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scribbledchalk chapter 26 . 4/17
Sorry for the lateness of this review; I've been reading it a while before but only now have gotten around writing this review.

Thank you for another installment to your story and for keeping it up :) It is interesting how the characters are approaching this seemingly new and different kind of situation, one of which has a sense of urgency since their lives have completely changed paving the atmosphere for them to recognise the fundamental values in their life and whether they outweigh other aspects of their lives.

I liked the part about Aly and River and their escape to District 13. It kind of reminds me of those moments of desperation throughout literature and history and their subsequent which demonstrate certain parts of a person's nature.

It is also intriguing to see the characters reflect on their vision of their own futures and the differences between each character. I've also noticed a recurring theme of children and family in this particular chapter which is interesting to see that explored.
fionafairy chapter 26 . 4/14
Please continue this is AMAZING
Dachsy chapter 26 . 4/5
Nice seeing the aftermath of the games and finding out what will happen to the remaining survivors. And thanks for the shout-out!
Dachsy chapter 25 . 1/31
Wow three alive! Nice that Jasper and Violet survived. Interesting idea with the traps. The final battle with Chel and Cal was intense - you really do like writing the district battles (ie Storm vs Chace) don't you? Pretty surprising that Chel is the victor; she seems like the underdog.
And wow it ends like this!? Is there another chapter? :o Anyhow, I guess the ending (if it is the ending and there is not an epilogue of sorts) has this morbidness which reminds me of the 'debt' that one pays to life or death. Ok I don't know how to explain myself...
scribbledchalk chapter 25 . 1/30
Wow I never would have expected how this turned out in these past few chapters! Firstly I never would have foreseen that Violet, Cal and Chel would be the final three and that Chel would become the victor. Even more so, when I read it before, I was really surprised about the fate of Jasper and Violet :) Interesting new development there! When Jasper got trapped and afterwards I thought it was a bit swift as his character was interesting and written well in his reaping POV and had a lot more to explore so I'm glad that he and Violet survived :)
For this chapter, I am sad about what happened to Virgil Williams and the circumstances behind it with Kayde's mother as he was an interesting character ever since his authentically tense introduction in the beginning of this story.

Finally, sorry for reviewing inconsistently these days - I have been reading and lurking it but hadn't written out my thoughts - but also, thank you for updating this story :) Can't wait to see what happens next!
Calyn chapter 24 . 1/23
HA. I suspected as much with Jasper and Violet. A trap that's almost completely hidden and requires effort to find? That's not a trap. Violet says things and then instantly dies? Sure.
Bondgirl88 chapter 6 . 1/21
Every year in hunger games one or two game makers traps would turn out to be an escape from arena and saved tributes would be transferred to district 13. Am I right?;)
Dachsy couldn't chapter 23 . 1/17
be bothered to log in...

Random thoughts down below

- Cal's realisation that the mentors were giving the sponsor gifts to Chel was so funny. Liked the pov of Violet where Chel eating
- Liked the pov of Jason. Especially how Reid was killed in the bloodbath so there wasn't much mention about him. It's sad how there was no one to mourn him. I think it would have been better if this scene was earlier on so we can see a progression of whether Jason does decide to fight the revolution or not and what the 'moralistic' choice would be.
- I read through Violet's pov expecting that Chel would kill her at the end (as she is evidently changing her ways and she's starting to get detached). So the ending surprised me. A lot. I always thought that Violet would win.
- I'm overall surprised at how these games turned out (I guess BloodDebt had a lot of unexpected events). All my predictions were hammered this time. Never never expected that the two district niners would be the final ones. With the careers being defeated quite quickly. I guess that's a good thing as predictable stories are just...well predictable. And ones that turn out differently will have that 'wow didn't expect that!' effect.

I'm pretty sure I used the word 'expect' too many times...
God1801 chapter 23 . 1/7
Awesome T :)
Bondgirl88 chapter 22 . 12/17/2013
Oh no,all the worthy potential victors are dead:((so I see Violet will be a victor and chel and cal kill each will come out of the games clean and live happyly with her boyfriend
Zuri2002 chapter 4 . 12/5/2013
Awesome! I love the last pat about his own mini hunger games!
Dachsy chapter 21 . 11/6/2013
Firstly SORRY for not reviewing; I just have been extremely busy all year round and now I am FREE! But I've been silently skimming through the chapters :) I'm pretty surprised at some of the results: e.g. didn't expect that some of characters like Meredith and Mina to die so soon!

Anyway I'll review this chapter. It will be a stream of consciousness:

It's interesting how Baron is now moving away from his ideals. Will he stay in this same frame of mind? My prediction is that he might stay to be one of the last two. Will Chel end up killing him? cos that would be ironic
Ah Cal's sneaky. Would have expected Safyra to die in a fight, not by peanut butter. Hm at least Cal's not completely evil and has some conscience despite being a twisted being. Ooo Aly Rivers. Nice to read a non-games perspective. Hehe River and Rivers. Jks I shouldn't be amused at this dramatic and tragic situation. Nicee a reference to Q & A. Oo laundry clohtes? And can't really figure this arena. o_o. Actually the image of Violet weeping on a pile of laundry clothes is quite creepy in a way. THE TENSION. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
Anime'sPrincess chapter 21 . 10/25/2013
OH COME ON. I can't believe someone would act pissy after all of this time just because their tribute died :')
I am sorry but I feel the need to say that- I haven't been reviewing often and that is solely because I fell behind due to infrequent updates and yes at times I didn't like the direction the story was taking but I can't believe the nerve of some people... trying to make you feel guilty for killing their tributes... it IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER IN A STORY PEOPLE.
Hm, it seems it's from the very same person who would always mercilessly rant about anyone who said the tiniest little negative comment.
End of the day- get over it people. You know the odds when you create a character so stop thinking you can push the author into letting yours win with your forceful reviews then get annoyed when it doesn't work.

Good luck with the finale! I can't wait to see who wins now.
The Immortal Hope chapter 21 . 10/24/2013
wow... possibly the most dissapointing thing that has ever happened in my life, wait forever for a chapter, get super excited and... you're tribute dies. Not even a good death either! I'm glad she at least stuck to her guns a little bit... it just sucks that she had such a lame death, that a tribute who I thought was so smart was killed like an idiot, she didn't even get to fight. Honestly, Chel just goes to sleep in the middle of nowhere and is lucky enough to get the moral monster pass her by! I hope Baron wins (Violet's kind of boring, Cal's evil, and Chek is just... not that smart or strong or anything!), guess this is me signing off, good luck with the rest of this story. It's been real.
You may call me Tac Nayn chapter 20 . 9/24/2013


Yeah. Me. I DECIDED TO THIS. Why? It's because I'm kind of a lazy bum who likes cats.

Anyhow, it seems a lot of things changed while I was gone, but surprisingly I was secretly there almost all along. *gasp?!* I lurked, I checked on the story once a month but after tense waiting I lost interest in it and so I disappeared dramatically in a cloud of smoke and everyone cheered and happily ever after since my long reviews won't have to clog up the reviews page. But not for very long, not for very long... X3 Now since I've finally stopped playing video games made by the devil *cough cough* Maplestory *cough cough* I can finally find the motivation to review. And the fact that I kind of wanna get back into the SYOT biz and have a loving reunion with my mother who'll act all suspicious of me most likely since I was gone for so long. :L Anyway, enough of my short sad life now, I should really do what I should've been doing nearly a year ago, reviewing.

I'm going to review everything as a whole instead of just one chapter each. To be honest, I agree with everyone to say that you, Mista Flynn, had lost interest in writing this story. And I think because of this, everyone's starting to lose interest in it, which in result of that, this story was bordering on nonexistant :P. Everything started out great in Darkest Before the Dawn, sure it isn't perfect but it was obvious you wanted to write and they have a certain genuine feeling in them just like how it was in Blood Debt. But as time marches on, things started to feel less genuine, some things got repetitive, some important things felt rushed, some things were too unintentionally well planned out, and characters died in ways that should've been included in one of those 1000 dumb ways to die or something similar to that (and in addition, none of these characters had the chance to develop y'know? I know this isn't a spiritual journey to India like Eat Pray Love (I didn't even read that book, But then why am I even making a reference to it? I shall save that mystery for another day. :L) but at the same time being in the Hunger Games is kind of like a spiritual journey so there has to be some sort of change in some of the characters). Mista Flynn, I know your writing is awesome when you want to write, and that you're the kind of guy who's considerate and persistant on keeping this story going, but this fanfiction isn't some assignment you HAVE to do, it's just something that you and everyone else should enjoy. So what I'm saying is what other reviews have been saying repeatedly, don't be afraid to not update in weeks, or even months if you don't want to update. Nobody minds waiting for a great chapter. (Well I guess as long as you don't quit that is, but even that people'll understand. :D)

But on the bright side, compared to how things were before (well not before before) everything seems to be improving. The rebellion's chugging along nicely, you're a lot more focused, you obviously have things planned out Although a lot of the tributes that could've brought a lot to the story are kinda dead, I still think you can do it, and do it well. I BELIEVE YOU IN MISTA FLYNN, I BUHLEEEVEEEAKJFOAJEWFJE *foams at mouth*

Anyway! I predict that Safyra'll die next, but at the same time she is a likely candidate for a winner. I dunno. I just hope Cal isn't the winner 'cuz he's a dick. :P At least Kayde the butt is dead. Speaking of Kayde, I actually kind of started to like him a little during his bromantic moment with Baron, I dunno I just love them bromances I guess. w Anyhow, I'm sort of back yeah? :L But anyways, this review I felt like I was kind of offensive, and I apologize for that. :L I hope all is well and yes, you can go to sleep feeling safe knowing that Tac Nayn is watching. 83
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