Reviews for Another Gibbs
enji-benjy chapter 30 . 42m
anywhere but Hogwarts, somewhere where Magical Britain has little to no influence.
enji-benjy chapter 24 . 1h
There is obviously no curse on the position in this fic, so why did Potter give up his job as DADA teacher, where he got to work alongside his wife and son?
enji-benjy chapter 22 . 1h
What did Charles do to Ginny that got them in the paper? Why even mention it if you're not going to tell us about it?
enji-benjy chapter 16 . 2h
Their plan was to stop three Gryffs from dieing, why not just tell Flitwick what they were going to do and have him intercept them? There is zero reason why they (even 11 year olds) would do this, especially to keep going passed when the Gryffs were stunned. The stunning spell also not being learned until 4th year... None of this make sense and is out of place for this story.
enji-benjy chapter 12 . 2h
What exactly is Lily Potter teaching, so far she has two subjects...
GenderBender25 chapter 30 . 9h
I think Salem, Winchester, or Alexandria would be best because two are in in America and the other sounds cool.
JG483 chapter 31 . 11/28
I really like this story and I like the way Harry turned out. If I had to choose about next year I would say that he go to Salem so that we can see more of Artemis and Jackson. Also it would be fun to see Dumbledore or his cronies try to get the MUSA to hand Harry over to him.
stranger12 chapter 31 . 11/27
This is. If this goes on for all seven year, this is going to a hell of a long ride. LOL

I'm not in the NCIS fandom at all, only random crossover (like this one), so I can't say whether the navy officers are in character, but the HP peeps. I like my Dumbledore manipulative, I'll say, but yours is a little dumber than usual (and not that fun to read), and I find the Potters irritating (as I'm sure I'm supposed to) and without remorse (which is only all the more annoying about them).

One thing it's hard for me, though, is that in the summary it says Charlus Potter and somewhere along the way, you changed it to Charles/Charlie Potter. It bugs me to no end.
Enji-Benjy chapter 3 . 11/27
How do they even know about Dumbles or his plans? TBO the fact they even knew about magic was a surprise since you have given no background information other than that Jasper seams to like word puzzles and was abused by the Dursleys, we don't even know how they got to the States.

I really don't see how Dumbles got the Potters to give up one of their children, especialy since they know he was going to a family that would hate him. 'You have to give up your child to people who won't treat him well, but you can have him back in 11 years', yeah, like the child is going to want to return to his 'family' after that.

I thought they wanted to keep one of his identities secret? he's on the train for less than 5 min and has already given away both of them.
Enji-Benjy chapter 2 . 11/27
Why doesn't jasper go to an American school? Why bother accepting the invitation to Hogwarts, from the sounds of it the American system is better?
Also, they are going to the American Ministry to try and keep his identity hidden, which identity, 'Harry Potter' or 'Jasper Gibbs', it's not very clear? and why bother?
rhizz17 chapter 31 . 11/25
update please
Psyco101 chapter 31 . 11/18
Good story so far! My favorite aspect of this had been Jasper's new life with the occasional grumbling matches with Dumbledore. Much fun!

One problem I did notice is that you sometimes neglect to mention what exactly happened. For instance, Malfoy talking to them. I know he said something that made them okay with his presence and you made it sound like you would tell us soon but you never did. Even a sentence summarizing what happened would make that feel more complete. Just my thoughts though.

Also my opinion: Jasper should go to Salem :) I can see Gibbs wanting to keep him close after the events of this year! Though if you keep him at Hogwarts don't be afraid to turn up the heat on the Jasper vs Dumbledore thing. That would be fun to see (provided he doesn't get arrested soon! XD)
AKA99 chapter 30 . 11/11
Ouran High School would be interesting.
IWantColoredRain chapter 31 . 11/5
Good update
titania2811 chapter 31 . 11/5
Its cool! Nice chapter
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