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Saturnblue chapter 8 . 5/14
I have a question regarding Lily's thought about Harry. How can she expect her so called baby boy Harry to remember them and want to go back home with them if she realized that her own sister hated magic. If her sister hates magic and lily is willing to leave her younger son to her sister doesn't that tells her that her sister will not treat her son well. Of course, if Lily's sister is a bigger person perhaps she would of raised Harry into a great person but that is not the case in this story. If Lily is not willing to take care of her younger son and abandoning to her sister why should sister of Lily willing to take her son who is a magical a person who fits her definition of hate to raise. It just point out here that both sisters are the same no matter their differences. Doesn't Lily realize that by placing her younger son Harry into that situation she is releasing her rights as a parent to another. She have no right to hate her sister where she did the same by abandoning her son to his fate without bothering to check on him or make sure he was welcome into his new home. Lily and James Potter both by releasing Harry into another's custody is no longer have any rights to their younger son. They abandoned him when he was a year old without any checkup or make sure he was placed in a welcomed home. They only listened to Albus Dumbledore's suggestion and answers but not bother to check it for truth on their own. They should not expect Harry to welcome them back into his life just because he re-entered wizard world. I hope Dumbledore's plan will be burn into ash with no attachments. How can they let someone that is not family dictate as to what to do with their life including their children. Just because Dumbledore supposed proclaimed one of their children is the supposed Boy-who-lived doesn't mean they should abandon one kid for another. They have the resources to raise two children without hardship and really should stay loyal to family only not outsiders who cannot mind their own business. Other than that it's fun to see adoption of the family Gibbs helped Jasper/Harry a great deal and will continue to help him in long run as he deal with the Potters, Dumbledore, and many other hurdles in the present and future. He will learn plenty from his new family and with friends he will reach new heights. It's great to see Severus Snape doesn't automatically hate Harry on sight and able to see Ronald get into Ravenclaw instead of the traditional house for his family. Nice Work.
Griffpuffsliclaw chapter 26 . 5/13
Dr1zzy chapter 1 . 4/13
Update plz
Melikalilly chapter 32 . 4/5
I love this story
unknownwolf1996 chapter 32 . 3/11
I would love Jasper to attend Ouran. because the host club is amazing
Fandommember chapter 32 . 3/5
I really enjoyed this fic. so far. I can't wait to read nore. I hope you go in the direction of more magical NCIS with Harry in America though Gibbs yelling about a giant snake and a werewolf would also be fun to see. thanks so much for writing this. it's wonderful
jamie huntington chapter 32 . 2/28
Hi i Hope you update this story. i like to see what happen with everyone and what gibbs does to the teachers at hogwarts. you the first crossover i have like.
PotterFanFoeva chapter 32 . 2/26
This is a very cool story. Can't wait for more chapters. I love the interaction with Tony, Sirius and Amelia pulling one over on Dumbledork.
WereBunny87 chapter 32 . 2/19
I really love this so far! I look forward to more!
Jostanos chapter 32 . 2/14
sorafallenangel11, Another Gibbs, as a whole, is an excellent story that I would like to see continued sometime in the near future. If this story has been adopted, please PM me who has adopted 'Another Gibbs' so that I may continue reading it... even if it goes by another name. :)

And now.. some remarks, etcetera, to the Great Manipulator himself: Albus 'Prefers Widdle Brats' Dumbledore!

*anime sighs* So you've _finally_ figured it out. _YOU'VE_ mad a huge mistake in sending Charlie's twin to the Dursleys, and never checked up on him _ONCE_! They moved to 'The Colonies', as you would put it; abused the poor boy, thus getting arrested and 'Potter' being sent to an orphanage; The Gibbs adopting Harry, and changing his name to Jasper; Jasper grows up knowing about magic even before his Hogwarts letter arrived; he saves Charlie from meeting 'Quirrelmort' during his first year; and after Jasper gets injured by an insane staff member your plans go to Hades.

Your 'drastic measures' may cause the rest of the world (Magical and Mundane) to not only place sanctions on your 'hidden society', but also cause (at least The United States) the World to goto war with you and magical UK.

To quote the Knight from Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail: "You chose poorly."
A Fan chapter 32 . 2/14
I think this is a great story and I really liked reading it. Thanks a lot for a good time :-)
Hppunkgirl chapter 32 . 2/11
spk chapter 32 . 1/14
Such an interesting story...can't wait for more. :)
Dusk the Cybertronian Fox chapter 32 . 1/6
Plze update soon!
Kris chapter 32 . 1/2
This was a nice interlude, though it appears that the excrement is about to hit the rotating blade now that Dumbledore has committed to taking action.
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