Reviews for Enveloped in the Darkness
Animelover20003 chapter 6 . 4/20
Is the white bean what I think it is!He's eleven!
Yona0 chapter 6 . 4/14
Was that white bean what I think it was...? O.o
Guest chapter 25 . 4/3
AWESOME! Loved it!
Shin chapter 13 . 4/1
Bad Story, very Bad Story!
Amberflames chapter 22 . 3/27
You say that was the last room, right? What happened to snape's room? Where there was a riddle about the many different vials of potions, and to advance through the flames you had to figure out the riddle and drink from the correct vial?
Dark-Prince-of-Clowns chapter 13 . 3/4
I have to say I am impressed with you as a writer. Most people who use centaurs write in how they dislike it when Harry or Voldemort does terrible things, or try to stop or refuse to be a part of him taking over the world. But you -actually- understand them. You clearly read the books and are inteligent enough to see that to them, there is no good or evil, just desteny. And they accept their fate, regardless if it's good or bad.

On that note, I also love your story.
LightningFuryStrike13 chapter 16 . 3/2
8-bit theater. Black Mage had this one big spell, Hadoken. They finally nail him down on what powers it.
Love. Everyone laughs because he's black mage, disgustingly evil, literally went to hell and took over. Then he explains further. Every time he casts it the world has a little less love in it than before. He's literally making the world a worst place every time he casts it and nothing could make him happier.

Voldemort's explanation of Cruciatus made me think of that
Some Guy In An Ambulance chapter 5 . 2/22
You're a motherfucking genius!
Six Foot Assassin chapter 25 . 2/16
So Harry is Voldemorts pet now? Yeah this is where I'm done with this idiotic story.
Six Foot Assassin chapter 7 . 2/16
I see you powerd up Voldemort but your main character is still useless.
Guest chapter 19 . 2/11
It was needed. That other boy was a menace. I wonder what Voldemort did though.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/10
Oh man! That's gross! (I wonder whose they frame it off of)
Guest chapter 5 . 2/10
This was fantastic, the entire conversation I could picture in my mind. What great imagery. I love how you give insight into Harry's mind. Also how you show what is happening when he is not there.
Guest chapter 2 . 2/10
I do like this, AU Harry's are always my favorite. It always seemed so mundane that a boy with so much potential would settle for such mediocrity.
Laughter chapter 9 . 2/9
I think Harry would be better killing Voldemort and then taking over
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