Reviews for Hospitality
clodalie chapter 3 . 6/15/2014
That was truly amazing - and I mean it. It's one of the veeery few times where I, at first, didn't even care about what the story was about because your writing skills are freaking awesome. Seriously. I would read anything that you write just because it feels right.
Then there is the story. I just looved it. For once it's not 'wow you were tortured and you broke after only fifty years you're such a looser' - three months can be so long when you suffer.
So yeah. I guess this story would go straight in my top ten Thor&Loki fics list [if only I had one].
Thanks so much for writing/publishing it
pallyndrome chapter 3 . 1/14/2014
I find this story very interesting - seems like it could be a precursor to the avengers movie. Thor did tell Loki to give in, no? :)
realitytrapped chapter 3 . 9/9/2013
Squee! I loved this story. The pacing was amazing, the characters and dialogue were amazing. The whole story was amazing. And I just love the brother-feels at the end.
Maia2 chapter 3 . 5/22/2013
Wow, this is a darker one, isn't it? It is sweet and shows undying love. And Loki's total desolation at thinking his brother could die was palpable. But it also showed his darker side, his lying and deceiving, his lashing out when hurt. And yes, I understand he swore an oath, but as Thor himself said, he could have found a loophole, he was just hurt and lashed out. It's very, very much in character for Movie Loki. But the darkness, cunning and vengeful streak are also very much like myth Loki. All the things that make him this very gray character.
Truly well done.
Emu chapter 3 . 4/12/2013
0_0! How is it that you write so masterfully? I mean, really? Absolutely astounding re-interpretation of this tale. I ADORE this! Wonderful action, pacing, and as I'm starting to notice in all of your works, great command of emotion. Way to take a classic tale and make both characters totally sympathetic.

Not sure how the crap Thor is standing after all of that, but he is a God and you did mention he'd been worse off before, so I suppose that works. Heh.

The only real beef I have with this is that there's not more of it and it doesn't tie into the Avengers movie, because really? That last little promise there so obviously alludes to crazy Chitauri invasion. Please, please, please, pretty please write a follow-up that uses this moment as an excuse for all that crazy happening (and involves all the Avengers because I selfishly want to see that and think you're a talented enough writer to handle all of them exceptionally well). I can definitely envision a scene similar to the muzzle flashback moment you've got in your "A Villain State of Mind" fic whereby they try to lock Loki in a small cell and blam-o! Claustrophobia freak-out. Loki as a claustrophobic somehow totally works in my head.

This also does make me wonder, though, what are they going to do with that box? Do they keep it? I mean, if Thor brings back the head in it, would Odin and the others designate it as this great war trophy and expect him to have it in his room? Or would they throw it out afterwards? Give it to some peasants in a sort of "free stuff for the poor!" drive? Go bob-sledding in it? Just curious. _
angrbodagiantess chapter 3 . 4/6/2013
See, this is what I love in all of your fics, you weave conflict so well into the psychological aspects of the story. I really did feel what Thor was feeling- that he's still somewhat angry about Loki's betrayal, but at the same time that he can't really blame him. Trauma like that is a big deal, and I think Thor handled it as well as can be expected, even though it's a pretty insane situation, lol.

Really, really great story, every single part is just perfect. A lot of stories excel at one thing or another, but are lacking in some small way; this story, however, does everything perfectly. (And may I say I find this true of everything I've read of yours so far ;D) A great read!
angrbodagiantess chapter 2 . 4/6/2013
Oh maaaaaan... I feel so freakin' bad for Loki! Seriously, I'm impressed that he could even form coherent sentences or even walk around after going through something like that- he's one tough cookie! But wow... poor thing. Can't even imagine.

And Thor! Dude, that just proves he really is as tough as people say, when he takes out this guy even without his hammer. Super bad, mister. And Geirrod- he was just *asking* to be killed if he thinks describing what he did to Loki to Thor is a good idea. XD Idiot.

Oh and that whole thing about treating guests badly? Awesome. Love it when authors do the research. ;D

(On a side note: I'm surprised I haven't seen more versions of this story in Thor/Avengers fics.)
angrbodagiantess chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
Lol! I totally knew Loki was lying through his teeth about those women! XD You'd think Thor would get wise after all that time, lol! But you know Thor... That's what happens when you use your second brain, Thor (or maybe it's his only brain in his case, har har har).
Pustekuchen chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
I don't believe I've given you adequate love for this story yet.
Needless to say that I loved it. I'm not familiar with the original myth, so I can't tell which parts you fitted and added, but the overall plot is very sensible and I could understand both characters every step of the way. (Except maybe for Thor, who went to answer an unscheduled booty call in the middle of the night. XD But that's probably a guys-thing...)
Those two carry so many miscommunications and end up hurting each other, the part where Thor dragged Loki to the chest to show him Geirröd's (or however he's spelled...) head was such a perfect example and I didn't know who I should feel worse for.
Again a beautifully told story that really affected me. You are getting Santa's cookies this year. )
Slivering chapter 3 . 11/30/2012
This is an excellent last chapter! I just want to add that I'm not familiar at all with this fandom and had no clue what it was about, but even then, the plot and description was so brilliant I found myself sucked in anyway!

Throughout the last chapter, I had no idea who to feel sorry for. Of course, it was leaning towards Loki because he was so broken...Poor Loki! I'm glad all is well between the two brothers now. And Thor's lies for a cover story were hilarious!

GREAT WORK! Thank you for this story.
wbss21 chapter 3 . 11/30/2012
Just amazing. Seriously, what a fantastic story you crafted here, and an amazing spin on an actual Norse myth. The emotional depth you added, and foreshadowing of future issues between Loki and Thor was brilliantly incorporated. This hint we get at Loki's own mental and emotional distress and unhappiness, this look at a gradual breakdown of his psyche, was just wonderfully done, and in retrospect to what eventually happens between them, makes it all the more sad to read about.

I really liked Thor's conflict within this story as well. How torn he was between feeling immensely protective of Loki and terrible for what happened to him, and being incredibly angry still at him for leading him into such danger, etc... I liked that Thor didn't just immediately forget his anger or feelings of betrayal, and was at first very course and incensed with Loki. Loki's fear too of Thor's reaction was palpable, and I was really actually afraid for Loki for those few, tense moments when Thor was advancing on him and demanding answers. It was also really sweet, the way Thor reigned his anger in and just ended up cuffing Loki along the side of his head instead of actually striking him, like a father would a little kid or something. That dynamic of big brother/little brother really came through there. No matter how angry Thor is at Loki, he never, actually wants to hurt him.

As usual, I just felt awful for Loki too. He's obviously heavy with guilt through the entire chapter, and it's just so sad, because you realize this is an incident which likely was just one of many which wore away at Loki's sense of self-worth. His humiliation over having gotten himself into such a situation, and then his self-hatred and guilt at having done to Thor what he did, was really evident. The fact that he didn't run away, but sat there on the steps, totally broken and lost, shows how messed up he was over what he'd done, and those are glimpses into Loki's inherent goodness, despite his mischievous ways, which really makes him such a sympathetic character, among other things.

Also a really interesting look into Loki's psyche was when he became utterly terrified that Thor was going to force him back into the casket. Just the fact that Loki would believe Thor capable of something like that shows how sort of hopelessly distorted Loki's image of Thor is, and I suppose that likely comes from centuries of being treated a certain way by others, Thor included. Thor of course always means well, but he can be careless with his words, and words can be a greater weapon than any. Loki has this terrible image of himself as useless and worthless because he's so often dismissed as such, and made fun of, etc... We even see that a little when we hear Thor's thoughts on using magic to heal wounds, and how he looks at it as cheating and not desirable. In reality of course, there's nothing wrong with using magic to heal your wounds, but that's always the inherent problem. Loki is so deeply misunderstood, and that leads to him feeling isolated and alone and not cared for by others. So you can understand why he would think Thor would put him back in the casket, that his anger would be enough to do that to Loki, etc... Since Thor is so often a very rash, emotional being. I really just felt so awful for Loki, for how he was begging Thor to just kill him if he hated him that much, etc... Because again, we see Loki's own perception of himself, and how he's sure others must think of him, etc... It's just tragic.

And then of course this shattering, and tragic revelation of Loki telling Thor he just wanted him to know what it felt like, meaning of course what Loki himself feels like on a daily basis. Alone and lost and scared to death, with the knowledge that no one cares enough or loves him enough to come and save him if he's in danger, etc... This was just such a heartbreaking moment between the two of them. For Thor to hear that Loki would want Thor to suffer in any way, even if he didn't want him dead, and for Loki, because again we see how hurt HE is, how much pain he's in every moment. It's just awful when Loki is telling Thor that he didn't know what he was going to do when he went to his bed chambers, but then to hear Thor say, in the state Loki was in, that he didn't even notice he was gone, that he didn't care and was actually happy, man, in context of everything we learned, and remembering Loki's stifled reaction to Thor's words, you realize how terrible and painful and devastating that must have been for Loki to hear. Thor of course didn't actually mean it, or intend it, but there's that carelessness again which, you can see, after so many incidents similar to that, have worn away at Loki's self-regard and his perception of what others think of him over the years. That was really brilliantly executed from the beginning,and just makes the entire tale all the more tragic.

I love also how it eventually comes back full circle, and I once again found myself laughing at Loki's sarcastic wit and playful insults towards Thor near the end. And again, that held a bittersweet tone, how they were a team again, but how they'd both suffered leading up to it, and knowing that same sort of suffering would happen again. Even through all of their trials and fights, etc... Loki and Thor never lose their love for each other, I don't think. Even later on, when things get really bad. They still so clearly care about each other. Of course, it makes you hopeful that, even with everything that's gone wrong, they could again come back full circle, and be best friends and companions once more.

Just a really excellently done story, as usual. And I thank you for sharing it!
Ordis chapter 3 . 11/29/2012
I adored the everything in this, but especially the way Thor was angry, yes, but he CARED and the forgiveness and everything and I LOVED it. I really did. (And very clever of you to do the whole bring the to Chitauri to Thor to slay reference thing, unless I'm paranoid).

Pure. Awesome.
Ordis chapter 2 . 11/28/2012
That description of Geirrod and Loki's chambers- the hopelesness and the dispair... I can't even. Headcanon accepted. This is all.
Fan chapter 2 . 11/26/2012
Oh I can't wait for a new chapter! I was so excited when I saw you had a new story :-)

Keep up the awesome work!
wbss21 chapter 2 . 11/20/2012
Awesome chapter! Again, you keep that tonality which gives the story a mythological feel, and brings that aspect of it to life. And your action sequences are just outstanding. I could see everything playing out in front of me like a moving picture, from the physical combat to Thor's struggling and Geirrod's massive frame and strength. You made him come across as extremely frightening, and for the entirety of the chapter, I really had no idea whether Thor was going to make it out okay or not.

And boy, you weren't kidding when you said Geirrod was a bag of dicks, lol. But seriously, what a bastard. I really felt myself sick with anger when he was telling Thor what he'd done to Loki, and I could just hear his snide, mocking voice throughout, like he was genuinely amused by how he'd tortured him and made him beg, etc... What an asshole. Your description, by the way, of the casket that Loki was kept in was truly horrifying, the way you described the smell of it, of the things Thor could smell and sense from it. Man, it made my chest constrict, it was just absolutely horrible, and I think conveyed so much with so few words just how greatly Loki suffered in those three months. That's fucked up. Of course, it doesn't excuse that Loki led Thor to Geirrod, but it makes you understand just why he did it and you have to ask yourself, if put in the same situation, what you yourself would resort to. It sounds like Loki held out for as long as he could.

Thor's reaction to hearing Geirrod describe what he did to Loki was just perfect to. How he goes into this berserker rage, that big brother protectiveness kicking in, and he just flings himself at Geirrod, ready to take his head off, not thinking about how ill-equipped he is in that moment.

That whole sequence was magnificently written. I was cringing throughout as Geirrod was pressing Thor into the grille, telling him what he was going to do to him. But I was equally stunned by what Thor did himself, how violent and ultimately resourceful he was here, and the intensity of his killing Geirrod. The way he latches onto him with his legs, crushes the poll into the giants eye and doesn't stop until he's driven it all the way through his brain. Thor really seems like a true Viking warrior here, and there's the element of mythology coming into play again. Really well done.

And I really appreciated the irony of Thor cutting Geirrod's head off and stuffing it in the casket that he had trapped Loki in. Bastard got what he deserved. I'm super intrigued now as to what's going to happen between Thor and Loki, and what Loki's going to say, or what Loki exactly was thinking. It's hard for me to imagine he would actually let Thor die, or that he believed Thor would. But I guess that's what we'll find out. Either way, it's sure to be awesome.

Again, can't wait to read the next part and keep up the amazing writing!
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