Reviews for The 13 Games: Luxury
AlexVandy22 chapter 3 . 1/21/2013
I really like Ollie's view on the games and how it needs balance! I found Sparkle to be forgettable. Maybe after reading about her a little more Ill grow to like her!
AlexVandy22 chapter 2 . 1/21/2013
I love that you thought about the capitol wanting reaped tributes! Shade needs to win for his mom!
AlexVandy22 chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
I want to apologize now for my lack of a good review, its been a while since i read this chapter!
Out of these two, I think I prefer Lock! I like how he plans on using brain rather than brawn to win! The girl is okay, but i didnt like any of the careers in the real books so I doubt Ill find myself rooting for her! Great Start!
distances chapter 31 . 1/21/2013
I am happy with the end, my have tributes were sparkle and iridium, I wanted mammoth and iridium to win.
Gorgeous job!
WaywardWordsmith chapter 31 . 1/20/2013
I have been a fan of this story and the entire premise and I can't wait for the District Ten Games, since I sent in a tribute. Although I haven't reviewed this purely because I felt like I was jumping in and only reviewing a few chapters', I decided to awnser your questions. Note: I will be reviewing the upcoming Games:P

Who did I want to win?: In all honestly, I really wanted Mammoth and Iridium to win. Although, Jasoer and Mammith holds much more plot ideasfor the last Games, those were the two I wanted to win

My favourite tribute? Definetly Mammoth, he was strong and I thought he was going to be a Career at first but he turned out to be totally different. I really feel for him; the two people he vowed to protect are both dead.

The obituaries: The obituaries were just the icing on the cake for this story. Most authors would never do this and the fact you did just convinces me more that your the best author on this site. The way you told us of how the family/friends and District reacted to each of the tribute's death was brilliant, and some were genuiley depressing to read. You conveyed the emotion in them brilliantly

Are you happy who won?: I'm happy because Mammoth made it through to the end, but honestly I wanted every single one of the tributes to win (except maybe Ismene, Malachite and Julius). I wanted Iridium to be the second victor, but Jasper won and I'm okay with that. I epsically loved the dream she had at the beginning of this chapter, pure genius,

Can't wait for the next Games and all the ones to come after that. This was an excellent first addition to the 13 Games and I hope you manage to finish these because it would be a shame if you did'nt.

Also, I hope Jasper and Mammoth have cameos in the next Games. That would be cool
nb1998 chapter 31 . 1/20/2013
Who did you want to win?: From the three that were left I would say Iridium and Jasper but I am happy with Mammoth winning as well.

Who overall was your favourite tribute?: That is really quite a hard one.. maybe Iridium though.

What are your thoughts on the obituaries?: I really enjoyed reading them it was nice to see what happened to their bodies and how their family reacted.

Are you happy with who won?: Yes I am, I certainly look forward to seeing them in the final games.

Overall it was a fantastic finale, the writing was really intense and detailed and the whole first point of views were really building up to the final part.

Jasper's visions were realy realistic and quite scary and could possibly show what is to come for her and I like how the shadow was in the shape of Coralie. Both of those features were a very good idea.

I like how in the end Iridium's death was sudden and to the point. I did like Iridium and as I said she could possibly have been my favourite but she had a broken leg and unless Mammoth had taken down Jasper instantly I don't think she would have stood much of a chance.

Thank you for an amazing story.
Cashmere67 chapter 31 . 1/20/2013
ok hi this review is going to suck since i have nothing to say and you are making me review so idk
so mammoth and jasper won
im ok with that
i hated iridium anyway so yeah good cool
but i hate mammoth and jasper is ok

now for these questions
im excited are u

and tyrian


what are youR THOUGHTS ON THE OBITUARIES: district 1 liked julius' death and then murdered sunny omfg what is going on but wow sparkle's almost made me want to drop dead ;_; me rn

are you hapPY WITH WHO WON; no not really but ill get over it

hey have a wonderful time writing d10

nb1998 chapter 30 . 1/20/2013
And now we're in our final three... this is exciting stuff. The writing has been really great and all the tributes have been also.

Ismene Silas: I didn't know what to think when Ismene bumped into Iridium and Sterling, I was thinking that Iridium would die simply because of her broken leg but Ismene was completely over-powered by Mammoth. I didn't know whether she would win or not but I thought she had a good chance. It was a well written death and she definitely played a good part in the games.

Jasper is now distraught but I think the determination to win for Julius can lead her on. Her feelings were described really well here but so was Iridium's at the end. I don't know who I want to die and who I want to live. I guess any of them can win...
nb1998 chapter 29 . 1/20/2013
I completely forgot about a feast, that was once again another highly intense chapter and it was written really nicely. Only two tributes left to die and then we have our first victors. I'm looking forward to seeing who will come out victorious now another two tributes have fell.

Tyrian Aquila: Just as everything seemed to be going right for him it all just crumbled. In his point of view in this chapter he was fine and I was quite happy that he finally got down from the trees but when he went into the feast I remembered how arrogant he always was to Jasper and I was hoping that she'd kill him but Julius managed to so it was okay. I'm quite happy he's gone to be honest.

Julius Mako: Out of Jasper and Julius I like Jasper better so i'm not too bothered that Julius has fell. Don't get mr wrong he was an awesome tribute but I like other tributes better. His ending was very sudden but intense. Just as him and Jasper began to display their feelings everything fell apart.

The idea that the tributes needed these coats to live was a good one and guaranteed there would be some fighting. Exciting chapter!
ImmyRose chapter 31 . 1/20/2013
And so Part One of the Thirteen SYOTs that Jake plans on doing is completed. Woo; my tribute was actually in a *completed* SYOT and even though she didn't last too long, it's still completed :P I liked the finale and how the two victors probably hate each other since Mammoth was kind-of responsible for the death of Julius (Jasper's kind-of boyfriend) and Jasper just killed off Mammoth's ally. Also, I approve of the fact that one of the Careers won, since there aren't enough SYOTs that let them win xD

Who did you want to win? - Well, I kind of wanted Tyrian or/ and Velvet to win since they had pretty awesome plot/ character arcs and were developed nicely during the Games. Malachite would have been awesome as well, since he would struggle in the Final Games and such.

Who overall was your favourite tribute?

I've liked Tyrian ever since the Capitol Chapters, and I started to root for Velvet and Iridium in the Games, but I think Malachite and Ismene have to be my favourites xD Immature psychopaths FTW!

What are your thoughts on the obituaries?

I'm not really sure what to put here, but I liked reading them, I didn't spot any problems and I liked the amount of detail that you put into them. I still find it hilarious that Jayce and Brann's obituaries were the longest, lmfao.

Are you happy with who won?

Pretty much, although I wouldn't have predicted them to be the winners from their Reapings. It's realistic, so I don't have anything to complain about.
nb1998 chapter 28 . 1/20/2013
Almost at the end now.. and another one dead, I wasn't expecting anyone to die in this chapter actually but in the end that evil shadow appeared and the scary darkness appeared.

Velvet DeLushe: She has been one of my favourites from the start and to see her go is a bit sad but she wasn't enjoying it or experiencing the danger that she liked, at least she's out of the pain of the snow. Her death was very unique as well and that leaves just six tributes left...

Jasper: Woah so they kissed... I'm pretty positive that Julius is just doing it for sponsors as he likes someone back home but I don't think Jasper realises that, maybe she'll see whatever it says on the sponsor paper. For now though the two seem very close, I can't see both of them winning though, it might be too much of a fairytale ending for that to happen.

And poor Iridium is having nightmares. The nightmares were very detailed though and there was some really great writing there. She seems okay to be with Mammoth which is good.

And then Tyrian, I'm glad he's feeling the guilt because Caitrin really didn't deserve that death. I don't know where he stands at the moment, whether he is a contender or not.
nb1998 chapter 27 . 1/20/2013
I wasn't expecting another three of them to die in this chapter but it did make for some good reading. There isn't many of them left now.

Sparkle Rose: Awh her death was so cruel and sudden. I had began to have hope for her again but then this evil mutt comes and gets her. I liked the quickness of it because it showed how cruel the gamemakers can be. She had just began to have hope as well and poor Iridium was left by herself with a broken leg, at least Mammoth has saved her. Maybe he can help her to win with him but he might struggle to help her now she has a broken leg.

Duke Pacino: His death was a real shame to be honest. After his point of view he had a lot of hope and determination so I was hoping that maybe he would survive but evil Malachite got him. I did like Duke but that's the end of the alliance completely.

Malachite Kiraly: Yay, at least this sicko is finally dead and he stole Ismene's death as well.. serves himself right. His death was also sudden but it shows how much Ismene really cared for his life in the end. I'm glad he's gone though.

A very dramatic chapter.
Anla'Shok chapter 31 . 1/20/2013
Since I was lazy with the last review, I'll comment the obituaries

Iridium's family is horrid. I like the poignant way in which it was described. I feel for her sister.
Ismene got people to think, good for her. I love the little details, like how the bullied turned the tables on Sheer.
Julius and Tyrian. Both outwardly jerks, both with a complex personality inside. Tyrian was self-confident, Julius was not, but they did have things in common. Sable murdered Sunny. Whoa, I hadn't seen that coming. But it's a brilliant idea. I love how very real you're keeping it all.
Aww Velvet.
Duke. Another messed up family. I feel for Gabriel. Maybe next time he won't wait.
Sparkle: at least the brother will grow up feeling loved.
Zephyr: I wouldn't have forgiven Ismene's parents either... not so soon anyway.
Shine grew loved after her death more because her father was an ass than because of who she was. It's twisted.
Aww Coralie. I guess her parents half wished she was dead the moment she became *shamefully* mute. At least Mammoth cared.
I'm glad Jewel found the courage to move on with her life in a constructive fashion. Shade would be happy.
I feel for CE. Oily's family were cold and I expected something like that.
I like Cypra's parents. They're torn but trying to do what's right. Although it's stupid not to tell a child who's old enough to go to school what happened since everyone else will tell him.
Alise's was heartbreaking.
Lock. It's so sad his group of friends shattered. I liked Lock but I still think volunteering was the most selfish thing he could ever do. Poor Angelo.
Wow, Brann and Jayce finally fleshed out. I almost miss them now. I loved Brann's part most. I like how his parents coped with his delusions while always loving him.
nb1998 chapter 26 . 1/20/2013
That last line there was just great because everything has just completely been put into reverse now and I think there's only like ten tributes left, this should definitely be interesting.

Zephyr Garnet: At the reaping I didn't like this guy, he didn't really have much to him but as soon as they got into the Capitol he became one of my favourites. To see him die was quite sad but at least Duke is still alive. I knew it would be by Ismene as well, she was very evil and sadistic in this chapter and so was Malchite. It was really quite sick what he did to Zephyr's body after the poor boy had already died. I hope they turn on each other soon as to get one of the physco's out the way would be good. I especially thought Zephyr's pov was written really nicely.

Nikolai Demetriev: I didn't see that coming, well I saw his death coming but I didn't see Sterling being in the dome and taking control at the end. I liked Nikolai I guess but yeah he wasn't really one of my favourites. The last two point of views were really intense and I like how you make us think one thing is going to happen and then the complete opposite does. Great chapter.
nb1998 chapter 25 . 1/20/2013
It's about this time in the story where I start to feel something when some tributes die because I wanted them to live...

Caitrin Tahira: To be honest when she was reaped I thought she was quite annoying and I didn't like her that much at all but as soon as she survived the bloodbath and I saw her running away from Malachite and Ismene, I wanted her to do really well and she was getting better and better as she found allies. I now hate Tyrian as he has killed Caitrin and kind of Meaghan, Caitrin's death was quite a sad one really but I'm glad it's brought Sparkle and Iridium together, will they stay together for long though.. That whole scene was really nicely written and the fact the river burst it's banks was also an interesting factor.

Mammoth: He's not losing faith but he's not the same Mammoth he used to be. He's not afraid to kill at all now and I see him as a major threat to anyone that encounters him.. He does seem determined now so maybe he stands a chance of being one of the victors.

Nikolai: So we finally get to see his thoughts on what is going on in the career pack. I would be worried coming back if I was Julius and Jasper as I can see one of their deaths when Velvet and Nikolai come to stab them in the back. He's doing well in there by himself but he doesn't even know what's going on, he doesn't even know who's still alive.. I look forward to his 'reunion' with the careers though.
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