Reviews for The Futa Zone
Guest chapter 36 . 9/29
Why tagging the charas that not focus on them? It's like giving readers false hope. Here I thought I'd be reading Futa Sakura fcking either female Hinata or Ino.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/28
What about that Halo idea you have on your profile? That sounds nice.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/27
Maybe you could do more on Allpa and Cocha. I wanna see them progress as fuck buddies and possibly future spouses.
XenotheWise135 chapter 36 . 9/4
I'd really appreciate it if you could get back to the two main universes your summary claims, because believe it or not barely half of your stories fall into Bleach/Naruto despite their status as your "main".

Futa-Naruko is the best futa possible, and I'd love to see you write more of it. (Futa Kombat 4 with her is probably my favorite thing you've written.)
Zurrick chapter 36 . 8/15
Anyone works for me. By batman you mean batgirl right? That would be hot. Good story and stuff. Very good writing.
Fandom chapter 36 . 8/13
Whichever story you pick, make sure it has lots of cum and rough fucking!3 though I'd rather not see a mortal combat story, I don't like the characters. Except for Sonya blade.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/12
Hinata needs to fuck Naruko. Or Sakura fucks Naruko and Kushina.
Anon chapter 36 . 8/10
Id love to see a continuation of this story with Batgirl.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/9
Oh hey look my favorite writer isn't gone, how nice :D
I think you should do a naruko story, or finish one of the ones you already have, though I know that feel of stopping near end then never finishing.
Well, I hope you had a nice break. Cya.
naruto11222 chapter 36 . 8/5
Mortal kombat X
Rebmul chapter 24 . 8/5
see id love a sequel to this
T-man777 chapter 36 . 8/4
Great chapter. Super girl is my favorite superhero so I'm glad you chose her for this chapter.
CBB chapter 1 . 8/3
This needs to be on Adult I would take this down off this site and put it up over there before your whole account is deleted. Softcore nondiscriptive is fine. Stuff so hardcore that hustler would back up is something ells altogether.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/3
Supergirl and her Hermaphrodit love sounds like an oddly good fanfiction idea
Guest chapter 36 . 8/3
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn
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