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Ltlconf chapter 14 . 7/2/2013

Nicely done. Hoped to see more of Buffy and Faith kicking ass but the focus on Illyria was all kinds of appropriate. It was her battle to win or lose after all. Nice bit with Buffy and Willow dealing with the discovery of Faith in Dawn and Tara's bed. Like how you made Buffy the rational one. Most would had her flip. Okay, she flipped a little but she recovered well. Willow was broke though, HEH!

They have what to do with him. And the First's body.

The Cracker.
Ltlconf chapter 13 . 6/15/2013

YAY! It's back and happy to see it. I actually think Faith's a tad overwhelmed her! And in a good way. Nice to see Faith being the timid one in a relationship for once. Not in the "does he/she love me?" sorta way or even the "never had a relationship" thing (though that's part of it here), but in the "no clue what to do or how to handle it" sorta way. It's interesting to see Faith being the inexperienced one in every way.

Also smart of Dawn to turn down the Old Magic at this time. You always take the worst case scenario into account in war. Sure they may help defeat the First, however no matter what there's a good chance the Council's gonna be pretty bled by it all. That's not good when you've just made a bunch of new enemies! So nah, hedge your bets and maybe later, when the ruckus is all quiet and such, unleash the magic with all them consequences.
Oh, and after you've lined up allies, counter-measures, and so on. And everyone's gotten their private lives back in order!

I like this smart Dawn's who's still a bit of a kid, who's all a planner yet a bit impatient and cocky at times.
And the patient Tara, who seems to realize that Faith's more comfortable around Dawn and willing to wait for things to move forward 'tween Faith and her.

The Cracker!
Guest chapter 12 . 5/20/2013
Good read. You and your muse have done well. I look forward to a new chapter!
Ltlconf chapter 12 . 5/19/2013

No issue with the length. Chapter length should be judged by intent and content, not word count. In many a novel I've read, a chapter could be 20 pages long or just one, depended on what it was about. And that's how it should be.

While "fluffy" it was a BIG chapter. It showed a huge step and chance by all three (Dawn, Faith, and Tara) and the possible beginning of a relationship that will definitely cause massive waves with everyone else.

And that can't be discounted as the three move into this. Buffy for one will FLIP (yeah, a bit odd for a woman who dated DEAD GUYS, but that's Buffy) cause this is DAWN getting into a triad with FAITH! Meanwhile, Willow will have her own issues visa-ve Tara being with Faith. No matter how much the hatchet is buried, some issues will remain on all sides, it's only human (and not a slam on anyone, just VERY human!) and must be dealt with.

The Cracker!
Ltlconf chapter 11 . 5/2/2013

Gotta say, you're one of the few Buffy fanfic writers to put Dawn in the center of things, not as the victim (or MacGuffin) but in the role of Big Damn Hero. In my RPG she's always been pretty powerful but rarely the center of attention (until recently). I must say, it's both a change and rather fun. I'd made her a tad more nervous about it all.
I mean, this IS a first for her, and anyone NOT nervous over being in charge of the world's fate would make ME nervous!
I do agree with a previous poster that the background needs to be cleaned up a bit to better match the show. You don't have to take Dawn outa Boston however: they never really went into whether Dawn was in Sunnydale the entire previous four seasons up to her arrival (memory-wise) or not, so not a stretch. And I agree giving Dawn positive memories of Faith, including some even after Faith switches sides: The Monks woulda wanted to hedge bets and ensure that Faith would fight and die for Dawn and that Dawn would trust Faith to do so. To me you've got firm grounds on this. After all, in Sn7 after Dawn's initial harsh greeting (which Faith ignored in favor of obvious flirting) the teen was (not 24 hours later) willing to follow Faith to the Bronze, charge a shotgun wielding cop while armed with nothing but good looks, and then try and stand up to General Bitch-Buffy on Faith's behalf.
Oh, and then lays down on Buffy an ultimatum: agree to back Faith as leader or leave.
Doesn't sound like set-in-stone hatred to me (as even Joss made it in Sn8 and 9, WTF!) so yeah, I can by this scenario: The Monks tied Dawn and Faith together and even Tara will never fully break that. And now Dawn is going to need all the support she can get. She's smart, a natural linguist, a natural with magic, and a good fighter (all implied or shown in the show...then promptly ignored, again WTF) but she's never led the fight before and learning on the job? Bad idea. Best to have a crew that knows the score, can show her the ropes, and ensure mistakes aren't fatal but are instead learned from. Tara and Faith can do that for Dawn and make sure she doesn't feel she's being slighted (and REALLY learns).

Oh, and Fay aren't just Irish but are truly pan-European and in all European cultures. It's a concept that strangely is cross-cultural (under different names, but basic concepts identical). Some, like the Russian fay make the Irish and German fay look like warm, fuzzy hippies (which they are NOT) by comparison. VERY dark and nasty. Even the "helpful" ones are only helpful in the sense that you've bribed them to not eat YOU. Far more to the fay than just the Celts (even then big differences from one land to another within their lands).
In truth, everything I've seen implies that the only real difference 'tween the "light" and "dark" is how they treat their pets.

That Tara can find Faith attractive physically and emotionally IS a bonus and one that, again, I buy. Both likely went through hell growing up, but with Faith likely not having the cushion of at least one loving parent. Faith having a truly nasty upbringing of some sort has been confirmed in the Sn9 canon comics and in any case Tara can empathize and relate to better than anyone else, and vice versa. Good basis for budding attraction. That and Tara is the one most likely to not hold any past against Faith.
I'd run with that, and I for one would enjoy reading such conversations. Both have demons I'm sure that need laying to rest.

One thing that also occurred to me: All three are outsiders to the Scoob Inner Circle. While Tara came closest to fully getting in, even she was seemingly quickly forgotten until needed when Willow and she broke up.
And despite Dawn being the sister and obviously talented (gifted really) she was almost forcibly kept out even though ignorance is actually dangerous in Sunnydale! More than one issue coulda been prevented or quickly cleared up had Dawn's language and research (and magic) skills been utilized fully.
And we all saw how utterly wretchedly Faith was treated long before she "went bad." As my Military Intel body told me, such treatment is "how you get willing defectors." Basically, a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Again, you can get milage from this: Dawn, Faith, and Tara are the surviving (now that Cordy and Anya are dead) "outsiders" and thus plausibly (likely even) prone to eventually go their own way.
Buffy will never truly (or willingly) let Dawn do her own thing. Not cause Buff's a bad person, but because Dawn is her only real family left (natural). Faith will be seen, like as not always, as somewhat unreliable (again, human nature) no matter how well liked (and she seems to be here). And Tara will be loved, but "just not Willow" and thus always seen as "back-up" no matter how good she is.
Sucks, but groups like the Scoobs, forged in war, are by nature clannish. Just human nature. The Trio is best served by going their own way at some point...and that's massive story fodder!

You've got the beginning a magnificent series, if you so wish. And a great story already if not.

The Cracker!
twin who likes to travel chapter 10 . 4/24/2013
I'm still liking the story. However, you left out some quotation marks in the last part of this chapter, which might it seem a little confusing. I'm wondering if the not so subtle moments between Dawn, Tara, and Faith will lead to a threesome, or if you just plan on teasing with that idea.
twin who likes to travel chapter 7 . 2/23/2013
Well, at least you updated. I can beat you in how long it's been. Mine came after around two years. I don't mind if you hook Buffy up with Willow, but I like it better when she's with Faith. I've had Faith paired up with Buffy in a slight crossover with Once And Again and with Willow in my BTVS saga where the main couple was Dawn/Faith. But enough about mentioning my own stories. I'm happy that you updated, I will wait patiently for the next one, and am looking forward to seeing what happens when Faith arrives.I'm wondering if you'll have Faith find out the kiss and get jealous. Maybe it could lead to a sort of love triangle. Or if we're lucky, a menage a trois. But I won't get my hopes up about the last one.
twin who likes to travel chapter 6 . 1/25/2013
I hate to bring this up, but you're still making typos. And I don't like this explanation of Faith's history because it clashes too much with the Summers' memories. Everybody remembers that Buffy used to live in L.A. before her being called and her parents got divorced. Then and her mom moving to Sunnydale. So why are you having them all in Boston and Buffy living only with her dad before Sunnydale? I think you should change it to go more along with the show. You should have the memories begin from when Faith first arrived at the Summers home in the episode "Faith, Hope, and Trick". In all or most of the stories I've read that contained Faith having memories of Dawn idolizing or crushing on Faith before she went evil. Since we didn't learn a lot about Faith's past on the show, everyone's given her a troubled one.
twin who likes to travel chapter 5 . 1/11/2013
This chapter didn't suck. I, however, noticed notice some errors. There are some missing words and punctuation. There were also some in using the wrong word some times. I think there was some of this in the previous chapters too, but I don't think I commented on that yet. Isn't Tara going to get a little jealous now if Rory moves in with Buffy and Dawn? It's pretty clear that you might hook Buffy up with Rory. Is there any chance you could surprise us by having Faith come to Seattle to help and make her the one that Buffy hooks up with instead? Either way, it's great to see another update so soon.
twin who likes to travel chapter 4 . 1/8/2013
Well, I was wondering when you were going to get to the sexual content, especially after describing Dawn's outfit for the first date and knowing Michelle Trachtenberg has a nice ass. Wouldn't have Joyce's Cherokee gotten swallowed up when the town collapsed in Chosen? I'm looking forward to the next update of course.
Kenn.Faith.Dawn chapter 4 . 1/7/2013
cool chapter. is kennedy going to be in this story
LifeIsWanky chapter 3 . 12/16/2012
Great chapter! :D
Kenn.Faith.Dawn chapter 3 . 12/15/2012
fantastic chapter
LifeIsWanky chapter 2 . 11/30/2012
Aww Tara is so sweet *O* I love this story
Kenn.Faith.Dawn chapter 2 . 11/30/2012
fantastic chapter more please
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