Reviews for The World is Not My Oyster
Naguabo chapter 1 . 11/16/2012
As to who writes fanfiction about Landry, if I had an idea, I sure would, I like the guy. This sounds about true, and I like the imagined dialogue with Coach Taylor. I'm just surprised that a Landry story wouldn't mention his previous best friend, Matt, at all - after all, he pulled off a similar (but not as profitable) escape.
Shiny Jewel chapter 1 . 11/15/2012
You made my day with this! First of all, you know I love me some Landry (usually when he's bantering with Matt or trying to be smooth with Tyra or any of his assorted ladies) and its about time someone dedicated a fic just to him. That scene with he and Tami Taylor in the library is one of my favorites of all time in the history of the show and I like to imagine future Landry as a successful, rich professional with a hot wife. The ending, the exchange between he and Coach is amazing. I always love reading new stuff from you and I hope you consider doing more of these drabbles for more of my favorite FNL characters :)