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cynthia curran chapter 4 . 7/21
Enjoyed another chapter, read some more of your stories.
IBarnabas chapter 18 . 5/17
What a cliffhanger! It was nice seeing the two growing tolerant of each other and actually carrying on some normal conversations. It was really sweet seeing Willie being so simple and writing down these words to look up in the dictionary later. I also cheered when the mystery woman was revealed! Fantastic introduction of her! Have to hand it to you: this story was super. Not that the other ones weren't, but this had so much going on, and so many of your own twists! I really also love the way you've written Buzz Hackett! Love the 80s rendition of him. I am anxious to get into INTERLUDE. This story really developed Willie, and also Barnabas! The way you wrote him and his dialogue was both terrifying, humorous, and so "spot-on". Thanks so much for it! It's been a fun ride!
IBarnabas chapter 17 . 5/17
This was really nice. There was a lot of deep sentiment felt when you described the singing and the lights and everything. I felt so badly for him. He was really drawn in to the calmness and peacefulness of Christmas, and all of his memories and experiences with people in the town killed it for him. This chapter really does drive home the fact that the way we treat other people, especially kids, really makes a long-lasting impact on their adulthood. Was really nice seeing Willie and Barnabas together at the end. I wouldn't necessarily call them "buddy-buddy" yet, but it was interesting that they were "a couple of misfits" at Christmas time and spent the evening in each other's company. NIce touch that even a vampire doesn't have to be alone on Christmas :) /Very interested in who the redhead was in the green pantsuit. This is easily my favorite story so far. It's the middle of May, and your words have put me in a December-Christmas mood! Terrific! Excellent writing, VERY detailed descriptions, an underlying mystery, and a good ending. Loved it!
IBarnabas chapter 16 . 5/12
Fantastic recreation of the Jason McGuire murder! Really enjoyed the way you wrote it! I liked that you put an ulterior motive behind it. It wasn't just about kiliing him for the purpose of protecting his secret, it was also to develop Willie's character and move him forward. Interesting take on the escape of Maggie Evans...or was it really? I would like to think she escaped, but again this story plays by its own rules. Sarah wasn't involved this time, and there have been many surprises throughout. Also loved the irony about "Since one cannot travel into the past..." (I see what you did there :)). Great chapter, and good ending. Ended on a positive spin for Willie. It's sort of endearing that Barnabas chose the book he had a childhood attachment to. Great dialogue, good plot twists, good tension. Super duper!
IBarnabas chapter 15 . 5/12
Wow! This was a whole new take on the great Barnabas/Josette love story! For once, I envied Willie getting to sit on the sidelines and not be involved in this mess! Lucky him! It was hilarious when he made the comment about having a pork chop while she ate a hot dog, and the part where Barnabas said so calmly. "She's going to jump from Widow's Hill." So funny! Meh, I guess seeing this was more of what Willie had been shown that couples do, but at least he seemed to have a little fun with it. I kept waiting for him to tease Barnabas about it, but, at the same time, his sense of reality kicked in and he realized how much she had begged for his help. That would've made me feel horrible, too. Good cliffhanger to end on. On to the next one! I can feel a good story climax being built up here!
IBarnabas chapter 14 . 5/10
Loved loved loved your introduction of Sarah to Willie! I loved watching the little interaction we were given in the show between them, and this was really satisfying! Also enjoyed the moment where Willie started talking to Barnabas about his father. In the show, Willie knew how to speak directly through the barriers that Barnabas had put up and reach his core where a lot of his pain and torment lie. This was a really good chapter to show Barnabas that Willie was much more than just a cleaning guy and slave. Loved the brief moment that humanized Barnabas, and the way that Willie was able to sympathize with him. This is such a great story. Will be pressing on and enjoying!
mickeypigfish chapter 18 . 5/9
Fake tree that looked like it was made outta toilet brushes. Funny!

Great ending.
TaeylorCartier chapter 18 . 5/9
Mad I just have to say that you are an incredible writer. I have throughly enjoyed spending the last few hours reading all these stories in This Old House that have been posted. You truly capture the voice of Willie and I loved everything I read. I don't remember how long you said you have been writing DS fan fiction; however, you truly have a great handle on the show, the characters and making one feel just like they are on the Collins estate! LOVE IT MAD!
mickeypigfish chapter 17 . 5/8
ole' Harry got paroled.
should be
ol' Harry got paroled.

Till he appeared and the soul...
Americans use 'til and the British use till. I would leave it because the composer Adolphe Adam was French; not American. throw off Barnabas.
should be throw Barnabas off.

Great to see the bar tender in there. I always knew he had talent!
I love the end...Would ya haveta lick my face? Gave me a chuckle.
Laura Carter chapter 16 . 5/2
"sans tete" I like it. And thanks for the use of "boy-o". It bothered me quit a bit that Jason never uttered it on the show.
'Tis shame there'd be no profit in blackmailin' you.
Should be:
'Tis a shame there'd be no profit in blackmailin' you.
Good ending. Thank you!
Jo A Curl chapter 8 . 4/24
You know my dear Lady Margaret though Mad you may be, with the turn of a word and a flick of your wrist you create a world that is believable and filled with trials and tribulations that can bring out the deepest withheld emotions for us all. For that I thank you. This is one venue that you can tell an author how much you appreciate their work. For this is truly entertaining.
Laura Carter chapter 15 . 4/22
...wet oriental rugs down to kitchen
Should be:
...wet oriental rugs down to the kitchen

"A monster, madame? You are the definition of the word!" ...I love it!
Laura Carter chapter 14 . 4/20
There was nothing was vicious scrawls across the paper.
Should be:
There was nothing but vicious scrawls across the paper.
IBarnabas chapter 13 . 4/19
Wow! A chilling twist! Very emotionally brutal. I laughed at Willie using Barnabas' Inverness cape as a seat liner, but my laugh was soon stifled by the sudden turn. This is my favorite in the Willie Loomis series so far. I feel like his best development is here. Something you add into this that I really enjoy and savor are the few moments that Willie spends with David. The moments are few, but precious. There's a lot of heart in these moments. Another great chapter, and your affection for the character really shines through in the dialogue. I love it. :)
Laura Carter chapter 10 . 4/18
Love "peanut butter for toothpaste."
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