Reviews for The Princely Pardon
Airenee chapter 11 . 3/11
Another touching story! Loved it!
Airenee chapter 10 . 3/11
Go Gobblehead!
Airenee chapter 8 . 3/11
I found Alfred and Bruce's conversation about the Turkey hilarious.
Airenee chapter 5 . 3/11
The last part sounds so sad... a foreshadowing of sorts. (Looking forward to the next chapter)
Airenee chapter 4 . 3/11
D'awwwww Bruce is so sweet around Dick.
Airenee chapter 3 . 3/11
Gobblehead. Nice name
Cute Kirby chapter 11 . 1/21
Bruce mis-corrected Dick. It really should be "just you and me" instead of "just you and I." I is the subject pronoun, while me is the object. If you aren't sure which to use, you can usually figure it out by only using me or I - "just me" makes more sense than "just I."

I'm slightly disappointed that there was no mention of the presidential pardon Lincoln gave his Thanksgiving turkey apart from the reference in the title. I think Dick would've loved that story.
Alexandria-likethecityinEgypt chapter 11 . 11/20/2014
This was sooo sweet . . . One of my favorite stories from you. Just one thing I would like to clear up since I've seen you do something like this more than a couple of times (Just once, I think, in this story.)

Instead of "you and I's special weekend", it should be, in this case, "YOURS AND MY special weekend". I've actually been rereading a lot of your stories (as I wait impatiently for the next chapter installment of The Silent Treatment), and if I find another instance of this, I'll point it out. But otherwise, I pretty much adore your writing, and love the relationship between 9-year old Dick and Bruce. I would love to read some new stories set during Dick's early years (10,11,12), and tuck some Wally in there, too!
CosmicEssence chapter 11 . 9/25/2014
hah excellent story...and making that turkey a main character lol :P Also, yay Bruce is allowing others to know of him...but really when is the league gonna meet Robin properly?
TrisakAminawn chapter 10 . 8/22/2014
...there are quite a lot of options between 'kill it yourself' and 'frozen,' you know. Especially with three days to work with and unlimited money. Walking two and a half miles is also fairly unimpressive for an adult, never mind Batman. *I* could probably manage two miles, even in snow, and I have deformed hips that mean I haven't been able to run since before I turned twenty.

I would very possibly be miserable for some time afterward, since my hips would go out and the tendons would get shredded and inflamed, but I could do it, even now, which I think shows the wimpiness of the task. (I miss my long walks a lot, so I get all wistful when fictional people do a lot of walking, even if it's unpleasant.) He was searching a sort of grid pattern, though, so his actual traveled distance was probably a good deal higher.

Also are you from Alaska? Is there anywhere besides Alaska they use the term 'snow machine' to mean a snowmobile? New Englanders usually mean the thing ski slopes use to manufacture extra snow to put down a thick bed while the air is cold, and thus eke out the season, when we say 'snow machine,' so the alternate terminology took some getting used to.
TrisakAminawn chapter 6 . 8/22/2014
...the angle where Wally nearly killed himself trying to reproduce Barry's powers is oddly absent in this universe, for some reason. I feel like it probably should have come up, especially once the mentors are brooding about the kids' lives being in danger and the chances of their quitting and all.
winter09 chapter 11 . 8/2/2014
100th comment!
DUDE! I wanna skip the part where I tell you how your marvellous story was nothing less of an epic proption from the content to how it much my English teacher would approve because of how perfectly it was written , (*gasps for breath*), so I can tell you how much I just adore your sense of humor.
Some of the hysterical jokes sent me into laughing fits such as when Alfred is explains to Bruce, Dick was reading to the Turkey or when Alferd was trying to inform the billionaire of the missing ward which needless to say earned me faces plagued of annoyance and disturbance with a slight pinch of confusion.
Great story.
Keep writing.
Preferably stories with he adventures of a young dick, an amused Alfred and a bruce trying to commence the role of a new parent.
If you want to.
And if you're not to busy.
But you should.
Just saying...
Guest chapter 2 . 7/11/2014
Bless you. Bless your beautiful soul. I've been searching for decent fanfics with dick Greyson for eons, especially with him as nightwing. Just read what you have up for tectonic doom and I am completely rejoicing over how well you portray him. Now I shall start at the beginning of your archive and work my way through until you update TD. Bless you.
Fanfic0Reader chapter 1 . 7/4/2014
Ok love your stories but am a little confused about the order of the Batman stories. Already read
Katherine chapter 11 . 11/3/2013
Haha, I love that Bruce corrected the kid's 'you and me' grammar incorrectly. The trick is if you take out the other person, what would the sentence be? It would be "Then it would just be me," not, "Then it would just be I." ...I think... At least that sounds better lol. Fairly certain. *Lmao* Brucie.
I love the turkey haha!
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