Reviews for Poetic Justice
joex chapter 142 . 3/9
loved it, thank you so much 3
StarOfFeanor chapter 59 . 2/27
Seriously... this story makes me so happy. I honestly can’t recall how many times I’ve already read it. It’s definitely my favourite Tony/Loki story.
Wolfxlover95 chapter 142 . 2/17
That was a great ending, I was waiting for Tony to just bite into the apple and do exactly what he did, you did not disappoint. Thank you for this awesome story.
Wolfxlover95 chapter 133 . 2/17
This chapter just made me smile so much, it was adorable.
Wolfxlover95 chapter 54 . 1/30
Alright I was going to go to bed and then you leave the chapter like that.
moira hawthorne chapter 142 . 1/11
HA! Impulsive Tony... ofcourse he just bites into that apple...
and why shouldnt he?!1 he is friends with Steve who has outlived his 'normal' lifetime... so the concept isnt new to him... and unlike poor virgin Steve, its not like he be living alone/without his love... immortality wont rob him of his lover... it gives him him his lover!

anyways... I loved this story! I hope you someday come back and read all these comment I left you in the mad rush I read your wonderful story
moira hawthorne chapter 141 . 1/11
Nice... Thor is experiencing some character development.
moira hawthorne chapter 140 . 1/11
OK I like this.

Even if it leaves huge mammoth size holes in the canon material...
atleast your story Odin isnt such a dickdad as the Marvel Odin is
moira hawthorne chapter 138 . 1/11
ahhhhhhhhh HeartFlutter!
moira hawthorne chapter 137 . 1/11
ahhhhhhh this chapter is just sooo warm and fuzzy...
moira hawthorne chapter 136 . 1/11
aaahhhh yes... well Healers ... the magic workers... not the doctor of medicine... dont get such a good rap here on Earth... not HeyZeus... not any
have you read Stranger in a Strange Land... by R A Heinlein yet?

and yes its in your story that they will plan to keep the magic element of it as undercover as possible... but still...

I could see this going bad fast... Good Intentions and Saviors arent always appreciated.. are rarely
moira hawthorne chapter 135 . 1/11
I makes me soo happy that Tony praises Loki for his skills... and not just the bedroom kind... and promotes him to official research assistant... b/c Loki is intelligent...

and alot of why he is 'villianous' or dark... could of been avoid if during his childhood if he been praised and rewarded for his accomplishment...

and than flufffluff... ) hero Loki saving little girls... next kittens...
moira hawthorne chapter 132 . 1/11
hahaha Loki... Liesmith... Im shocked that Tony and Steve fell for it tho... no swelling... no bruising... just Loki's word saying it hurts... and than how he just acts like it doesnt at all...

Ive decided the theme/credit song to this song should be Judas Priest - Turbo Lover just b/c Ironman... Turbo... ooooh so much... not just this last chapter... just if this was a movie and not story/fanfic... I could imagine this song having the feel of Loki and Tony

I had to find a chapter I hadnt reviewed to post this... so its not really about this chapter... its just my over all climaxing feeling...

PS incase you do come back here and check your old storys... Im also the Guest reviewer for ch129 and 130... FF logged me out for somereason and I didnt notice it had...
moira hawthorne chapter 134 . 1/11
mmmmmmmmm yes
moira hawthorne chapter 133 . 1/11
I LOVE nature... I need it... I need woods bush forest lakes wind and sky... need it... and nakkid nature time... fire nakkid nature time... so yeah Im soooo there right there!
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