Reviews for Anagrams Run Through It All
spycat chapter 6 . 7/3/2015
I really love reading this story. Its very well written and great characterizations of each character just like in the show. From laughter, sadness, and to anger you had me in arrange of emotions. I can visualize your story being apart of the the show. This last chapter was just emotional. I'm glad they found Noel and I was outraged at the reporter for insinuating Marco would do such a thing. I saw no grammatical or spelling errors. As for the anagrams that's something I could never get the hang of. I know I will read this story over again in the future. Also, are Karen and Chet still together and how is Peter doing? I haven't seen Karen or Peter mentioned since chapter 3 I believe? I'm just curious.

Gee, this is the longest thought out review I have made in a long time. Just goes to show how impressed with your story I am.
Ryn chapter 1 . 7/28/2014
Loved, loved, loved this story! I think Mike is now my favorite firefighter (sorry , Johnny). Your story shows a lighter side to Mike as well as being pretty darn adept at handling kids all the while being injured! Your writing flows so well, the situation seems so plausible in your very capable hands. I had to laugh at the clever way Mike got Foster to hep call for help! Great story!
Ryn chapter 6 . 7/27/2014
Wow! Great stories! What a gifted writer! Loved how you had the spotlight on each and every member of the team. And yet maintained their persona as shown on the series. Thank you for sharing your talent! Keep on writing!
Ariane Rivendell chapter 5 . 8/30/2013
I am...rendered...utterly immobile and speechless with awe and just...glowing admiration and this *need* to shout triumphantly at the spectacularness of this chapter.

What a range of situations and emotions to befall our beloved Captain Stanley and the bastion of calm and strength he is within the whirlwind that is his job and his crew, yet throughout all of it, is this theme of safety. From Gage's childlike competition on the swing, to hanging on to Mike during a mudslide to being a safe haven - even if only for a little while - to the beseiged Tilde, Hank is the father, the leader, the captain - and really, the rock - throughout. He keeps everyone safe, and as we see with Tilde, sometimes at a cost to himself.

But it makes him who he is and in every instance, you have him pegged to a 't'. It is wonderful to see him blossom and shine and come alive more and more with each "scene" to the final heartbreak, palpable and moving. We share his sense of loss even more now that we've been with him throughout the story and provides an even keener depth to his character than we've had the privilege to see.

You've given us a remarkable insight into Hank Stanley. Outstanding.
ClearingSky chapter 4 . 6/18/2013
These are my thoughts of a story I read
Of a trip Gage took to climb with a friend

Fabulous and clever and wonderfully witty
To have framed this story 'round that rhyming ditty

Characterization a hoot, a grand homage!
I defer to the list of Enfleurage

His barbs with Chet perfectly done
Begs the eternal question: Just who had won?

Clever, heartfelt and scary to boot
Wond'ring, at the scene, just what was afoot

Cap and Roy come so John's not alone
They claim their link and and take him home

[A pathetic attempt, I fear, to honor your great deed uponst these pages, but Muse was bouncing in wild adulation at this utterly terrific chapter and would not be swayed from embarrassing herself. A wonderful and complete character study, if you will, of John Gage and all of his complexities, doubts, fears, relentless enthusiasm to live life, his abilities, his knowledge and the depth and intricacies of his relationships and bond with his fellow monkey links. I'd have highlighted all of my favorite lines, but...that would've been the entire story. Although I DO have to say that:

"This is the Captain in the white-striped hat, that tortured his lineman with typing and crap"

totally cracked me up. :-) A veritable masterpiece of a chapter with all the emotions rolled into one stunning piece.
ClearingSky chapter 3 . 6/13/2013
To Dose, perhaps, but never to doze... :-) This chapter is SO Roy! It speaks volumes about him and his affect on those around him (and his place in the world) without ever actually saying anything.

Roy's a problem-solver - he assess, sizes-up, takes things into consideration and tries to find solutions and his calm demeanor inherently allows him to take control of the situation. He just puts the girls at ease - Angel and the babysitter, both - leaving his counterpart to the chaos of the dog and the inevitable result of the ipecac. The tea party was simple genius (on both your parts) and a perfect example of Roy's competent ability.

I was holding my breath at the intersection and throughout that whole scene, wincing at the bellowing father, huffing with the child, and anxious about what was going to happen. Whew! Talk about physically sagging in relief. And nice to know Brice can - even if preceded by lecture - reluctantly see that sometimes protocol can be trumped.

I think - hands down - whiskey from the teacups has to be the best E! ending. Ever. :-)
Long time E-fan chapter 6 . 4/7/2013
Not only the best damn set of stories on this site, tied together with a clever notion, but the best damn writing on this site. In ANY fandom. I can only conclude that the reason that it doesn't have 350 reviews stating exactly that is because the chapters are lengthy - many readers are used to being spoon fed their fanfic pablum in small bites and won't even read something more than 1-2K words a chapter - and because it doesn't focus exclusively on John Gage, especially John Gage getting maimed.

But it deserves 350 (or more) rave reviews because it gets into the characters hearts and souls and takes the reader along for the ride, lets us experience it with him, which is good and bad, because we also experience the heartbreak and horror and tragedy that these guys see on a daily basis. Lord bless them for doing what few can do, and bless them for being what few men are. I loved the characters on the show and after reading this story, I actually love them even more.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing and sharing these stories with us. You have no idea how many eyes you have opened and how many hearts you've touched.
Bamboozlepig chapter 6 . 3/26/2013
I think this chapter is my favorite, although I adore them all. The emotion in this one just sucker punches me in the gut and my heart broke for both Marco and Noel, first that Noel was abducted and abused, and secondly that Marco was a suspect in the case. But I cheered at Noel's resilience and was glad that she was found, she's one tough little cookie.

You're one helluva damned good writer and you should be extremely proud of all that you have posted on here. You know how to balance out the tense drama and emotions with the humor just perfectly, and I love the way you write the guys, it's amazing. You keep them in canon, but you shade them out with nuances and bits of detail so that we have much more than the show's basic one-dimensional character, we have a flesh and blood human before us. And going back to the humor aspect, you have made me laugh so hard at times that I've actually had tears in my eyes, so it goes without saying that I absolutely adore your humor. Plus you know how to put together a really strong plot, too. All of these stories could stand on their own as separate pieces, they're all extremely well-crafted reads, and you definitely know how to suck the reader into your world and make us FEEL, make us CARE about not only the Emergency! crew, but also the original characters you've created. All of the kids in these stories were a joy to meet, they were very well-drawn and interesting. So I hope you continue to write and share with us, I have enjoyed every single one of your've got a lot of amazing talent!
Perfect Madness chapter 6 . 3/25/2013
Absolutely stunningly, amazingly, perfect. I know I have said before how much I love your stories, and this is certainly no exception. It kept me riveted from the first word to the last- so very well written- expressive, heart-wrenching, joyous and every emotion in between. I want to write like you when I grow up! :)
The Delirium Threemen chapter 6 . 3/25/2013
This was one of the rare times where after I read this story, I needed to reflect and then re-read. A gaggle of rambunctious girls at the zoo and their hi-jinx provided an amusing beginning. The first trip demonstrated how hard it is to keep your eyes on kids every moment and reaffirming how they can be a handful and how tough it is to keep them out of trouble. AND who during that time period thought much about how these places of childhood fun could also have dangers lurking in the shadows. The class field trip ending in a parent's worst nightmare; a missing child.

You touched very poignantly on the emotions of the adults in this situation; the stress, heartache, and what-if's that everyone has when a tragedy like this happens. How some people want to immediately point fingers (newswoman) without anything concrete to back up their accusations.

What worked really well with this particular type of story is you didn't get into describing what Noel may have suffered by only putting enough in to indicate that she was mistreated and manipulated by the perp. This part of the story was handled with great dignity and compassion. Not an easy topic, but you handled it perfectly IMHO. This was the most touching of all the stories in this series and in my view, probably the best one (they all were great, but this one stands above the others).

Wonderfully done

Focusing on the adults coping with
cainse chapter 6 . 3/25/2013
Oh, my heart cried during this, your effort best yet, in my opinion. I also teared up when I thought how gut-wrenching it must have been to write such a poignant episode. Major kudos.
Sashi4040 chapter 6 . 3/24/2013
I saved the best for last, I wanted to read this story as my nightcap for the night. I've actually been reading it all along whenever I've had the chance, but I wanted to wait until the end to leave a review.

This story is one of the best I've read on this site. The anagrams idea is wonderfully unique and I've had fun trying to solve them, although I wasn't very successful with them, LOL. But this was an absolutely amazing read. You captured the crew perfectly and you struck a fine balance between humor and dark emotion, both of which left me breathless and in tears at times. Favorite chapters would be Cap's chapter and Marco's chapter here, the abduction and abuse of little Noel just left me heartbroken, especially that they would consider Marco a suspect in the case. I'm so glad she was a strong little girl, just like Tilde in Cap's chapter.

So I thank you for an absolutely fantastic read, it's really a shame this doesn't have more reviews to it, it truly is a treasure to read and deserves all the praise it gets. I'm putting it into my favorites, if that's all right with you. It's definitely one I'd like to read again, that's for sure.
51Dreaming chapter 6 . 3/23/2013
Just beautiful all the way through. A shining example of the best fan fiction, indeed, all fiction has to offer.
SaraiEsq chapter 6 . 3/23/2013
Marco batting cleanup resulted in a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN. This was amazing. I may have to give up writing since I'm only capable of a pale imitation of this excellent tale.

Hugs and kudos all around for this.
Enfleurage chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
This chapter runs from the ridiculous (the college student caught in the baby swing, Gage & Kelly competing, Gage jumping off the swing) to the sublime (the story of Tilde and her impact upon Hank).

What lingers for me is the vivid sense of being in the scene with Hank and the entire crew, with details that aren't extraneous but serve to make every scene come alive; and especially seeing each rescue or incident from the captain's point-of-view, with responsibility for scene management, the safety of his crew and the safety of everyone involved.

What I think makes it rise above a lot of other stories that do a good job portraying firefighting and rescue events are the moments of character self-knowledge and insight: when Hank regrets that the mudslide rescue will cause his wife worry and lingering fear; his visceral rage and unfocused anger after Tilde has been delivered into safety (symbolized by the ambulance); the fantastic and horrifying but very human moment when Hank wants to lash out at Chet in anger *because* of the hurt he'd witnessed; and his grief when Tilde is gone when he inevitably goes to the hospital.

It's an amazing and emotional ride, and a great insight into the range of experiences for which a Fire Captain does his/her best to prepare, lead, and survive.
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