Reviews for Heart of a Lioness: Through the Eyes of a Queen- Book Two: Uru
Insert-Random-Snarky-Pun-Here chapter 35 . 7/9/2013
This story is amazing! Continue! Continue! Continue!
Insert-Random-Snarky-Pun-Here chapter 31 . 7/9/2013
I like the Percy Jackson series, and this was inspired by my fav quote.
And my fav would be Sarabi, the eternal Queen of the pride lands.
Insert-Random-Snarky-Pun-Here chapter 29 . 7/9/2013
My fav color is blue, because its a calm color at times (sky blue) and a crazy color at times ( cobalt blue).
and Nala's eyes are a sea blue (a kinda blue green that's more blue then green)
Emerald dreamer96 chapter 35 . 7/9/2013
Great chapter as usual.

Kanala is growing on me, a complete ***** but she knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it. She also seems to have at least some softness buried in her.

Uru sure has changed, both for good and bad. Always good to see characters develop.

Tamalei seems really out of her element, she may have been used to watching loved ones go into danger but she always had something to keep her occupied, being injured and pretty much helpless doesn't suit her.

1. Can't say.
2. Scar and Mufasa, either them (both) trying to bury the hatchet or Scar showing genuine guilt for what he is planning to do.
GuardianSaint chapter 35 . 7/9/2013
I love that song you used in this chapter. Wow Uru had change, I wonder what's going to happen when she comes across Ahadi and Dameil.

(1) I would have to say, Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

(2) Mufasa and Kiara, Mufasa shows Kiara why Simba is so protective.

I think I might write a story on that
yeti1995 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
Great chapter! For a second there in the beginning I thought you were talking about Uru... I absolutely loved Kanala's back-story; it all fits in now.. And now that I know her whole story, I don't find her all that creepy! I see you've now created a parallel between Dameii and Abdul, and that in turn creates another between Uru and Kanala... You, my friend, are wonderful at that! I see they aren't very different... Both are queens, both have been betrayed and hardened, and both are quite bitter at the moment! I finally see where Kanala gets her bitterness from; the conversation with her mother was very interesting... Wonderful little back-story! Exiling her sister was one step too far though, in my opinion... But that action is pretty much justified; it's likely that she couldn't stand to be in the presence of the couple...

Tamalei is perfectly in character here... She must be going through a similar amount of pain, and probably must have lost just as much as anyone else, but she's the only one here who's managed to stay the same and keep her cool.. I really hope that lasts.. She is pretty much ready to sacrifice anything now, for her companions' welfare.. They need her, or Uru is going to go get herself killed... I think Tamalei's presence is also the only thing that's keeping Uru and Kanala from mauling each other, haha! But Kanala gives some really good, blunt advice, and that's why I'm slowly starting to like her!
"But listen to me Uru, you can have everything you desire. You just can't be afraid of the price." Wonderful line!

Uru pinned Kanala to the ground? Oh yes, Uru is definitely beginning to change for the worse; she's not all sugar now, is she?! Dameii, you idiot! Uru is going to explode when she sees him again; her bitter laughter gives me chills, she'll probably do or kill anything to have her way now... :(

The hunt scene was magnificent; it was a true battle.. You brought out the struggle between predator and prey very well.. Uru's tactics were quite clever there; she has now realised that it's kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.. The buffalo's death was gruesome, but it was necessary for Uru.. Very nice segment, it changes things a bit.. Now we know Uru won't hesitate to bludgeon and kill anything that stands in her way..

But this new Uru is really starting to scare me... Blood-lust is never, never a good thing.. I wonder where this path of revenge will take her... She needs closure... Fast.. And Dameii really needs to make sure never to meet her again; I really wouldn't want to be in his place right now! I loved the ending, it was a nice reference to the movie! Okay, I'm glad that someone knows Uru is out there; finally a good turn of events, lol! I wonder what Rafiki is going to do about it... I'm also curious to see what Kanala will do when she sees her sister.. I can't wait for that particular interaction; it's gonna be very interesting!

Yeah, while Katie Hopkins has very nice views about woman empowerment, her saying that she wouldn't let her children play with other children with weird names really made me gape... Haha, I really don't know what to make of her! :)
1. A song? Hmm let's see... Right now, "Dream on" by Aerosmith.. :P The name says it all, and I just the the song, it puts me in a completely different, awesome mood! What's yours? I know you love conveying moods through music... Perfect song selection here too, by the way!
2. Hmm, interesting question... I think I'd expand the scene between Nala and Vitani toward the end there... Nala must really have said something powerful for Vitani to change her mind so quickly! I've always wondered what a conversation between Sarabi and Kiara would be like, too! :)
ILoveTama chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
Wow! Uru ain't playing no games no more. She means business. I hope Jumala and Kanala will sort out their problems and hopefully Jumala will help them.

Can't wait for the next Update!
Zero Unit RGB chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
This chapter was interesting, I'm not the biggest fan of it. Like I had said, I always believed that vengeance is the wrong path to choose, and obviously that's the only thing on Uru's mind, I just hope she chooses the right path when the time comes. But I'm glad she still has love in her heart by the say she showed her care and concern for Tamalei. And I can see how Kanala became the way she did and Abdul was definitely in the wrong. He should've been honest instead of keeping it a secret, same goes for the sister! The reference to Book One is obvious though it's difficult to remember since it happened early on in the story. The song in this chapter was definitely empowering, I love you Kelly Clarkson! I forgot to mention this but I can really tell that your writing style has improved greatly since Book One.

1) That's difficult, I wouldn't say there's any specific song that describes my life right now but in general I'd say the best song to describe my life is Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson. (It took me eight minutes to think of that answer) Basically, it's because I've spent most of my life wasting it, I don't do much that's very productive and currently, I'm struggling in school so I have to try and keep up with my friends or I'll fall behind. Also, every time something bad happens or my sister gets angry/irritated at me for no good reason, I try my best not to get angry back (Hence the line, "Turning my cheek for the sake of the show"). And everyone tells me I'm doing something wrong or I should be doing some thing different but I won't let them tell me what to do. Instead, I'm going to take my time and do things at my own pace.
2) I'd write a scene between Kiara and Vitani. Actually, I thinking of writing this scene in Book of Black Pride. Anyhow, it's just something to show some sisterly love. Kiara's lost something incredibly important to her and she's pretty much broken inside. Instead of the classic Kovu coming to cheer her up, I'll get Vitani to help her. It'll go something like Vitani talking about how she admired Uru because she was the great warrior queen but she now admires Kiara for her strength in her heart and how she can put a smile on anyone's face. Why am I spoiling this?
Chu10 chapter 34 . 7/8/2013
I am speechless.

You my friend are a freaking genius.

I nearly cried at one point in this chapter. Wow. And you know how rare it is and how hard it is to make me emotional in a story? Yeah the tears didn't spill but they did make my eyes wet - so that counts, if you'd like. You genius...Ahadi's part with what seemed like Uru's star was just pure emotional. You can now say you are a boss. Heh.

In the start I felt extremely sorry for Mohatu and slightly surprised to see Dameii there. Now I wonder, does Dameii have a plan? But that was one small part of the story when you compare it to thoughts of saving the Kingdom and fighting for a throne...

Epic song choice, by the way. I was a little surprised to see that it came from a videogame - but videogames ALWAYS have great soundtracks so I listened - and did not regret it. You paralleled the emotions of Uru and Ahadi and it was just breathtaking and heartbreaking to see them so broken. I could see why you wanted to put in Sound the Bugle but that's beside the point - point is, great music choice!

And then there's my favourite part to the story as a whole as of now. Last chapter you asked this but I haven't got to answer - I like the part where Uru finds herself and what she is fighting for. Man that part was STRONG. Seriously powerful. It shows just how far she has come from a scared little Princess who needed her father, to a lioness who will do anything to see the evil usurpers of the throne dead.

I loved that segment to bits. When Uru lost her faith, I gasped out loud. And when Jolina appeared in her dream my jaw dropped. I am wondering why do Uru's dreams speak of the future, of the fate of her two sons...all the references to the stampede, all the references to Scar and Mufasa. Takes a blind bat to miss that (heh).

"...anointed with the juice of the fruits bared by this land to symbolize the royal blood in your veins and the dirt of the earth to represent your sacred tie to your kingdom."
Oh, very nice! I see you share the same thoughts with me about the presentation. :D

Jolina as a wise and courageous mother. Even though the scene did not have the same settings as Mufasa's appearance it spoke with the same volume. Jolina's appearance brought light and wind - and with her, wisdom to guide her daughter through. It was epic. I cannot say how much I loved it, again.

Queen Kanala has said that war is not about love but about revenge. In this case I think Uru is feeling both - love for her lost Kingdom, and revenge for her enemies.

Gosh I think this review can never do the chapter justice but I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. The chapter is just as awesome as you are, which is a pretty high level of awesomeness. Uru has faced her fear...and now she is a warrior. Go, Uru. I am with you all the way!
snheetah chapter 35 . 7/8/2013

I liked the background story that you gave Kanala. If her sister didn't betray her like that, then she wouldn't be such a hard-core lioness, in my view, however I like it that she has this tough personality going on. I also liked the scene where Uru pinned her to the ground. She's still loyal to others though but she's not taking anymore nonsense from anybody and she bought down that buffalo! GO URU! By the way, the ending had some potential. I'm glad that Rafiki was the one to discover it. Update soon!
Guest chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
I mean abdul I got the name's mixed up
BLACK CAT chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
I now have some new found respect for Queen Kanala now we know why she acts the way shedoes and never got a mate
Her story is tragic With her sister and fiance betraying her and having an affair behind her back HOW DARE THEY and I mean COME ON Jumala clearly wanted to get with Kanala just for the throne I for one am GLAD that Queen Kanala exiled her adultress sister and her bastard of an ex fiance
Can't wait to c wat happens when she see's her sister again and who her King is if she
has one
Wiechcheu1925 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
I don't get it, if Kanala was queen and banished her sister and her lover, then why did she leave her pride and why is her sister the queen of one? Do I smell a possible overthrow of Kanala's leadership? She didn't seem popular after her first act as queen.

In Dameii's and Abdul's betrayals, I don't think any amount of apologies could excuse what they did. They broke the hearts of the Kanala and Uru into tiny pieces and stomped on them. But what makes me even angrier is what Abdul did afterwards by trying to hook up with Kanala afterwards to be king and calling her suffering a "bitter betrayed victim act." He acts like what he did didn't really matter and Kanala is overreacting. That is truly the mark of a sleaze-bag. A woman's heart is to be loved, cherished and respected no matter what. Love is a true gift and it should never, ever, be treated so shamefully. For all you hopeless romantics like me, remember to revere love as the greatest thing in existence.
mimoo01 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
That explains why Kanala is the way she because of her sister. Wow Uru surprised me when she punced at Kanala. I enjoy the character development towards Uru. The so g that describes me right now would by All Black by Good Charlotte or sorry for adding another King for a Day by Pierce the Veil.
Nice song choice I also enjoy Kelly Clarkson.
The scene I would write would be with Kiara and Nala. Nala would be training Kiara on hunting and fighting after that training they would either star gaze or something else.
TRON0602 chapter 35 . 7/8/2013
The scene where Rafiki finds fur is like the scene in the movie where he catches some of Simba's fur that flows on the winds towards his tree.

I did not notice the Book one reference.

1) The first song in the movie Les Miserables : Look Down

2) I have already done it. Jolina and my OC Kali her great grandson. Her spirit visits him and she smacks him on the head for using bad language.
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