Reviews for Heart of a Lioness: Through the Eyes of a Queen- Book Two: Uru
snheetah chapter 35 . 7/8/2013

I liked the background story that you gave Kanala. If her sister didn't betray her like that, then she wouldn't be such a hard-core lioness, in my view, however I like it that she has this tough personality going on. I also liked the scene where Uru pinned her to the ground. She's still loyal to others though but she's not taking anymore nonsense from anybody and she bought down that buffalo! GO URU! By the way, the ending had some potential. I'm glad that Rafiki was the one to discover it. Update soon!
Guest chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
I mean abdul I got the name's mixed up
BLACK CAT chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
I now have some new found respect for Queen Kanala now we know why she acts the way shedoes and never got a mate
Her story is tragic With her sister and fiance betraying her and having an affair behind her back HOW DARE THEY and I mean COME ON Jumala clearly wanted to get with Kanala just for the throne I for one am GLAD that Queen Kanala exiled her adultress sister and her bastard of an ex fiance
Can't wait to c wat happens when she see's her sister again and who her King is if she
has one
Wiechcheu1925 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
I don't get it, if Kanala was queen and banished her sister and her lover, then why did she leave her pride and why is her sister the queen of one? Do I smell a possible overthrow of Kanala's leadership? She didn't seem popular after her first act as queen.

In Dameii's and Abdul's betrayals, I don't think any amount of apologies could excuse what they did. They broke the hearts of the Kanala and Uru into tiny pieces and stomped on them. But what makes me even angrier is what Abdul did afterwards by trying to hook up with Kanala afterwards to be king and calling her suffering a "bitter betrayed victim act." He acts like what he did didn't really matter and Kanala is overreacting. That is truly the mark of a sleaze-bag. A woman's heart is to be loved, cherished and respected no matter what. Love is a true gift and it should never, ever, be treated so shamefully. For all you hopeless romantics like me, remember to revere love as the greatest thing in existence.
mimoo01 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
That explains why Kanala is the way she because of her sister. Wow Uru surprised me when she punced at Kanala. I enjoy the character development towards Uru. The so g that describes me right now would by All Black by Good Charlotte or sorry for adding another King for a Day by Pierce the Veil.
Nice song choice I also enjoy Kelly Clarkson.
The scene I would write would be with Kiara and Nala. Nala would be training Kiara on hunting and fighting after that training they would either star gaze or something else.
TRON0602 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
The scene where Rafiki finds fur is like the scene in the movie where he catches some of Simba's fur that flows on the winds towards his tree.

I did not notice the Book one reference.

1) The first song in the movie Les Miserables : Look Down

2) I have already done it. Jolina and my OC Kali her great grandson. Her spirit visits him and she smacks him on the head for using bad language.
Jonny2b chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
Yay Uru took charge and gets the respect she deserves. A queen on vast power and athoority.

Right now is My guitar gentaly weeps by George hariosn.

If I were to rewrite a scene with any two LK charictores it would be Kiara and her confrataion with Tojo at the end of Chapter 23 when Kovu Died. I think that could have been rewritten beter.
snheetah chapter 34 . 7/8/2013
Alrighty I'm a little scared now that Uru had such a major character change...BUT I LIKE IT! It was good to see Jolina having a minor role here but thanks to her, her words made Uru stronger than before. Especially Kanala even if she was harsh to her, it would have done her good. The scene with Jolina's appearance and enlightening her daughter reminded me of the exact scene where Mufasa's ghost spoke with Simba. However, this change in Uru makes me want to read more! :D Update soon!
mimoo01 chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
Wow what a beautiful story. The emotion was very rich and genuine that even my heart felt what the characters felt. The descriptions from the landscape, emotions, to the battle scenes are speechless for me to describe. Everything about the story is amazing even beyond amazing and there are insufficient words to describe how incredible your writing skills are.
Its amazing how Uru has matured in this story yet she still carries her caring and sweet side. My favorite part was when Ahadi said Uru deserved to be the brightest star and a single tear rolled down his cheek.
Excellent work when thou added in the songs they were perfect and I hope you continue for more songs to be added.
I'm looking forward for the next chapter.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
That last line reminded me of Demi Lovato's new song Warrior. Or at least one line from the chorus of that song. (Coincidentally, I am listening to a bunch of her new songs while reading this chapter and writing this review) I'm no fan of revenge...Or hate...But I do believe that after everything, this is probably the proper response for Uru. This was very similar to the video itself when it starts with the lionesses crying and Uru saying that Jolina wasn't with her. I wonder if there is going to be something going on between Dameii and Laini in later chapters although I'm not quite sure how I feel about that since I don't hate Dameii. Another thing that I had forgotten to mention in a previous chapter was how could Dameii fall for such a stupid trick! Just because Kambili says he has his father doesn't mean he should be believed. Ask to see your father first Dameii.

1) I think Rafiki's tree was the only one that wasn't dead because Rafiki takes proper care of it. I seriously can't think of any other reason. Simba didn't recognize him because it had been a long time and he only remembered those from his everyday life not someone who showed up now and then.
2) I have no idea who she is but what happened in her interview?
yeti1995 chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
I never thought I'd say this in a review, but your author's note was freakin' awesome! You're part crazy; crazy is awesome! XD Great song again, it really fit throughout, especially with the Uru part.. And yeah, I checked out Incarnate's video a few months ago, it's magnificent... And his story is, too.. ;)

Okay, so enough of that.. :P It's interesting to see Laini again here, I wonder what her role will be from this point on... Mohatu's suffering is absolutely heart-wrenching, nothing seems to be going right for him.. But the last part of that segment really made me jump out of my couch and my jaw dropped! So Dameii's had a change of heart again!? Don't really know what to make of that; I doubt anyone will trust him ever again after what he did, I certainly won't... It is, however, very interesting. Dameii is intriguing me more and more now. You ended the segment very well...

I love Tamalei's ability to keep her cool all the time, however dire the scene... It really helps to diffuse the tension sometimes.. But Kanala undoes it all! She is blunt as a hammer! But she is good at knocking sense into people, though I don't like her yet.. She seems like she's with the good side... But I was positive that the same was true for Dameii :( .. I just can't get over that!
"And war is not about love. It's about revenge." Oooh that is an incredibly risky notion...

Kambili gave Ahadi a whole unit? That is a little risky.. But Ahadi's spirit is utterly crushed, I doubt he'll even think of trying anything.. He's lost hope :( ..

Another dream sequence! Yes I'm finally sure, this is state-of-the-art foreshadowing! :P Uru must be a very, very confused princess... Wonderfully written though; I love how you mix the present and the far future in those segments; Uru comes off as a truly helpless onlooker, and that adds to the hopeless effect that the dream induces.. Wonderful work!

Uru seems devastated; it was really sad that she started to lose hope in her mother... But I loved the part where her mother talks to her. It was...magical. And the dialogue coincided perfectly with 'Heavens Divide', and that was EPIC! So, Uru is a real warrior now; nice to know.. She's out for pure revenge, but I hope she doesn't go overboard, that may not be good! I still have a feeling things may get worse, but what else could possibly happen to make it worse!? This new Uru is a very interesting character, I really want to see how she handles the problems that come her way now... Let the battles begin! XD

1. I think Rafiki's tree is absolutely symbolic.. It symbolised the last, living hope of the Pride Lands; well, I like to think of it as a magical tree :P (Read Haradion's work, you'll think on the same lines too XD) I"d like to think of the tree as a symbol that restored faith in the lioness' hearts; an emblem that showed them that one tiny flash of light can still make a dark abyss a little brighter... Simba didn't really recognise Rafiki because he hadn't seen him for years.. I don't remember half the people I saw when I was a baby :P .. And well, there are billions of mandrills and baboons in the savannah! I also think Simba tried to block out most of his childhood memories after his father died, so he didn't really bother to attempt to recognise Rafiki..
2. Yeah, Katie Hopkins.. She's insane! :P She is extremely frank and blunt, and some of what she says is true to an extent... But that recent 'names' controversy is really stupid! Well, I have a very mixed opinion.. I appreciate her frankness, but she goes overboard when it comes to trivial things and throws herself into a ridiculous spotlight!

Sorry for the late-ish review! :) Nice chapter, a lot of attitudes are beginning to change, with Ahadi losing hope, Uru steeling herself, and Dameii, well, I have no idea what his intentions are! I look forward to more! These everyday updates have made this whole week very enjoyable! Keep going! XD
Emerald dreamer96 chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
The song was great and it fit well. Uru is going to kick some ass!
Also looks like our traitor seems to have at least some of his old personality left, that could be interesting.

My guess is that magic played a part. The more boring explanation is it was fed by an underground reservoir or something.

Don't care much for them.
queenlionesses chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
* Thank you for the long awaited moment I have pleaded you for; a moment between Uru and Jolina. Thank you for that!
* So Ahadi is starting to believe, while Uru was loosing faith. I am sure after that dream / visit all her doubts quickly disappeared. I love that scene with him staring, at what I assume is Sala's star.
* I am warming up even more to Laini. I feel like her and Uru could make good allies when the finial battle occurs. Possibly even afterwards. I know many of you are thinking, but she was a B***, but I always try to see the good in people / lions in this case. I would like to think Laini was just threatened by, or possibly jealous of Uru, and coped in the only way she knew how to at the time.
* So Dameii finally met Mohatu. This was not how I was expecting them to meet, but is an interesting concept. He is paying his price for being fooled and betraying his family by having to make sure Uru's dad stays prisoner. The guilt must be killing him. At least when Dameii is on guard, Mohatu wont be harassed and will a bit more peace in his life.
* I wonder how Mohatu would react if he knew all about Dameii past with his daughter? Would he be thankful for getting her out of those training camps, and helping her cope or would he want to kill him for him turning against his family and basically poisoning her (I hope he did it to keep her from being killed) ?
1. Rafiki's tree, is the tree of life, so as long as their are long creatures alive on this earth, the tree will still stand.
- I don't think Simba recognized him, just listened to his words of wisdom with the help of the stick.
- I think I am an optimist who always trys to see the light.
- Am terrified of pain, but others in pain scares me more.
- I am stubborn as a bull when I feel strongly about something, which is a double edge sword at time.
- Procrastination and doubt creeps up behind me every so often, but when I an driven, nothing can stand in my why.
TRON0602 chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
Once again Bravo on the chapter. I loved how this time when Mufasa in Uru's dream fell to his death it was Jolina who explained why the lands died afterwards.

1) I think the reason the tree did not lose its leaves cause in a sense it is called the Tree of Life and it may have access to a hidden source of water or maybe it is closer to the jungle. As for why Simba did not recognize Rafiki, the answer is simple. He did not recognize him cause Rafiki rarely came around unless a new heir was born and when their was no cub he went where he pleased.

2) Did not hear about that.
Jonny2b chapter 34 . 7/7/2013
Last chapter was very intense and good jokes to start off with. Veyy good.

Uru is no long a child as now she is a adult.
Cant answer todays qustions
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