Reviews for Poetic Justice
11lokilove chapter 28 . 7/10
Thank goodness the misunderstandings are soon going to stop. I was beginning to think there should be a law on how much you can mentally torture your characters... Lol.
11lokilove chapter 1 . 7/9
I guess people didn't think of a slave punishment thing for Loki. Personally, I think it would be even funnier if Loki was given as a slave to some normal citizen of Earth... Think of the possibilities...
Promise chapter 14 . 7/3
There's no way in hell that you aren't a natural born English speaker. Your grammar and imagery in mind blowing. How is it that something as simple as a rating for a fan fiction confuses you because "Your not familiar with American ratings" when you write like you're fucking Shakespeare? Nah. Unbelievable. I refuse to believe that.
Soundwave's Twin chapter 142 . 6/20
I don't even know where to start... This whole story took me about a week to read but I enjoyed every minute of it- you did wonderfully and I have no criticisms at all. Thanks for brightening up my week with one of the best quality stories on this site! : )
SomeFrostironFan chapter 142 . 6/3
Call me a jerk. After 10 chapters I jumped to the last one to double check this ain't either angst or hurt/comfort. And seeing this ending, I'd like to say I love you author! Now I'm going back to eleven and will continue it in peace knowing it's a delightfully peaceful ending.
GinnyWright chapter 142 . 5/30
I found this fic on Ao3 a long time ago, but this is the first time I actually got past the first chapter and god this is wonderful.

I loved the fact that you didn't rush in their relationship. That they had feelings for each other but didn't dive right into sex and taking a long time to realize that like actual real-life couples do.

Although I would have loved to see all the Avengers in this fic I guess it would have been unrealistic..

And Asgard. Usally in these kind of fics, Asgard is shown as a cruel and a place ruled entirely by Odin's tryanny. But this version of Asgard is just great. Although it still has medival virtues- Frey, and the epilogue later on shows that not all think that, exactly like midgard now, people fighting about LGBTQ rights and the higher ups don't really agree to that yet.

Also, not justifying Loki's actions is also what I found appealing. Sometimes fic writers will just make another enemy- blame eveything on Sif , downgrading other characters for the sake of Loki. But Loki actually repented and got over the bitterness he so long held..
skigirl51 chapter 142 . 5/29
AAWW! I love it! I really really want a scene where Natasha and Clint meet Loki though, and things get worked out.
Calyptra chapter 142 . 5/19
I’ve read it the past, this is my second time. Came across it again while reading your newest fic.
Don’t remember if I reviewed back then, so I’m doing it now.
Great story. Well written and creative. It was great how you used cultural differences to shape it. Most of Lokis punishment was a result of them after all...the inner terror.
Which in my opinion was even worse than Tony actually hitting him.
I loved Tony. Yeah he was an ass in the beginning but who can blame him. Like he said, that’s why you don’t leave criminals in the mercy of those whom they wronged. It was great seeing his character grow. How he realized what he did in the beginning was wrong because instead of talking to Loki he just verbally lashed out. It was a form of psychological abuse even if he didn’t realize the extent of it. He was on a power trip for a while there.
Still, a lesser man would have done so much more gruesome things.
So I’m glad you kind of focused on the fact that Tony is actually a really good guy even though everybody in the mcu seems not to notice.

Seems that all Loki actually needed was somebody to show him kindness. To be in his corner. Can’t blame the guy.
His inner turmoil was so well written. It made his transformation back to this mischievous man all the more enjoyable.

It was great that their relationship proceeded so slowly. Tony hiding his feelings for so long just to do the right thing.
It was good that Loki developed feelings only much later, otherwise I couldn’t have taken the relationship seriously. Many writers here make the jump from enemies to lovers too quickly when it comes to those two. This was perfect.

The chapter about Odin was refreshing. I don’t like the guy in the movies. At all. This whole plot he came up with to save Loki is the first time I saw a version of Odin actually giving a shit about him and showing it with actions and not just words. So thanks for this chapter. That’s the kind of father I would have actually wanted for Loki. Maybe showing Loki how compassionate some humans are was his ultimate goal.

Never liked Fury either so it’s not a surprise that his character is once again punchable. If I were Tony I’d probably do more than just photoshop a picture, considering his resources. That was some fucked up disregard of human rights.

Again, great story. You are very talented. I’d love to read some FristIron from you that doesn’t involve slavery. After three of them I feel like that is your expertise so I’m curious if you’d manage equally well with a different premise.
Thanks for sharing!
Yankeegomera chapter 67 . 5/16
This is a text book capture-bonding, Stockolms sindrome.
But is nice.
TripleLLL chapter 108 . 5/3
Fyi. You have no idea how happy I was that tony said no to Loki in the bath. It would have actually made me mad otherwise because it wouldn't have been realistic at that time frame. Tres kudos for not giving in to stupid fan fic readers who only want sex.

Wow. Started reading this yesterday. Almost done. I'll be sad. But it was a good book. Lol
TripleLLL chapter 30 . 5/1
Just read 30 ch today mostly at work. Lol.

Needed some fun times.

Looks like you had a couple of reviews wanted to add to the count.
Guest chapter 142 . 4/15
I really loved this and very much enjoyed all the feels i went through while reading this. Thank yoi for writing such an amazing new concept such as slavery. It really took a whole new perspective and opens the eyes to all things people don't really think about. I loved this!
Ravenclawdiadem16 chapter 142 . 4/14
I loved your story!
lordvaatithewindmage chapter 142 . 4/5
Amazing story! And I finally found someone who uses the word defenestrated! I admit, I skipped most of the more smutty bits, but I still really enjoyed It! And 142 chapters! Wow!
Adunaewen chapter 24 . 3/28
Well, I'm not reading this any more. Lokis to OC and I will never be able to get the disgusting images out of my head. I liked the first 2 or 3 chapters though
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