Reviews for This Old House
JoannaBlaidd chapter 18 . 10/12
Wow. I did not expect that ending! I loved the humor leading up to it - Willie asking "Are you gonna have to lick my face?" in an earlier chapter, and now deciding it wouldn't be so bad if he were passed out. But wow - after chapters of beatings and abuse (I always have a very hard time with that side of Barnabas), Barnabas is willing to puncture his own arm to heal the damage he's done to Willie's face?! The idea that he could feel that much remorse is intense. That ending is going to stick in my mind for a long time. I'm going to have to re-read some of these chapters tomorrow - I hurried through some of the abuse, and it only belatedly dawned on me that Barnabas was changing; I want to see more specifically how you did it. But I absolutely love it that the story ended up with the characters in this spot, with Barnabas giving blood for once rather than taking it. Really remarkable.

So now is this a self-contained story, or do any of the later stories show consequences of this interchange - if they exchange fluids like this, does that do something to Willie other than heal him? I keep forgetting the rules of vampirism. I guess he'd have to die to turn into a vampire.
JoannaBlaidd chapter 7 . 10/12
I just love the seemingly effortless way that you crank out cleverly realistic dialogue. Like Willie imitating Barnabas's old-fashioned manner of counting - "Well, you got one and zero to do all those jobs and the restorating stuff..." The conversations feel real in part because of that kind of thing.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 8 . 10/9
This is a terrific twist.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 7 . 10/9
Getting better and better.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 6 . 10/9
Loving it. So well thought out, as far as your time frame goes.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 5 . 10/9
Nice. I'm waiting to see what happens to Jason.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 4 . 10/9
I have some thoughts which are probably not proper.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 3 . 10/9
It's so real, I just don't want to stop reading. Thanks for writing this!
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 2 . 10/9
Still loving it.
Cyn Clancurrie chapter 1 . 10/9
Love it, so far. The description is evocative.
JoannaBlaidd chapter 6 . 10/9
Oh my freaking Gods. This is so clever, I'm almost falling off my chair laughing. The idea that Willie would become a vampire pimp and people would be standing in line - I can just see Barnabas pursued by stalkers, much as I think Jonathan Frid was. And I absolutely *adore* the part about how Barnabas would make a grand entrance with a flourish of his cape. Holy moly. This is brilliant.
JoannaBlaidd chapter 5 . 10/9
Sorry I'm just leaving little "reactions" rather than real reviews, but I just love the way you think of details - like the idea of a dead body bucket for the rats after Barnabas is done with them. "like you were eating crabs" - LOL. And the line about "I'm pretty good at spottin' rats." But yikes, Willie has to go find women and bring them to Barnabas?! And his skepticism is very understandable.
JoannaBlaidd chapter 4 . 10/9
Hmm! I'm kind of new to this fandom - still making my way through the original series for the first time - and so I don't know where this fanfic convention comes from, that Barnabas can heal wounds with his tongue or his saliva or whatever. I've seen it in more than one fic, though, and it's a great idea. I like the way you used it here - "You don't go around licking people's legs like that" made me laugh. And then ye gods, the next scene is so sadistic! That's not a criticism, just a reaction. I don't mind the biting but I have a hard time with people going through other people's stuff - how's that for messed up priorities - so that part of the scene was hard to take. Poor Willie! Barnabas is truly bats*** insane.
JoannaBlaidd chapter 3 . 10/9
Yay, things going better for our boy Willie. :) I'm glad to see it. The Thomas Hobbes line took me aback for a second and then I got it. Clever!
JoannaBlaidd chapter 2 . 10/9
Aargh, it's hard to see Barnabas being so petty and abusive. I know, I know, this is supported by what was in the show. Still hard to take. But I'm sufficiently into the story to keep going.
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