Reviews for Shades Of Winter
Chrissymaria chapter 55 . 4/24
Amazing chapter I was so happy to see them get back together. I love this story and am sad it is going to be ending.
Shanna319 chapter 55 . 4/13
It will be sad to see this go. Loved it so much! Looking forward to reading about their happy ending tho! Amazing chapter as always!
Lovethisforever chapter 55 . 4/11
Ahh I will never get over Shades of Winter, by far the best fic I've read to date and I'm sure it will be for a long time! So so so so great, you're effortless writing style entranced me write through to the end -it can't end here, what happened to the final chapter and epilogue? I saw friends today who I hadn't seen in three years which is a long time but it's really not too late! I'm so in love with these two beautiful characters you've recreated and I know I'm not the only one! Please use your wonderful talent to finish this, you literally have the power to make thousands of people's day, please please please with a cupcake and katniss flower on top! Ahh I'm so attached to this genuine, credible, authentic Everlark duo you've conjured, don't let 55 chapters of beauty end so suddenly please! Loved your bike analogy and just your writing in general, I really can't get enough. Just two. More. Chapters. They can be short. Two chapters and a world full of happy fans. Please consider :))))))))
carolblue chapter 55 . 4/10
Hello, only I can congratulate you on this great fic, adore it, it seems to me that it is brilliant, very entertaining, very comical with the inconvinient situations and moments, is a whirlwind of emotions, which catch you in the reading and in the story of the history, brilliant, I hope that you update soon, because it is simply wonderful
Guest chapter 55 . 4/9
BookLover2000 chapter 55 . 4/9
I love your stories. Please update soon
FinchelFanatic chapter 55 . 4/8
Omg! Totally love this! Please don't stop writing this AU. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK!
Guest chapter 55 . 4/8
So glad they're back together!
Guest chapter 55 . 4/2
Please update soon. I love your stories
Sarah chapter 55 . 3/24
Can you please think about a 3rd part to this story it is just amazing and Im sure no one else wants this to end
Guest chapter 55 . 3/24
I can't believe you finally updated I'm so happy that you did I thought you ended it I'm so happy
Louise Mooney chapter 55 . 3/24
Wonderful as always. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Im-just-a-girl16 chapter 55 . 3/19
I'm sad that this story is coming to an end! Cruel Summer was so good and I was ecstatic to find this sequel (I discovered you as an author somewhere past the halfway point of this story). Are you planning on doing a third part? I'm curious of what their dynamic would be if they both went to the same school as well as what happened with Cassie. Excitingly awaiting your next update!
hpdude-4life chapter 55 . 3/18
Yaaaay! *does boogie*
hpdude-4life chapter 54 . 3/18
I was watching the Superbowl! Stayed up all night and only had 2 hours of sleep cos of uni at 9am, but it was worth it. Go Patriots! XD
Aww Peeta, we love you :')
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