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a-mi-zivi chapter 39 . 6/30
"I know this may take some time to sink in, but sometimes, you will have to work harder - harder than you believed yourself possible, harder than anything else you have worked for in your life - for things that you wish you didn't need."
That part just killed me on the spot.

"That's thirteen teachers!" Trelawney cried. "A most unlucky number - for you!"
After reading that bit I actually had to take a break because I couldn't stop laughing.

Thank you for sharing.
Heart-adore.dramione chapter 8 . 6/25
like that harry saw this crucial moment! love how battle ended, in the earlier chapie!
Heart-adore.dramione chapter 3 . 6/25
so loving it...
Serendipithy chapter 39 . 3/19
I'm glad we get to see Selenius graduate in this version! As someone else pointed out, I'm also not sure I liked him being sorted into Gryffindor but at least he's still (way-too-good) friends with Malfoy.

Snape's defection was surprising - I expected it to match canon/PoT and for everything to be revealed only after the war ended. Dumbledore and Hermione cooperating as a result was a nice touch though. :)

Thank you for writing this version, and both stories in general! I didn't end up reviewing as I read Pride of Time on AO3, and I don't remember if I have an account on there...
Serendipithy chapter 31 . 3/19
I don't understand why Draco can't talk to someone about his predicament. Ugh, stupid Slytherins. :P
Serendipithy chapter 10 . 3/19
Okay, I just love how you made the spin-off so much more humorous. (But I still stand by the point that the original really fits being the original. I'm treating this spin-off as a fanfiction of a fanfiction. :D)
Serendipithy chapter 7 . 3/19
You know, I saw a ton of reviews of people who prefer this version over the original. I just have to say that while this version IS a feel-good version that definitely diverges from canon, I honestly think the original version is better with storytelling. Don't get me wrong, feelings-wise I love this version and the writing is just as good as the original, but the experiences of loss and overcoming those difficult times in addition to following so closely with canon just makes the original feel more... complete, like a masterpiece (which it is!)

On the other hand, wow I love what you decided on in terms of canon divergence. I'm more surprised it didn't take them longer to figure out who the Professor is.
the Honeycomb chapter 15 . 2/28
Ok so far I think this version is far superior to the original. However, while I'm glad Sirius lives and is exonerated I'm not happy that Selenius ended up in Gryffindor. That boy is clearly meant for Slytherin! Any who, loving this revised telling so far!
paper0wl chapter 28 . 2/20
I love both parts of the this story (although I read Pride of Time on AO3 long before I realized an alternate storyline existed). The memory of Hermione discussing Sirius and Tine Cottage bothers me though because the conversation does not end the same way that it did in Pride of Time. When Dumbledore says Sirius is not to leave Grimmauld until after the end of term when they reevaluate things, here Hermione says "no I trust him" but in Pride she says "yes that's reasonable." Is that a mistake or was there a reason for the change?
Martisz chapter 39 . 2/10
And I was right.
Kreacher's appearence despite the perceived impossibility of it made me wonder what were the other creatures converted into books. One was dragon, there was probably goblin but I wonder if one of them was a house elf. On one hand they possess a lot of magical abilities that simply surpasses wizards' (I mean there are no wards that would stop a house elf for getting somewhere) but on the other hand they're constantly overlooked and ignored and I'm not sure if the author ever thought about them as beings possessing some unknown to wizards knowledge.
"The idea of these two very brilliant people with exceedingly different plans was a frightening one. Harry suspected the Ministry didn't know what it was getting into." So true. I also really like Harry's perspective here.
Well... I did not expect for the book to merge with Charlie. It might make Hermione's plans a tad more difficult - especially the part about retrieving the Stone.
Or easier... I really like the attack on the Ministry because it was so surprising, against my expectation and very interesting. Also I can't wait for someone to use it as a propaganda - after all it might have looked like the Boy-Who-Lived tamed a dragon.
Ha! I knew the author of the book created the first Horcrux!
I start to see a trend in Snapes' plans - they tend to go wrong in the middle and get unpredictable but they're still able to achieve their objective and even something extra. Plus it's entertaining to see them working through unexpected obstacles.
""Many of them are still in stunned disbelief regarding your identity. I hope you're pleased."
"They have no choice but to acknowledge my magical prowess despite being a Muggle-born," Hermione murmured, finally understanding. "They can't retroactively take back their respect for my skill."" I am pleased.
"Draco Malfoy continued to attend her class, but he was, for the most part, subdued. He performed everything by the book, as though daring her to find fault with him, but was otherwise distant and disengagedu. He paid attention to her lessons, but Hermione could see it: he didn't know who she was anymore. To him, she had become a trusted mentor; now she was nobody." I would have pitied him but he totally deserves it.
I love how they used Weasley's products to defend Hogwarts.
I love the conversation in the tunnel. Yes! Let them be uncomfortable with such revelations!
I like how they defeated Dark Lord. Also it turns out Harry's plans works better than Hermione's and Dumbledore's. Maybe it's because his are simple and basic, because he knows everything can happen and it's better to habe just a simple idea instead of complicated plan where so many things could go wrong. And it works for him really well.
"The public had a solid idea of where they felt people ought to be, regardless of whether those people wanted to be there or not."It still beats dealing with Voldemort.
I like Selenius and Draco's plan for the future.
Martisz chapter 30 . 2/10
I like how they stopped Selenius. And they did saved themselves by it - Hermione and Severus would have killed them if they allowed him to come with them.
I love the fact that by sending Charlie to attack Hogwart's express Voldemort gave them a great weapon against himself and his Death Eaters.
I really enjoyed Severus's plan of getting the Horcrux.
The Shrieking Shack - I too was curious about how the Death Eaters got into Hogwart.
I wonder if the strenghtening of the connection between Harry and Voldemort wasn't caused by destroying other Horcruxes - after all it is possible for the link to get stonger when there is less and less Horcruxes.
I'm curious what are Hermione's plan for the stone.
"There were limits to how far a combination of manipulation and forceful personality would take her. She was not prepared to deal with Albus Dumbledore." I like that Hermione recognizes her limits. And that solving the problem of Harry the Horcrux is within the scope of her abilities.
And I like her idea.
I like how much fun Draco has during his apprenticeship.
"Draco stammered, struggling to mask his surprise. "But I thought—you just said she—" He struggled to explain himself. "Professor Snape's a Slytherin, sir."
"Oh," Faulkner said pleasantly. "Yes. She sent him up to the Hospital Wing, too."" And I love when he is confronted with something that doesn't fit his worldview.
I so don't agree with Selenius's attitude toward rest of his house after the battle with Death Eaters. After all Harry was right - he wasn't the only first year who didn't come with them and no matter how talented he was it wouldn't be enough for it and he either would hurt himself or others because they would have been to focused on protecting him. It also makes me glad that he saw it himself in the end.
"Hermione let out a snort of laughter, trying to imagine her husband putting Harry in detentions for the sole purpose of helping figure out how to keep him alive." And it would make someone happy.
I like Harry in DADA class - he thinks and uses the knowledge he already has.
"Harry had to admit that seeing what love did to Hermione and Snape was pretty terrifying." That's an interesting point of view.
I like Map's reaction to Harry. They were lovely.
I adore Hermione's theory about when Voldemort's emotions bleed through to Harry.
"He trusted Hermione, but he had long since learned that Hermione Snape occasionally had plans that rivaled the Headmaster's in sheer battiness." Spot on.
I like how useful the Map gets to Harry.
I did not expect Dumbledore to show Harry his memory with Grindewald. I'm hovewer not surprised that he didn't revealed their names.
"Draco Malfoy was always there, hanging onto Professor Granger's every word. Harry rather suspected he would be showing her a lot less suspect if he found out that she was really The Chosen One's muggle-born best friend, and this thought was the only thing that made the extra hour in Malfoy's presence tolerable." My thoughts exactly.
"It almost felt as though Hermione and Dumbledore were trying to pull through two entirely different schemes, and when they came into conflict, he, Harry, was the one who got caught in the middle. (...) Which meant that Harry was going to have to make a choice about which scheme to follow." I'm curious who will he choose. I have a feeling it will be Hermione but I'm not 100% sure. I'm also curious about how will he choose and what will he take under consideration.
I really like Harry's attitude toward Malfoy's task.
I like Sirius's advice. It's smart.
I like the story of the "Convulsion of Nature" and why it is so precious. Also isn't the author also the first one to make a Horcrux?
Knowing this about the book's nature I'm sceptic about how succesful Draco's duplicating plan will be.
Martisz chapter 20 . 2/10
I think that the trip to Diagon Alley might have helped with perpetuating the lie that Sirius is Selenius's father.
The year can make a big difference - here Selenius became Gryffindor instead of Slytherin.
I love the inclusions of Kneazles into Hogwart defence system
I like Sctimgeour here.
I like Harry's reasonsfor continuing Care of Magical Creatures, even if I don't agree with his assessment of Hagrid.
I'm dissapointed that Harry didn't understood who Selenius was when he met him - he had allthe clues! The name! Crookshanks! The looks!
"Harry looked over at Charlie, who let out a snort at him, and wondered whether he ought to thank Charlie Weasley for making Hagrid so happy, or write him a very stern letter about not helping Hagrid acquire anymore dragons." A true dilemma.
"It turns out Scrimgeour sent a couple people from the department that regulates magical creatures over to law enforcement, and gave the Aurors two months to figure out how to work with them." I like him more and more.
What is Voldemort after? Does he wamts his Horcrux where he can see it? But then why attack the Hogwart's express? I thought that he may want Hermione, but there is no reason for him to want her dead and he wouldn't have sent Bellatrix to Hogwart. Maybe it's Selenius? But if so why? Does he know who is parent (at least one of them) and want to use him for blackmail? I'm not convinced, because it would require too much effort on his side...
"So that's it? You're hand-picking your own chess club?" Hermione asked dryly, wondering if he planned to unite all of Hogwarts by shanghaiing them into playing chess with him.
"I suppose. I hadn't really thought of it that way," Selenius said honestly. "I guess I sort of just annoy them until they give in. I don't think any of them are used to someone hounding them for a chess match—the Slytherins probably think I'm a bit mad, but at least they're good players." As much as Selenius is the second Severus this entire thing is very Hermionian.
"If 'prowess' is considered such a big word, you might want to revisit the dictionary for a vocabulary refresher,"
I love Selenius and his of proving how stupid the blood superiority is.
"And then he asked, very quietly, "Do you make a habit of getting into these sorts of arguments at home?"
"Yes, with my father's mother's screaming portrait." I like this bit for few reasons: how living at Grimaud Place turned out useful, how witty this response is and how it may explain him calling Voldemort 'the Dark Lord' - after all if he spent a lot of time with his grandmother's portrait...
I was right thinking Voldemort wanted his Hircruxes back! I jist hadn't thought of the Hogwart Express as a hiding place.
I like Narcissa's plan to get Draco out of the country.
"Harry recognized his tone; it was the kind of voice Harry had come to recognize from someone who had lost an argument with Hermione. It was a familiar phenomenon." I love that people loosing arguments with Hermione have a special tone of voice and that Harry used it often enough to recognize it immediately.
I like that helping Malfoy resulted in finding the Slytherin Locket.
I like the friendship between Selenius and Draco.
I love how mind boggling is for Draco the entire situation because it does not fit into his view of the world and how it should work. And I think that the fact that his best (and only) friend is Selenius also makes him to rethink tmfew things he thought were facts about the world.
"Potter's mudblood friend probably would have broken down in tears if she had stuck around long enough to have Professor Granger as a teacher. There was no comparison." And now I kind of want Draco to discover the truth because I want to see his reaction to another revelations that shakes his worldview. But I don't think he is able to come to this revelation alone - as much as he starts to change his worldview, the idea that "Potter's Mudblood" is "Dark Lord supporting competent Professor" is something unimaginable. It's like Voldemort suddently changing his MO and starting giving away puppies.
I'm really curious about the white stone.
"I mean, at least he hasn't turned Harry into The Chosen Flambé, but this is not my definition of 'manageable'!" xD
""Clones," Hermione murmured. "What kind of Dark Lord would want multiples of himself?"
"A very stupid one. I vote we let him do it, and exterminate himself."" It would make their work easier... On a side note I didn't expect it to be a philosopher's stone.
Martisz chapter 10 . 2/10
""But," Hermione said, holding up her hand, "when I go missing, you won't be in charge—the Ministry will have enough evidence at their disposal that they'll probably find a way to oust you. That means I'll go missing on their watch."" I love this silver lining.
I love Hermione in the Order's meeting.
""Yes, well, I certainly didn't learn it from a pair of Aurors," Severus said, and there was a slightly sullen sulk to his tone. "If I'd known, I'd have never…"
"I did apologize for breaking your leg."" This conversation shows Harry that Professor is competent and could deal with Snape if there was such need. For me it's a reminder of Snape's stupid idea to get his apology heard.
I really like that Kingsley is responsible for two cases to which he knows answers and simply cannot divulge them. It can be a good cover for his Order activities.
Yay for Harry using mirrors!
I like Harry's hesitation about giving Hermione map.
Harry really like hiding things in Vernon's old socks. It's smart. He won't wear it and nobody would look for them there.
"vainglorious" I like this word.
I wonder what Hermione threatened her with (besides going to Prophet), that Umbridge hadn't arrested Hagrid.
I like the dream Voldemort chose for Harry - it's clearly a dream, but Harry believed it, because he doesn't trust Snape at all. I wonder where Snapes are - at first I suspected they were celebrating their anniversary, but Voldemort wouldn't plan this dream without making sure that they would be unavaible.
Well, I did not expect them to really be a bait for Harry. And Hermione only agreed, because she was sure Harry wouldn't see it...
It's funny that the Ginny recognized Hermione at first sight.
I like Harry's reaction to hearing about Hermione's past misdeeds. Quite shocking for him.
I like how the events in Umbridge's office played out.
I adore Hermione's talk with the Minister.
""Hermione," Dumbledore said, and there was an air of joviality in his voice, "you just killed a piece of Lord Voldemort's soul."" Only Dumbledore would say such thing jovially.
SnapeLover2005 chapter 39 . 1/17
I just read through this, and I completely loved it! I love both Pride of Time and this one.
robituputup chapter 39 . 12/21/2017
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! I liked it much better than the original ending, to be honest. It was well thought through, funny on occasions, and many aspects were so realistic! Thank you for the amazing reading piece!
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