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Meme chapter 41 . 7/21
Update, please :)
hermonine chapter 41 . 7/16
Nice chapters.
Anon chapter 41 . 7/16
Wow, that last part tho... although granted i am a new reader to this fanfic i really really have enjoyed it thus far and i eagerly await (hopeful) future installments, this story has just got such a good premise and if i were Anya i think i'd be freaking out 24/7 and i can only imagine how hard it is to write a story about screwing with timelines having the new and original timeline and juggling both while making it so she's not just slid in there that shes's making an impact on how everything goes (bare in mind this is the first review I've done, like ever)
SoleFaith chapter 41 . 7/8
I think my review didn't go through before opps. So I'm writing another one because I really want to explain how much I loved this: Dude, this chapter was amazing! I literally dream about this story (no joke). I was so happy you updated it was insane. Okay and my unpopular opinion/ship here: Anya and Zach were so cute together this chapter ahhhhh. Chase is really hot though, poor Zach no wonder he keeps joking about Chase being Anya's boyfriend. Haha. OH aND I totally forgot about the threat in Mob Rules! That was such a cool plot twist I did not see that coming. And oh boy House pretends he doesn't care about Anya but he does, he definitly sees her as his daughter confirmed. If Anya does end up sleeping at Wilson's place to avoid danger that will probably be super awkward for her with his marriage falling apart. I literally love this story so much and I hope you update again soon. Everything in this story is literally great you're an amazing author! And Such a cliffhanger I don't know how much longer I can wait for the next chapter! I'll wait though, obviously I have to XD. Have an awesome weekend!
Visitkarte chapter 41 . 7/8
Haha, of course House knew! But then again, nothing will happen to her, right?

Just asking.
Iland Girl chapter 41 . 7/7
Literally everything I've been waiting for is in this one chapter. EEEK! I cannot wait for Chase to come back. Yes I promote this pairing 30000%!

So Im totally getting to feeling that sh*t is gunna hit the fan soon. There's just way too many nice things in this chapter. I'm guessing Vogler is going to take away Anna's scholarship and wreck her chance at getting into the school after House peeves him off. Which will make Anya mad at him and (hopefully push her towards Chase) Wilson will have to cool the flames.

As for Anya and Mob Rules... Part of me is guessing she's going to get kidnapped, another is thinking it's just going to be a ruse.

I totally forgot how much I loved House/Anya's relationship too. It's a strange one that kind of fits their personalities. I'm really curious to see Cameron and Foreman talking to Anya a bit more too.

I really hope you update soon because I'm rattling in my seat trying to press a non existant next button.

See ya soon!

Iland Girl
MacbethWannabe chapter 41 . 7/7
Oh my! This fic is amazing! I just happened to be looking at the House fic list and saw this, so happy I clicked on it. I devoured it in two days, just couldn't put my phone down. I took a break from Fallout 4 to read it all, ironically enough lmao
Excited for the next update :)
Guest chapter 41 . 7/6
Guest chapter 41 . 7/5
Finally! Its been a long wait... Great chapter... Chanya romance coming up?
amy.ward.906 chapter 41 . 7/5
Whoa! Major cliffhanger! Please update soon!
0.0 chapter 41 . 7/5

Can't wait for the next update
Hope you update soon
Robin chapter 41 . 7/5
That House...he never misses a thing. Even when he can't see, he knows.
God, this is terrific. Such an unusual story plot, and you are writing it so convincingly there's not a hint of unreality anywhere. Good job. Can't wait for the next installment.
HeatherSS1 chapter 41 . 7/5
SHE GOT INNNNN! Yaaaayyyyy Anya! That's awesome!
I love that House knew she was listening in on their conversation, lol. Wilson does have a good point, though. With all the Vogler stuff going on I had not thought about Anya being in danger.
KassieJean chapter 41 . 7/5
I'm so happy you updated and I love this so much. the first thought for me was having volley try to take her scholarship away and that is very not okay
beepboop chapter 41 . 7/5
YOU'RE ALIVE! My half awake excitement from you updating aside, this chapter was amazing! I can't wait to see what happens next!
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