Reviews for In the New Holland Suburbs
CreatorGirl608 chapter 1 . 1/7
Name: Jenna Steel Frankenstein

Age:(11-13): 11

Gender: Female

Nationality: Romanian/English
Pet: A black female bat named Jacqueline
Relationship with others: Since their family she gets along with Victor very well along with Elsa and Weird Girl she also best friends with Nassor.

Love Interest *optional* Nassor

Elective(Drama, Music, Art, Science, etc...): Art, Music and Science

Clothing: Jenna is bit of a tomboy, she wears a black sleeveless shirt, brown shorts, black long socks, black gloves, black boots with red laces and a red scarf along with black straps with slivers buckles wrap around her neck,waist, leg and arm.

Appearance: Jenna has short black hair with two long strands in the front, the right side of her face is covered by her bangs which has a white streak in a shape of a lightning bolt. She had pointy ears and vampire like teeth he also the same height as Victor.

Personality:Jenna is quite, creative, intelligent and bit of a tomboy. Despite her appearance she very different than the other kids in New Holland. Jenna is actually a creation of living metal created by her father who was a inventor before he passed away, she went to live with Victor and his parents. Even though she has flesh Jenna is have some parts of her body that are pure metal for example her hands, that's the reason she wears black gloves and she trust Victor with her secret.

Talents: Drawing, Science and Gymnastics

Others:She has Acrophobia (Fear of heights) also what Jenna doesn't know that He's in love with her because whenever he tries to confess to her Nassor always get nervous and back outs.

Classic Movie Reference: Edward Scissorhands
legna.wsit chapter 1 . 4/6/2015
sorry heres the rest of it:
personality: Lona is kind, funny, and sweet she sticks up for what she belive in she can be a little rebellious, short - tempered and tomboyishyish but she is strong willed, quick witted, willful, brave, adventerous, free spirited, fair, a little shy, cunning, athletic and intelligent girl whose there for here friends and family
elective: arts and music
talents: she has an amazing singing voice and an amazing artist too
other: she has an scottish accent and she has a necklace of her clan crest around her neck and she's amazing at archery
legna.wsit chapter 1 . 4/6/2015
here's my new oc that you might understand:
name: Lona Maclean
age: 12
gender: female
nationality: scottish and native american
pets: a female otter named marlene and a male owl named matt
relationship with others: she's best friends with weird girl and elsa. close friends with victor and edgar, good friends with bob. she's a bit scared of nassor but in good terms with him. toshiaki is in love with her she also has a crish on him but shes too shy to say it. and normal to everyone else
clothing: she wears a red long sleeve blouse with black high waisted skater skirt with black boots. she has her hair braided with red and blue feathers.
appearance: she oval shaped face with cheek bones slim and curvy body. she stands 5'1 and wiegths 61 pounds. ans she has snow white skin, rose red lips, ebony black braided hair with red and blue feathers and kaleidoscope eyes that change to blue to green to purple to brown and amber. her friends say she looks like snow white but with much prettier eyes.
legna.wsit chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
you know what please forget all my previous comments pls i'l make a new one so you can understand better
Guest chapter 1 . 4/4/2015
sorry i just made a tiny mistake she and nassor are good friends while toshiaki is in love with her and kiyomi likes him back but too shy to say it
legna.wsu chapter 1 . 4/4/2015
oh yeah i forgot kiyomi also practice fencing, judo and karate
legna.wsit chapter 1 . 4/2/2015
here if you want me to be more specific about kiyomi: her caramel is straight and has small curls in the end and reaches to her back.
kiyomi's voice is strong but feminine which fit for singing all cheyenne songs especially the dance of the wolf and she has a bit japanese accent and speaks it too.
she loves to draw and write new songs which are her hobbies
her name kiyomi means pure beauty and mclean is surname scottish or irish surname which is variant " son of the servant john"
legna.wsit chapter 1 . 3/29/2015
sorry i pressed post so here's the rest of it: elective: music and arts. clothing: she wears a red shoulder less sweater with a white undershirt black high waist skater skirt with black tights and black boots. appearance: she has smooth snow white skin that shimmers in the sun light and glows in the moonlight, she has a oval shaped face with check bones. slim and curvy body, her eyes are slightly slanted and look like a kaleidoscope to blue to green and to brown, with thick eyelashes. and perfect caramel hair she stands 5'1 and weighs 69 pounds. personality: kiyomi is sweet, kind and caring girl. she always sticks up for her friends and family, she shy to new people especially her crushes. she can be a little sarcastic, sly, competitive, and fiery. but she's also friendly, compassionate, intelligent, attractive, creative, faithful, loyal, hard-working, funny, honest, humble, organized, helpful, and patient girl, but when you provoke her or hurt her friends and family you will unleashed hell. talents:she's an amazing singer and artist. other: kiyomi is really athletic but tries to hide it.
legna.wsit chapter 1 . 3/28/2015
name: kiyomi mclean
age: 12
nationality: japanese and native american
pet: a female white fox named angel
relationship with others: she's best friends with elsa and doesen't find weird girl creepy she's best friends with her too, she's close friends with victor and edgar and good friends with bob. both nassor and toshiaki are in love with her and she has a crush on them but too shy to say it to them. and normal to the every one else.
love interest*optional* toshiaki and nassor
Elle chapter 1 . 1/16/2015
Name: Ophelia Aguilera
Nationality:Puerto Rican/Lebanese/Irish
Pet: Hamster named Theo
Relationship with others: She is generally nice to everyone, but protective of her family and friends, and is secretly very sensitive.
Love interest: She kind of has a crush on Victor
Elective: Drama and music
Clothing: Ophelia wears a simple bluish dress, and stockings ( or leggings whatever) and short boots
Appearance: She has a slight tan. Her eyes are pretty big, and brown. Her is wavyish and long, and brown. She usually leaves it open. She's thin and medium height.
Personality: She's sweet and loving to almost everyone. She is pretty talkative, and is obsessed with music.
Talents: science, singing, dancing
Others: Her family's weird past
Pokemonfangirl chapter 1 . 6/7/2014
Hi i was wondering if you could use my oc.

Name: icestar

Age: 12


From London

Pet: cat (can turn into any type of big cat even ligers): nova

Never abandons her friends loyal to the core

Love Interest: Edgar


Clothing: red jumper with tiger leaping over flames that says wildfire on it,black trousers black trainers.

Hair colour: brown with silver mark through it (alapishia)

Personality: loyal, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cause : from being bullied) split personality (evil form kills everything around her exept for nova and her friends).

Appearance: only 2 inches taller than Edgar,retractable claws and fangs ( can also change into any big cat ligers too)

Evil form: black hair with red stripes in it,tail with razor sharp scythe on the end,cat ears shaped like devil horns,red and blue eyes (red outside pupil,blue inside) razor sharp fangs and claws (viscous personality)

End please use her!
Mrs Lovett D chapter 1 . 6/15/2013
Name: Heather "Frost" Maurice

Age: 13

Gender: Female, obviously

Nationality: British

Pet: A black mouse called Shadow, who hides in her hood and usually perches on her shoulder

Relationship with others: The kids call Heather "Frost" because is cold, her mum died in a blizzard, and she kind of hides in the shadows. Edgar calls her a poser emo, hurting her feelings greatly without realizing it. Thus, she loathes Edgar. She is a bit of a school recluse, sitting in corners and not saying much. Victor, being the sweet boy he is, tries to reach out to her, but usually ends up being awkward and saying something to make Frost feel offended. He doesn't "like" her, and she soon gets over each accidental comment.

Love Interest: None

Elective: Drama

Clothing: Frost usually wears black skinny jeans, a black tank and a white-and-black horizontally striped jacket. She always wears a pendant that has Jack Frost on it. She wears beat up black converse

Appearance: Frost has unbelievably pale skin, dark, sunken eyes, and a shaggy mop of red dyed hair. She has long lashes, and is very thin and long limbed. Her nose is long and straight, her eyes are big, brown and sad. She's an inch taller than Nassor, and is going through puberty.

Personality: Frost is shy, mournful, and keeps to herself. She consoles herself over her mother's death by reciting poetry and writing plays. She is rumoured to be bipolar, but this isn't true. Deep down inside, she really wants to be friends with everyone, but finds herself rejecting everyone's attempts to reach out.

Talents: Singing, she has a soprano voice that is clear, angelic, and haunting. She denies she sings well, despite Weird Girl's protests. (Frost sang for her one time)

Others: Frost also doesn't have a close relationship with her dad, he's always on trips.
Eponine Everdeen chapter 1 . 4/22/2013
Name: Eponine Andrews

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Nationality: French; she called Nassor Monsieur once, and swears in French sometimes. She has an accent.

Pet: A tabby cat named Thenardier.

Relationship with others: Follows Toshiaki around. He tries to avoid her. She gets along fairly well with others, especially Weird Girl.

Love Interest: Likes Toshiaki to the point of staring at him all the time.

Elective: Drama.

Clothing: Eponine usually wears a knee length aqua blue dress with no leggings or tights and white flats. Her brown hair is usually braided by her mother and also sometimes down and curly.

Appearance: Eponine is very pale, and she has large green eyes. Her hair is dark, thick and curly. She is timid, her voice is soft and feminine. Her hands have long, slender fingers. Her nose is long and straight. She keeps to herself mostly, and can usually be seen singing in her yard "Do You Hear the People Sing?" from Les Miserables. She is halfway through puberty, but she still doesn't have to use her razor. She is on her period.

Personality: Eponine believes that everyone should be given a chance. She is timid and sweet, and is sometimes the target of bullies. She offers to help Toshiaki on all his science projects.
Seeing Spirits chapter 1 . 3/30/2013
Name: Nellie Pearce
Age: Around 11 or 12
Nationality: British; she speaks with a Cockney accent.
Pet: A black cat named Twyla.
Love interest: Pines for Nassor, but he thinks she's a little odd.
Looks: Usually wears casual clothing. Long curly dark red hair. Freckles, pale skin tone.
Relationship with others: A little eccentric to normal people, Nassor avoids her sometimes, she mostly hangs out with Toshiaki because she thinks he's sweet.
Personality: Nellie is imaginative, and a hopeless romantic. She bakes meat pies in her spare time, but they aren't very good, so she feeds them to Twyla or Sparky. Nellie sometimes forgets she is at school,and daydreams. Like I said, she likes Nassor but he thinks she's odd.
Elective: Writing.
Sergeant Calhoun chapter 1 . 3/22/2013
Name: Catherine Jane Alvon (People call her CJ)

Age(11-13): 12

Gender: Female

Nationality: Filipino/American (Speaks English only)

Pet: A Chocolate Brown dachshund named Coco

Relationship with others: She is friends with everyone except Weird girl, she thinks she's weird

Love Interest*optional*: Toshiaki, She visited Japan once and she had a crush on Toshiaki for as long as she can remember

Elective(Drama, Music, Art, Science,etc...): Art

Clothing: She wears a white button down shirt and skinny jeans regularly but wears a dress only on parties

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, a fit body and is 5'03

Personality: Fun loving, Sweet and energetic

Talents: Double dutch, singing and dancing

Others?: None
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