior year of high school it's nice to have closure. It's been an absolute honor going on this journey with you! No matter where life takes you next, I wish you all the best.

P.S Happy International Tiara Day! :D
History-wise, apparently the first Eurovision Song Competition was held on May 24, and thank goodness for that too.
Etari chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
Hey there :)
I loved your storys and it's a shame you are gonna leave us, though it can't be helped.
Thanks for telling us the rest of the story, even if it's just a short overview. It was very nice of you and at least I know now how the story ends :)
I wish you all the luck in the world for your life!
Savy chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
Thank you very much for this. I have thought about this amazing story many times and looked back hoping for there to be more one day. I am glad that I received some form of closure from this. You are an amazing writer and I hope that with what ever you decide to do in life you go forth with passion! Thank you for this great adventure. It actually brings tears to my eyes that you took the time to come back and wrap it up for us. Thank you so much! Have a good day and I hope to see more of your work in the future what ever it may be!~
Guest chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
Goodspeed, wherever you go.
ScorchingFlamesBurn chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
Thank you and I do not know what happened to you during this time you just, well how to say it softly? Disappeared? from the fandom and everything, but still I am thankful for at least the effort you did to continue this. My heart literally leaped then plummeted the moment I saw that you updated then saw that it was just an ending note, still IT WAS A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY heart-felt gesture from you, but not heart filling as compared to the actual story and you know that. It's just that... it's hard to find good fics now after all this time and even harder to find ones that are actually completed. I am one with the hetaLIA FANDOM, ESPECIALLY USUK- MY OTP- that is why I find it heart-breaking that you are leaving this fandom, this brilliant brilliant, suffocating, sad and insanely wild and emotional fandom that is actually probably my first fandom to truly fall in love with due to all of this diversity and variety in it and I am sure that most of the people here feel the same.
I am truly sad to hear that life has gone against such a talented and lovely writer such as yourself and made you leave us, but nevertheless I wish you happiness and strife for the rest of your life and I do hope from every corner of my tiny heart that you find your way back to us, even through it may be far-fetched, but I am optimistic nevertheless.
Also I am a bit disappointed with this, I am sorry and I know that I should be bathing you with praise and thanks like you are my savior like my inner soft self is telling me to, but I cannot help but feel this sad pang that yet another one of my favourite fics is being discontinued, Oh God I have dealt with too many hits to my fragile heart considering this matter. Look I don't know, Ok? I am happy to know the rest of the story but also cannot help but to be sad that I knew it this way, I loved your details and without them I think that this is more heartbreaking than heart-mending as it should've been. I mean, I was happy, and I almost forgot about this, you know, for it to be remembered in my mind as an amazing but always unfinished fic as many others that haunt me in my times of boredom or loneliness, but I think that this should've never been ended like this. i AM SORRY BUT i CANNOT BUT FEEL HURT AND DEJECTED BECAUSE OF THIS AND i STill say again that I don not know what happened to you and I might grandly sound like an arse but still, I think it would be better to leave somethings as great as this unfinished than to finish them half-heartedly in the memory of their former grandiose.
I know I might be wounding you, but you have also wounded me- in an act of kindness non-the-less, from you, but I do not like honey-covered words and silent intentions, I like to speak my mind and I HAVE, and I apologize again (I lost count of how many times I apologized but I still feel I need to apologize more), But still thank you for your enamored effort to even post this, seeing as you have suffered so much.
This is not the best farewell, but I do hope that you get things back together again, and never never lose sight of what matters to you, even if it were on the behalf of other things, if you are ready to throw those other things from your life without guilt then you should know that they never really mattered in the first place, so uh- CARRY ON... ? I guess, I'm horrible at this.

... But hey I still have hope bcz u didn't leave the fanfiction fandom entirely, ur still writing destiel right? so yup a slimmer of HOPE AND GOOD INTENTIONS. AND A WHOLE LOT MORE OF OPTIMISIM.
ok, I rambled a lot and probably hurt ur feelings, but I do hope I'm still on ur good side, please?

Goodbye, and auf wiedersehen ;)
CodeVassie chapter 16 . 5/24/2016
Hello! I hope you are doing alright and thank you so much for this note! I'm glad to see something from you and I am very grateful that you took your time to come back and tie this up as well as easing our hearts a little by letting us know how you are doing. Don't let life get you down too much and I wish you all the best wherever it may take you! Thank you so very much!
dreamycloud97 chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
Hi, just wanted to say thank you for uploading this summary of the rest of the story even when you're feeling out of the fandom :) This is one of my favourite stories in the fandom and seeing that it has been discontinued for so long I had already not been expecting to be able to see what will happen next and that makes me feel what a pity. So I was happy and surprised when I see the update email and was confused that the story ended so abruptly. But nevertheless, I am happy and grateful that you have taken the liberty to not only explain your circumstances but also write for us a quite detailed summary of what would have happened next. I liked that you did not just brush over with a half baked attempt to end the story but put effort into tying things up. Although you did not write out the full story, it is enough for me to picture what would have happened and I am satisfied with the ending. :) So please don't take it on yourself too hard, I think you've given a lot to the fandom and this is a good way to end the story. All the best for your next journey in life.
Guest chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
Wow for being just a summary it's quite extend but as you say it gives closure. I was sure i would never ever see anything more from this fic and then you came back a give us this.
Just want to say "thank you". By the way you write i can notice life's been hard on you, so i think it's right not to pressure you with more.
Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful fic that make me cry more than once.
P.D.:If it's not much please upload it in AO3 so it would not be deleted (since ff likes to deleted some fics)
ProductOfDawn chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
I'm sad to see you go but I'm very grateful that you still gave us that whole summary. Some authors just flat out discontinue a story and dont provide anything or just end up deleting it but you had the courtesy not to. I truly thank you for that. Although it would've been nice to read in the actual story, it's better than nothing. I wish you the best in life and hope that things on your side get better!
ConfusedCosplay chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
it makes me sad know i will never get to read the rest of this amazing story but, i'm so great full that you at least tried to give us a summary of the rest of the story, something many other poeple, will never do, i'm sorry for what ever you are going through and i hope is lets up, and thank you for writing all that you did, it was a beautiful story.
ShadowFox197 chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
I'm really sorry to hear all of that. I know that I don't know you at all, but know that I wish you well :)
ShakespearesRhapsody chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
I literally gasped when I saw the email notification. I knew you said you would post the ending at some point, but I am sad to say I never expected it. But I'm so happy you did. I have been following this story before I even made an account, and is still one of the stories I use as a example when I write. Even now I go back and look at for inspiration when I am stuck. I'm sorry for whatever has happened to you, and I hope you can recover. But know I always wondered what happened to you even when I would just scroll through the site. Thank you for coming back and writing the ending. I don't care that it's less detailed than you remember. I hope your future is happy and bright, and thank you. Just thank you.
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